The lights flashed again into Angela’s little hiding place,doubling her fears.The thought of pulling off the white gown she was wearing to reduce the chances of being easily spotted nimbled through her but she discarded it.
She tried holding her breath to prevent making even the slightest noise of breathing.
As the footsteps came closer,she heard their voices.
“This was all your fault.Why were you sleeping on duty?”
“Stop talking nonsense my friend! You think say i believe that your nonsense story? Spirit my foot.Ghost seer.Just pray to your god,whether amadioha or olokun or any other one wey you dey serve because i know say you no dey go church.Just pray make we find her o.Or na your head dem go take do the sacrifice”
Angela listened as their voices died down.She didn’t hear any more word from them again but she wasn’t sure if they were still around or not.
She heard the crackling of dry leaves besides her.The low silence shattering noise by the dry leaves gave her great cause for concern.
She surveyed with great great effort,arround the place with the help of the moonlight.
Then,she saw it.A great python,crawling towards her.
Angela felt herself flush slowly,and heat coming in waves up her throat and cheeks.She wanted to scream but instead,she found herself covering her mouth with her palms.She wasn’t sure if the men looking for her were still around.
The python crawled faster and before she knew it,it was right in front of where she squatted.
“David!”She screamed and bursted out,hearing a gunshot and seeing flashes of light.She hid at the back of a huge tree until the lights went off.She heaved a sigh of relief,made the sign of the cross and followed another direction.

Ebere and the old ‘dibia’ arrived as planned but the place was quiet and quite unusual.One of the guards should have met them some distance away from there,to make sure they were not unwanted guests.
“Are you both sleeping? Is that how you secure this place?”The old man asked,infuriated,expecting them to both run out and beg for forgiveness but to his greatest surprise,it seemed as if he was talking to the trees of the forest.
Ebere’s eyes burged out in bewilderment when she flashed the big torch she was holding to the place where Ebere was lying the previous day and found only ropes and nothing more.
“Baba,she is gone.She is gone”Ebere disclosed,with the fear of insecurity and danger looming on her.
“What? Impossible.That can’t happen,”he dashed forward,taking the ropes in his hands,”Nooo.This cannot happen.The gods are already waiting for her blood.What do i tell them now…..”
The two guards panting heavily,ran up to them,interrupting him from speaking further.
“She has escaped.A spirit came and cut the ropes from her o”Egbe reported.Jack eyed him and nodded in agreement.
“May thunder strike the both of you.Go and look for her.If you fail to bring her here,the gods will come after you”He threatened,sending them back in search of Angela.
David’s phone rang.He was lying on the floor of his parlour with empty bottles of alcoholic drinks besides him.He lazily reached for the phone and looked at the clock hanging on the wall before answering it.
It was 6.05am.
“David.Any news?”Tony,his friend who was on the steering asked.
“No news my brother.No news”David replied.
“Why is your voice like that? Hope you haven’t been drinking”
“I’m fine”
“Alright.I’m driving now.I have to catch an appointment.I will come over as…………”
David could hear the sudden sound of car brakes and the faint shouts of “Jesus! Jesus!”
“Tony? Tony whats happening? Where are you?”David kept asking,looking at the phone in his hands as if he was actually referring to it.
Tony alighted from his car immediately.He prayed the person didn’t die.He rushed to the front of the car and found her there.A woman she was,in a white gown,lying on the ground.


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