THE MAFIA’S MAID … (18+) … Part 26




I woke feeling a very sharp pain in my head ….I remembered everything …. Alejandro was lying on the bed beside me

It was his fault I got raped….he murdered someone and the revenge was taken on me ….

He coughed slightly and he woke up …

“Carissa I am so sorry for everything ” he said on his knees

I didn’t utter a word this is the same man who saved me from attending to clients with my body everyday …I was hoping to be his puppet but I was a maid whom he loved so much and now I lost my virginity to his face ….

A side of me loved him very much while the other hated him ….love is stronger than hatred …

“Alejandro ” I said turning my back at him

“Why did you kill Mr Jason ” I asked still not looking in his eyes

“He killed my parents and I became Mafia because of him “he replied crying

” I forgive you Alejandro but I can’t stay because of the shame ….I can’t hold it back ”

I went to where he was kneeling and I gave him a kiss …..

Seconds felt like minutes ..I felt my soul drawn to his …..our lips couldn’t show how much we love each other

I really love Alejandro

I went into the ward bathroom and I changed my clothes ….

I left never to be seen again

💦 Sophie 💦

My private investigator told me that people will be allowed to visit Alejandro today

I made up my mind to reunite with him for the sake of Alexander

I entered the hospital hearing a loud noise from the ward number I was given

Ethan was holding Alejandro while he kept screaming


I can’t believe he fell in love with his Maid ….I tried to touch him but it was of no use .

Even after he got discharged …he never accepted me back into his life

Diego ruined me

🍆 Alejandro 🍆

I woke up to see Carissa awake …it took minutes for me to see properly …..

I apologise to Carissa for everything that happened but she didn’t

Her kiss was the best I ever felt and she melted my heart completely …I can’t believe she was leaving me behind …

She left the ward immediately


I screamed crying the more ….. Ethan opened the door of the ward and he ran to where I was kneeling

“Alejandro ” he said holding me close to his chest

“Where is Carissa ” he asked looking into my eyes

“Carissa is really gone

I was discharged but I never remained the same ….Sophie came begging but I never accepted her

I felt broken

💋 Kimberly💋

“Kimberly can you get me that black glass cup from the cabinet ” Ethan asked looking at me

“Sure I will be back ”

“OMG “she screamed with the glass cup breaking into pieces

“It’s so beautiful ” I said and he kissed me

The moment he saw Alejandro he stopped kissing because he didn’t want to hurt his feelings

“I am so sorry Kim” he said …

We are getting married

😎 Ethan 😎

Our wedding was Epic as the bishop joined I and Kimberly in holy matrimony

It was the best I ever wished for …

Our wedding night was a bang and it resulted into twin boys who looked just like me …

Alejandro was in the dark without easing the pain of Carissa off his heart

I can’t believe she’s gone ..


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