THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 27


The moment the flash enter my phone, I just turn restless, come dey use style dey hurry the babe make she do come make we put head.
Na so the babe ma round up everything (four bottles in all plus pepper soup.. I hope say my investment go make sense)… I just pay up, waka comot go meet the babe for outside.
As I reach her side, I just yarn her say make we board bike as per say na im be the easiest and quickest form of getting to the house. Na so we board one bike, she siddon front, me I dey back with the bottle of Alomo wey I don deposit inside my bag, the babe exotic nyash for my d!ckhead place. Na right from bike na im all men wan start to dey maul wetin im buy..(I buy am na… Those shack no be from charity organization). I carry hand hold her waist come circle am round her tommy, na so I move the hand go up reach where her bobby start from.
The babe just relax, me ma come relax because even upon say me don high, I still understand say we dey road and person fit see me go yarn my babe. The thought of that one alone sef just make me relax for her back come turn my face go the other way to avoid getting eye contact with anybody even though e don already late.

Na so bike drop all men for front of house, I just pay up drag the girl enter compound head straight to my room. As I just open door, na so I turn round, grab this babe push my mouth enter her mouth come start to dey kiss the girl, at the same time, na so I just dey off my shoe.
My body just dey do me like say fire dey burn am. WAIYO, DAN BURUBA… WA YA CE WAI DURI BA ZAI SA AKUYA YA DINGA KUKA KAMAN KARE BA… (Exclamatory reaction, Son of a J0yst!ck…
Who says that K!ttyC@t will not make a goat bark like a dog?).. Na so I feel am at that moment, the babe ma just loose herself to me, carry hand rest for my shoulder while I just dey dey sq££ze her big nyash with my tongue for the back of the girl throat. E no funny wo…
The babe just dey make sound with any sq££ze of my hand on her nyash, my J0yst!ck ma don tanda like pole wire, dey try tear my trouser. This time no be jeans I wear o, una ma know unto office level na, how person dey like wear plain at all time. Na so my J0yst!ck stand, just dey brush the girl for in between her leg, I dey move my waist round and round dey crush her thick mound.


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