THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 26


Bus reach bus stop, na so me and her disembark for the junction wey be say our both houses dey, I come carry eye look her come tell her say “baby, let’s go over there and have a little drink, from there we can get to know each other better”. The babe just smile, come say oya na… Na so my tempo ma come rise, my heart come dey sweet me like say I don win jackpot. O’boy, me just use style comot my phone, type message sharpaly sharpaly give my brother. I tell the guy say make him arrange room (incase him do something for my absence) put air freshener and make him insert Boyz2Men CD inside DVD den make him turn on the dim light… (All men get 2 lights for im room… One for seeing, the other for the migrimo). Then make him flash me if him don set everywhere up come go dem mumsy place go crash till the next day. As I finish, the babe come ask me wetin I just carry my phone do, well, me yarn am say na my follow ups I just check for Nairaland…. She smile come keep quite…(I just pray make e be say the babe herself no dey hia wo… If not…) As we run parols enter the bar na, I just move go the extreme end of the joint, select one table so that I go dey see outside and wetin dey happen around. Make kasala no burst if my babe come catch me there. Unto big boy level, I call the bar boy come ask the babe wetin she go like take, in return dey calculate the amount of money wey dey my pocket. Na so the babe say “never mind”… Shu…. Me I go mind wo.. Na so I tell the guy make him drop two bottle of small stout and make him bring pepper soup make the babe carry dilute am. Unto say na me dey order na, I just relax cos any how e go be, all men must still get change for pocket. Me come order for Heineken for myself come dey bring up one tory and another and at the same time dey look her body dey imagine say e dey Unclad and how me go carry squash am for bed.

Small time, I just excuse myself, today na die neh (ba a giya wa kurma wai ana harbi bundiga a ungwa… Kuma, mai shuka ya san abun da ya shuka…)… Make person translate abeg…. I just stroll enter the other shop wey dem dey sell all this exotic drink with air of pride stroll go where wine dem gather come dey look. As I just dey scan am dey go, I just carry big bottle of Alomo Bitterz… I need everything to keep me on wo…. With one small plastic one. Na there and then, I just open the small bottle download like half and quarter inside belle. The rush rush wey I carry take am make the thing come hot me for neck but me no just send… (In kana so ka ci bredi, ranan ne za ka san wai bredi da wuta ake yin shi). I go counter, tell the dude make him wrap the bottle put am for leather while I download the remaining one. Na from there all men eye come dey see double and na there all men compose themselves. As pay finish, take stroll enter the bar, come meet say the babe ma don order for more small stout… Shu.. This babe dey high o… I carry smile hide my vex, come siddon complete my Heineken. The toll of alomo + Heineken come begin take im toll on me, me just start to dey crack raw jokes and the babe sef wey don dey on her 3rd bottle (One still dey table), dey free dey laff any how. For my mind, na so I just say… This na the beginning of fuckery for me… Nobody fit stop this one!!! Na that same time na im my brother just flash my phone!!!


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