THE KILLER … (18+) … Part 10



Barrister clement was still on the floor, he
had just been shot on his arm. All the
police officers had since fled the court. Mr.
Jacobs was whisked away using the
blackmaria. Few minutes later, soldier
officers arrived the location and cleared
everybody out of the court. The case was
adjourned till further notice.
Meanwhile, agent white was still suprised
how he missed. Barrister clement had put
his hands at akimbo and agent white
wanted to shoot through the hole formed
by his hand but immediately he wanted to
pull the trigger, Barrister briggs brought
his hands down. White wanted to abort
but it was too late, he had already pulled
the trigger. The bullet met Barrister
Clement on his arm. Before he could adjust
and aim, the courtroom had become
rowdy. He didn’t see Grace again and
every other person Had taken cover. He
had failed in his operation.
Paul adeyemi walked into a building. He
slid his keycard at the slot and used his
fingerprint. The door opened at once. He
entered and met three men inside.
“Where is agent white?” he asked.
“he is not yet back, one of the men
answered him”. He did as if he wanted to
unbotton his shirt and he brought out a
little camera. It was the camera that the
people in the building where using to
monitor the court session. You would
never know there was a camera there, you
will only see his silver coloured large
He paced around the hall for a few
seconds, removed his wristwatch and
slammed it on the wall.
“we failed!!!” he shouted.

“Jimmy what have you got?” sani asked,
coming down from his office.
“I used satellite and i got our man, he
came down from the Gmax building at
exactly 1:20pm. I switched to street cam to
view his face but it looks like he is a
proffesional, he was putting on a hood
and bent his head so i wasn’t able to see
his face” Jimmy explained.
“You mean you lost him?” sani asked
“chill!! He entered into the mall by the
street. 45minutes later he came out and i
sent agent musa to stalk him. We got his
address, we are just waiting for your
orders to arrest him.” jimmy explained.
“Jimmy, thats a decoy, the real shooter
must have escaped through another route
or is still in the mall” sani said.
“Not according to neighboors” Jimmy
chipped in.
His neighbours claimed he Is an
armedrobber who had been terrorising
the area and just recently, he has been
seen with strange faces”
“Jimmy this is terrorism we are talking
about, not petty robbery” sani explained.
“It still doesn’t hurt to bring him in for
questioning. He is our only viable lead”
Jimmy advised.
“Okay then, call agent musa, tell him to go
with few other field agents” sani said. Just
then his phone rang and he picked it. It
was the special advicer to the governor on
security matters. Sani picked the call. The
special adviser just wanted to know how
far they where with the investigation.
“we have a suspect sir, we are bringing
him in for questioning as we speak” sani
replied and the line went dead.


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