THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 25


My player mode just activate imself, I just pause this babe, come tell her say make she turn make we talk small with low voice. If the girl turn fully, people attention go come our side as e be say na to face me with her two booby for my chest be dat na. The babe just turn sideways come give me listening ear, the side of the face sef wey I see just make me know say na furking get me that night.
The babe eyes set, her nose set, her lips dey full and come imagine as wet lips dey make women lips look…. Succulent!!! Me just dey imagine how e go feel for this full lips to dey inside my mouth as I dey sU-Ck the tongue away, den come push her down make she give me Mouth Gig. As I think am, scopes just enter my head, I no waste time oh. I ask her her name, she give me, I give her my own in return… I ask her where she dey stay, na so she tell me. Chei!!! Omo see luck, na the same area o.. I come test water come ask her how her people for house, na so the babe turn look me like say I be alien. She say make I no take her for granted, say be say because of say she small na wetin make me think say she still dey under her mama ba? YARINYA KAKKYAWA, TA LALLACE WALLAHI… NI NA TAMBIYA TA KO TA GIDAN UBANTA? Fine girl done spoil finish jor. “baby, don’t be annoyed with my investigative question” na wetin comot from my mouth next. I come keep quite come dey reason wetin she just say… E be like say J0yst!ck dey hungry her and na wetin she go get be that. As I finish talk like that, the Doctor come crack joke, na so I remember the medicine wey the doctor talk about, come laugh devilishly.

I come tell the babe say make we stop for one small bar for road wey dey lead enter inside our destination discuss properly, the babe just shrug her shoulder, come turn face her front come continue to dey tease my preek with her mighty nyash. Journey dey progress smoothly, no hold-up. Night don too do and all the motors wey dey cause hold up don clear, me just dey tank my stars say this time, no dulling, na to reach house on time. When we come dey reach the first bus stop wey people go carry come down, na so I use style carry hand motion the Doctor make him come nearby, as the doctor show face, I just wink am, pass am the amount for that MEDICINE… The guy just smile use guy man style hand over everything back to me.
Na so I just unhang my bag, just unzip the lower pouche just fling the medicine put.
The thing resemble powder and you fit take am with small stout or water. When car stop, everybody just come down give way for chair, both of us come kuku siddon for the same chair.
The moment we sit down and car just start, the babe wasted no time in slipping her hand under my bag but instead of touching my J0yst!ck, my hand was there to stop her.
I leaned forward and whispered to her “we are getting close to our destination, and this light (inside the bus) is really shining”. She just code come carry the hand settle for my lap.
Na so the babe just relax carry her head put for my shoulder, once in a while, her hand go move up make she catch my J0yst!ck but my hand always dey there to stop am. The thing come even turn to game sef. I don get wife be that.


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