THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 39


Na so my mind just do summersault come begin beat, make I pick the call or not, na so I confuse. Normally I for pick the call with vigour but Tonia na my babe cousin wey travel go her home town and we just dey chat for whatsapp and dey do phone call. She dey always remind me say she get fiancé so to even put my mind say I go Bleep am dey out of the league. Na so I just maintain bone the call. Immediately e cut na so Sandra call just enter I quickly pick come say hello inside the mouth piece.
“Ehm, I have seen you”
I just cut the call look up come see diva dey waka come my side. Na so I carry hand dust imaginary dirty wey dey my body, breath in come wear one kind smile. I just waka go meet am, na so she slip enter my hand give me confirm hug carry her two b0s0m press for my chest well. I just register wetin dey for her mind come carry hand hold her hand begin waka go house. Na so I open the door just waka enter to the scent of the indomie with her for my back. As I dey turn make I tell her welcome to my humble abode na so her lips just climb my own.
Code mixing things.
Her lips came upon mine hungrily prompting me to open my mouth but was careful to open everything. Her hand was moving all over my body and her eyes closed as she made sounds with her throat. My eyes stark open looking at the way she was just chewing my lips made my J0yst!ck respond to the stimulating effect of her fingers squeezing my Tips. Soon her hand wandered to my J0yst!ck and she started tugging at it giving me the impression she wanted it badly. I just added her by removing my belt and allowing my trousers fall down before she injures me with this demonic frenzy.
My J0yst!ck strained hard against my boxers.

Immediately she felt the soft fabric of my boxers, she slided her hands into it grabbing my J0yst!ck in a vice like grip and squeezing it her hands playing with my balls momentarily.
This made me to release a satisfying “m0an” into her lips because she was still kissing me and close my eyes enjoying the feelings surging through my body. I gently la!d my hands on her head in that standing position pushing my hands through her hairs as I kissed her back then bring it down to her neck and squeezing it gently. All this set the fire in my groins aglow that I unplugged my lips from hers and pushed her gently downwards which she promptly succumbed to.
I felt my boxers going down, releasing my J0yst!ck which was already dripping with pre-Pour. She kissed my J0yst!ck while she looked up seductively into my eyes then turned and faced my J0yst!ck using her hand to masturbate me applying the pre-Pour as a lubricant. She wanked me with her soft hands sending waves through me making to involuntarily move my waist backward and forward. I sU-Cked in air in abundance shut my eyes tight and arched my head backward as I felt the softness of her lips rounding my J0yst!ck her tongue teasing the cap.
Her mouth remained on the shaft of my J0yst!ck before she started moving her mouth up and down shooting s£nsat!ons through my body while handling with my balls. She lowered her mouth on my balls and sU-Cked both in bring them out with a slurp. I held her tightly on the head and started Bleeping her mouth gagging her in the process but I did not stop, I kept thrusting in and out of her mouth until I felt my balls contract, my spine vibrated and I poured the whole seed in her mouth which she spat out on my J0yst!ck and used her hands to work me back to a monstrous Attention.


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