THE KILLER … (18+) … Part 27



Paul walked out of the room, after
dressing like the policeman and collecting
his gun and walkie talkie. He came out
slowly as if searching for a criminal.
He looked round and he saw that nobody
was looking at him, all the other security
men were looking for a guy with a white
long sleeve and blue jean, nobody came to
look for a policeman.
He used the opportunity to move towards
the back exit. He knew the wharehouse
very well, he had studied his environment
before coming for the operation.
“oboy where you dey go” a policeman
whispered to him.
“I wan block the back door” he whispered
back to him.
“Back door dey? make we go block there
na” the policeman replied. He was trying to
leave the area where he thought they
would be gun battle. As far as he was
concerned, he was leaving the danger
zone, little did he know that he was with
the devil himself.
“i never see this your face before o” The
policeman said when they had successfully
reached outside after series of stopping
and looking around.
“ehm, na C division i from, dem call us
make we come back una up” paul replied
The guy was still asking paul some
questions. Paul who was now getting fed
up, silently brought out his silencer and
shot the policeman.
He looked round and noticed that nobody
was watching him so he quickly faced a
lonely bush path.
Musa who was scouting the sorrounding,
saw a policeman running to the bush
path. He immediately knew something was
wrong. He wanted to alert the other
members of The security team but he had
a feeling they was a mole in the security
team. How else did paul escape and how
did he gain entrance into the hospital.
He couldn’t call Jimmy for backup because
there where also in another operation. He
quickly brought out his phone and called
“I have visuals on paul, I’m currently in
pursuit, he is headed for the bushy path
that leads to ‘Jesus is lord chapel” musa
informed him.
Amos was shocked, he didn’t know why
musa was giving him the information but
one thing was sure, he wanted to
personally kill paul.
Amos was just coming out of Jacobs’
house were he went to find his gun.
He had no car with him and there was no
way he was going there in time without a
car. He studied his environment and saw a
car parked by the street. He sighed and
walked to the car. He used his hand to
break the glass before opening it from
He practise what he had seen in a
hollywood movie,he destroyed the
ignition, removed two wires and joined
them. The car roared to life, he smiled and
then moved the car the car slowly
backwards so he could turn properly. Just
then, the owner of the car came out and
started shouting
“Thief theif theif”
Amos knew what it meant to be caught so
he stepped on the gear and sped off.
The back up team had arrived and Jimmy
was still searching every corner of the
room but didn’t find any sign of the
invisible quartet. He knew there was no
way they could escape since the room was
covered all round. He looked down And
saw a corner with the tile slightly
displaced. He went and studied it before
raising it. Lo and behold, there was a large
room underground. They all entered the
underground room but they noticed the
lights were on. The underground room
was very large with iron pillars all over the
place. It was empty but they was a large
metal that seperated that room from
another one behind.
All of a sudden, the lights went off. They
were still wondering what was happening
when the invisible quartet came out of
hiding and opened fire on them.
They were taken unawares as some of
them were hit by the bullet. They ran and
used the iron pillars as shield, they hid
behind the irons. Some of them where still
looking for where to hide when the lights
came on again. Those of them in the open
where shut outrightly, the lights went off
again. Jimmy started understanding their
pattern of attack. He waited for the lights
to come on again. Few seconds later, the
lights came on but there was no gunshot
because nobody was in the open. He knew
they had come out so he quickly rushed
out and sprayed bullets. His bullets shot
one of them but he was also unlucky
because he was hit by a bullet on his arm.
He quickly hid again while holding his arm.
Other members of his squad got angry as
they all came out of hiding and started
firing their guns which made the invisible
quartet to retreat. NATU squad started
moving forward in a straight file while
firing their guns.
Agent white of the invisible quartet hid
and Was watching them as they were
advancing. They got to a point and white
pressed a botton from a remote control he
had in his hand. The tile on that part
where the NATU agents stood was
computerized. Immediately white pressed
the botton, the tiles automatically opened
inwardly and all the agents fell into a large
pit that had been dug there. Inside the pit
was a large drum filled with concentrated
Jimmy rushed in anger with his gun,
shooting sporadically. The two remaining
‘invisible quartets’ ran to the next room
but jimmy didn’t stop. He followed them
and immediatelly he entered, the two men
who had hidden behind a drum opened
fire on him, the bullets hit him on the
“We are hiding behind a drum of petrol”
White warned his other agent. They
quickly made to leave but they were too
late, Jimmy who had already fell to the
ground used his last breathe to shoot his
gun. The bullet hit the drum and it
exploded, consuming the two agents in
the process.
Jimmy breathe his last breathe with
fufillment and gave up.


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