THE LAST COMPETITION … (18+) … Part 23



The police siren gradually died down as Ikuku and the two girls stood quietly in the very sittingroom of Late Mr Uba. Mercy, who stood beside Jade, gently grabbed her hand in fear when the footsteps of the policemen approached from outside. She was obviously scared of the whole drama which she had no atom of its cause. Seeing that, Jade tightened her hand with hers as an evidence of hope and encouragement, while Ikuku stood with his staff, staring at the door, just like the girls until a knock came from it thrice. He glanced at them before opening the door.
Lyman presented his ID, strangely looking at Ikuku because his dressing was very odd to him: a modern man in a what garment and a strange staff in his hand. There were no footwears on his feet. Lyman entered inside without saying a word. He also saw the two girls, standing like statues, then suddenly turned to Ikuku. “Who are you?”
“Ken’s grandfather” Ikuku replied.
“Hope you are aware of what happened in his school today?”
“I came as soon as I heard, Please, do you know where he is?”
Lyman didn’t reply him, rather took permission to enter into Ken’s room. He stood at the centre of the room, looking at the flung books, clothes and disorganized bed before he went back to the sitting room, now facing the girls. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?”
“We are Ken’s friend” Jade relied. “We also came after the incident at school”
Lyman met Ikuku’s eyes. “I’ve gathered that whoever that took the boy from school, also came here in search of something. Is the boy with any valuable thing?”
Jade stared at Ikuku on the lips to know what he would say.
“Not sure. He’s just a quiet brilliant kid” Ikuku returned the gaze after answering the question.
“I see, the parents?”
“Uhm.. Only is mother, but she isn’t available at the moment”
Just then, a report came to Lyman that Roland Hospital had been attacked by unknown men. Therefore, he said to Ikuku, “We shall do our best to get the kid back. Please, inform us if you notice anything” he left with his men.
Ken was taken to a forest, tied on a tree like a criminal about to be executed all in the name of magical eyeglasses, and the twins were mean. They were ready to take lives in order to have it. They stared at Ken from a few centimeters. Though morning sun had come out thereby approaching noon day, but tall canopy tress from the forest prevented the ray from touching Ken and the twins. Gentle breeze occasionally swept withered leave across them. However, the young boy, had become tired and fed up with what he found himself into. Should he give them the eyeglasses and lose his own live? He bent his head down in exhaustion.
“Hey, boy!” Date called his attention before he raised his head up. “We traveled from the continent Asia to this place because of the eyeglasses. We knew it through a spiritualist who assured us that with it, the world gonna worship us, so we must get it, even if it gonna cost the live of people.” He glared at him. “Tell me, where is it?”
Ken found his voice. “Did the spiritualist also talk to you about Mount Loom?”
Date looked back at his sister, Kate, surprisingly. “He’s actually the bearer of the eyeglasses” he said.
Kate came forward, glaring at Ken. “We know all about that, even the god of cleverness, and how you’ll die if you give us the eyeglasses” she emphasized seriously.
“And you also think I’ll give up my life by giving you the eyeglasses?” Ken asked boldly.
“Yes, you have no choice” Date replied.
“Over my dead body will you lay hands on it”
The twins gazed at each other for a while after seeing how mean the young boy was. Date had a deadly smile and said, “No, over your living body will you see my hands lay on it” he walked out of the forest with his sister.
“Are you leaving me here all alone!!” Ken shouted. “Somebody help me!”
Time gradually began to move unstoppable, the news of strange invaders to Heartland collage and Roland hospital who no one could identify as ghosts or humans circulated the city thereby increasing tension among the citizens. Meanwhile Lyman and his men also worked tirelessly to discover what prompted such unknown invaders.
Nevertheless, the time of the day was pass three post meridian when only Date came back to the forest with Mr Nnanna, walking simultaneously with him. The dry sound of withered leaves broken by their feet woke Ken from his uncomfortable rest which he only did by bending down his head. They approached closer where Mr Nnanna stared into his heavy eyes which had changed colour due to hunger and pains.
“Now, who’s clever, little boy?” He smiled in a mockery manner.
“This isn’t cleverness. It is stupidity” Ken replied dryly.
Mr Nnanna looked at Date, “Tell me what you found out?”
Date didn’t say anything, but waved his hand in the air. Surprisingly to Ken and Mr Nnanna, the sister approached with Mercy whose hands was tied and a gun positioned on her head from behind. At the sight of her, Ken breathing rate changed and he generated strength from nowhere, gazing at her. By then, she had started shedding tears. Mr Nnanna’s eyes met with the daughter’s too. He looked at Date.
“What’s the meaning of this?”
“Dad!” Mercy shouted.
Before Date said anything, he released a bullet on Mr Nnanna’s leg, sending him on the ground. The sound of the gunshot echoed in the forest and gradually died down, likewise the screaming voice of Mercy.
“Now I can answer your question, Nnanna” Date began. “Ken here have a magical…”
“Wait!” Ken interrupted him. “Don’t tell them, Mercy will get to know what’s happening, and I’m afraid the Graths will come after her”
Date laughed. “It’s of no use, Ken, because she will still die if you don’t give us the eyeglasses”
“What eyeglasses?” Mercy asked at the same time with her father whose leg bled.
“Good question” Date walked closer to Mercy. “Your boyfriend has a magical eyeglasses in his possession through which he sees people who dies by accident. That’s why he was at Ure fly-over and the city mall. Also, he has to travel to mount Loom to answer riddles otherwise whosoever that has the knowledge of this eyeglasses, like you do now, will be attacked by Graths and killed” Date turned to Ken. “Now, let’s start from her father, Ken. I know you don’t like your girlfriend’s father but your girlfriend likes her father” he aimed his gun at Mr Nnanna. “Give us the magical eyeglasses or the love of your love dies at the count of five”
“No, No, No, please!!” Mr Nnanna pleaded on the ground.
