THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 37


I just reach office go siddon for my table come begin think about the strange woman wey I meet for car. No be joke but this one senior me wella but I know myself, I dey always find am easy to scope babe wey senior me so this one no go too hard. As I relax dey browse Nairaland they compose reply for one thread na so Human Resource Manager just waka come inside.
“foxy, what are you doing here, are you not supposed to be in the hall praying with the rest?”
Na so he just sq££ze im face. Chei, such is life.
Person wey be my friend when him still be cashier come suddenly turn against me as them promote am go HRM. No be say I no dey happy for am but the way wey him dey tackle me dey even fear me. Na so I stand up jeje go enter inside conference hall join prayer. After prayer I just come back my office. The next thing my hand just scratch me to pick my phone, na wetin I see, 3 missed calls from one strange number. Na so I tell myself say the person go call back. I never finish talk na so my phone just ring:
“Hello, foxy, thanks for keeping me company and giving me your complimentary card. I will make sure we maintain this relationship”
Relationship? My mouth just hang, I no even need do any toasting. I just dey happy dey go.
Throughout that day I no allow anything spoil my mood, even when I go staff canteen go chop food, one kind small eba with egusi soup wey dey bitter. I just chop clean mouth begin sing song say e go better. No be for hotel I go do my own finish, after all madam been don say my prospect dey high.
“O boy, start to dey thank God because your story don change”
Benji just yan as him enter my office. Wetin come be this driver own self, him don turn prophet abi na one of him plot again to make me type him CV for am.
“O boy, if na your CV things, forget, nothing like that. I wonder why you still dey here after I don print like 5 CVs for you. Abeg leave me make I rest jor”
I just yarn am back.
“Guy, no be wetin you think. I mean am this time as one of my friend just call me say work dey so come make I yarn you well”
Na so Benji pull my hand. I just turn use hand signify the receptionist say I dey come, make I follow this boy go hear wetin him get to say.
Na so we waka enter rest room. Na there him yarn me finish, come give me address of where the interview dey go on. I collect am with two mind, our people say harm no dey for trial.
Make I reduce my pidgin for here.

I ended up going for the interview that same day but it was not really an interview as the boss just told me to come back for the interview proper the following week. I went home that day thinking of the interview and reasoning what Benjis friend had told me.
I was really happy Benji had contacted me for the new job but then, I need to do what needs to be done. I prepared my mind for the interview and also typed my resignation letter in my brain. I knew there was no going back,
I’m putting my egg all in one basket.
I had settled down to sleep that night when a call came into my phone, I had already saved the number, “Sandra”. I picked the call and the following conversation ensued:
Sandra: I could not get my mind off you after speaking to you this afternoon, I had been battling with myself since not to call you but seems like you won.
(smiling sheepishly to myself)
Me: Its owk, I was also thinking bout you and you know, hoping to see you again.
Sandra: Me too. Why don’t we meet this weekend?
(shocked at the open invitation but quickly pushed it behind my mind as my preek nodded in approval)
Me: Are you sure about that? You know, we are still kinda strangers.
(I was speaking phoney but then, I gats impress na)
Sandra: Ok, why don’t you tell me about yourself so when we meet again we won’t be strangers.
(I scratched my head, my J0yst!ck persisted)
Me: Alright if you insist. I am…
(started talking about myself making the conversation fun)
Sandra: Weekend then?
Me: Yes weekend. Bye
Weekend was only the next day. I smiled as I adjusted my pillow and went to dream land dreaming about the smooth laps and soft b0s0m I had touched in the car.


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