(She hates him)

Episode 7


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya
Page: Eunice writes

Rissa’s pov:
The school was heavily guarded with top security officers and marshalls. This was because the only kids that attended the school belonged to a wealthy and influential families.

The principal wouldn’t want to risk a student being kidnapped or attacked under her watch. Before a car drives into the school, it must be searched thoroughly and every individual would be scanned of weapons of any kind.

My car arrived at the school gate before Mykel’s. I refused to ride to school with him so mom had another car prepared for him.

I’m trying so hard to accept the fact that he would be staying with us for months despite the fact that he is from jail.
It’s not a good thing, it never is.

Probably, He’s pretending to be quiet and self reserved but inside, He’s a fire breeding dragon…

Mykel’s pov:
We finally passed through the check point and believe me, it took a lot out of me to allow them touch me. Usually, I get too stubborn to do stuff even though I need to do it.

I picked up the nice black leather schoolbag Rissa’s mom gave to me. It contained two notebooks and a few stationeries. She said i would get more things this weekend at the mall.

I just can’t wait to go out again and see the world. I’ve been locked up for three years.

“You’re so beautiful kid. You look like a girl” The driver said smirking at me from the front mirror.
I kept mute and hung the bag across my shoulders.

“Do you need to get a haircut? I can take you after school…”

“I’m Korean” I replied coldly and he snapped.

“Oh! I knew you weren’t from America. You hair, pink lips and eyes… You are one fine boy!” He exclaimed clearly stunned.

A short smile crept on my lips.
I guess I’m lucky then.

“What’s with you and the young miss – Rissa?? Seems like she doesn’t like you. What did you ever do to her?” He asked turning to look at me.

I was about to respond when I heard a tapping at the tinted glass window of the car. I looked and saw Rissa tapping the glass with a pen.

“Bye” I muttered to the driver and opened the door. I quickly stepped out to meet her.

“I hope you find your way on your own. As you can see, I’m not your babysitter. And you’ll be making a big mistake by telling people that you’re in anyway related to me, alright?”
And with that, she turned and walked away.

I chuckled quietly.
She has no idea how annoying she sounds.

I adjusted the strap of the bag and started walking to where I think, is the main building.

Its so gigantic like some royal palace or something. Anyways, I’ve seen better.

A group of girls walked past me and they stopped laughing like they were a second ago, rather their eyes stuck to me like they wanted to eat me up.

It made me feel kind of uncomfortable.

I kept moving and throwing slow steps.

Two girls ambled past and their expression was much worse than the other set of girls. One of them almost tripped from staring at me.

I kept walking with my bag as innocent as i was. This time, it was just one girl with opened chest. I could even see half of her b***bs. Surprisingly, she winked at me and continued walking.

Eww. This people are making me feel nervous. Whats with the stares, huh??

Could there be any person here In their right mind to help me out??!
I need to find the principal’s office first.

I would have told Rissa if not for the fact that she hates me. I’m sure she’d direct me to the toilet instead of the principal’s office.

Some boys and girls wearing lab coat sauntered past and the same shocked face emerged.

Geez! This doesn’t seem normal.

I suddenly stopped walking when I sensed something unusual. I slowly turned backwards and my eyes dimmed.

The whole students clustered around staring at me.
And the most I could see were girls.
What the shreck?
This is super awkward!

Can you imagine🤣🤣🤣


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