Mercy did nothing but to cry bitterly while Ken battled with his emotions. until the last count. Date pulled the trigger and Mr Nnanna died instantly. Mercy never hesitated to scream her voice out, trying to run to the father, but Kate drew her back painfully. Date aimed the gun at Mercy who freezed instantly. Her lips quivered alongside with her legs. She nearly even urinated on herself.
“Now, let’s see his daughter, your girlfriend, die too at the count of five. The next person gonna be your mother”
Mercy looked at Ken. “Ken, please, I’m scared to die this way” she cried.
Just at the count of five, Ken shouted, “I’ll give you the eyeglasses!”
The twins smiled. “Good boy, where is it?” Date asked.
The sun had begun to set when the twins forged forward to Ken’s house again after he told them the location of the eyeglasses. They made Mercy the collector of the eyeglasses while they followed her secretly from behind, well dressed and less suspicious. The fainting dark weather the atmosphere took at that moment could make one’s face not really visible. Meanwhile, Mrs Ukachi was not yet back.
On the hand, Ken remained in the forest with Mr Nnanna’s corpse. He could hear nothing at that hour of the day but the sound of shaking trees and arboreal animals. He looked exhausted. Suddenly, footsteps came behind him then he raised his head up. He thought it was an animal or a ghost who had come to torment him. Fear could be detected from his voice. “Who’s that?” Nobody answered, yet the footsteps kept coming closer from behind. “Get away from me!” he shouted.
“I won’t, Lad” a voice came from behind. He recognized the voice which did not only give him hope but also joy.
“Ikuku?” he called.
“Yes, Lad” Ikuku stood before him. “I’m sorry for coming late” he stared at the poor boy who began to shed tears instantly. He loosened the rope from his body and caught him from falling on the ground due to tiredness in a way he made him rest on his body. He could tell the pains the young boy had passed through. He glanced at the corpse on the ground. “What happened, Lad?”
“They killed him” Ken replied.
“Who are they?”
“I don’t know. They threatened to kill Mercy if I didn’t tell them where the eyeglasses is?”
Ikuku looked at this face to understand exactly what he was emphasizing. Immediately he understood, he said, “We must not allow them take it” They managed to hurry out of the place.
Meanwhile, the twins had entered into the very room of the young boy, still looking tattered. Mercy gradually bent down on the floor, picked up one voluminous book to see where the eyeglasses was imbedded in an engrave hold inside the book. It was sensitively and systematically planned and structured by Ken the previous night..
At twelve midnight, Ken laid face up on his bed wearing just a boxers. The room was illuminated with an electric bulb thereby enabling him to see the slowly rotating ceiling fan. At such young age, he started thinking like an adult in order to survive. Obviously, he was strategizing on how he gonna keep everything under control. He never thought of going to Mount Loom. It wasn’t an option to him. Suddenly, he stood up, opened his cupboard and brought out a voluminous book which had the size of a dictionary. He placed it on a table, opened it and marked out the exart size of the eyeglasses at the center of the book. He began to carve it out until the engraved space was able to contain the eyeglasses. Therefore he placed the magical eyeglasses on it and systematically covered it with transparent gum before closing the book.
Mercy brought out the magical eyeglasses, staring at it strangely, wondering where Ken got it from and how it works. Yet, her hands vibrated.
“Let me have that” Date commanded.
Mercy reluctantly gave it to him before they proceeded outside with Mercy in the front again. Immediately they came out from the building, they saw policeman surrounding the house and aiming their guns at them. Date grabbed Mercy immediately and also aimed his gun on her head, while the twin sister aimed hers on the commander. Ken, Ikuku, Jade and her father, also arrived at the spot but weren’t allowed to trespass. Neighboring residents hung around from afar, watching the scenario. Already, Mr Raymond had had news and also told what was going on by his daughter which was why he came. Though he had not informed Mrs Ukachi.
“Put down your weapons!” Lyman shouted with the help of a megaphone.
“Before your bullets gets here, she will be dead!” Date shouted with the eyeglasses in his hands.
However, some journalists had mounted their cameras from a distance to tell the world the incident live and direct. Therefore, Wisdom and his father didn’t miss it from Roland hospital, and many other citizens.
“Let us go back to our country freely for we have gotten what we wanted. The magical eyeglasses is ours now. Lower your guns or she dies!!” Date added. He could feel Mercy vibrating in his arms and her tears dropping on them too.
Everywhere became quiet except the chattering of viewers from a distant. The next thing that was heard after that was gunshots that killed Date and Kate without Mercy being harmed. Ken ran and hugged her, while Lyman picked up the magical eyeglasses, looking at it strangely.
“Is this what the men in black also wanted?” he threw the question to Ken who turned from Mercy. The commander looked at Ikuku. “I thought you said your grandson had nothing valuable in his possession”
“It’s a long story. Nobody needs to know about that” Ken replied and looked at Ikuku. “I have to meet the god of cleverness. I have to go to Mount Loom. I have to do that which my father couldn’t do”
“Are you out of your mind!” Ikuku rebuked him.
“Yes, I’m out of my mind! Mercy knows about it, and very soon the city will know. Will I watch them die by the Graths!! No! Not now that Mercy is aware. I can’t let her suffer this! Take me to Mount Loom!!”
Ikuku drew closer and glared. “You aren’t clever enough to go there, Lad”
“Is better I lose my life trying than to see many lose their lives” he replied boldly, while the policemen especially Lyman became lost on the conversion. Therefore, he asked, “Can somebody tell us what’s going on here?”
Ken and Ikuku looked at him. Jade was also interested to know, so she folded her hands waiting for the men to talk…,.


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