(She hates him)

Episode 6


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya
Page: Eunice writes

Rissa’s pov:
The photo was just enough to leave a grimace on my face. How long has mom been keeping disgusting photos of Mykel and I hugging??

“Isn’t it cute?” She asked grinning from ear to ear.
“I think we should burn it” I chimed and mom shot me a scalding look.

“I’ve been keeping these photos for more than 13 years now, not even you – Rissa will destroy them. Now sit down” She ordered and I slumped on the seat.

Mykel had no choice but to sit beside me since there was just three seats at the table strictly for mom, dad and I.

Our dinner was served and just as I was about to dig in, mom’s voice emerged.

“So, like I said earlier, you both will be introducing yourselves properly. And I would gladly watch you two do it. We’ll start from you, Rissa. Tell us your hobbies and favorite things so Mykel would get to know. And it’ll be helpful for me too because I don’t know those things”.

‘Yeah…she knows nothing about me’ I muttered under my breath.

“What’s that, Rissa?” She asked and I twitched.
“Uh…mom, you taught me not to talk while eating” I replied nervously.
“If that’s the case, then I suggest you leave your food till we are done with the introductions” She pressed and I gawped.

I feel like crawling under a rock right now!
I took in a deep breath.

“My hobbies are dancing and reading” I said perfunctorily.
“And your favorite things!” She peeved.

“My favorite color is blue and I love pepper sauce” I added in a flaccid tone.

“Its called tomato sauce dear” mom corrected while I remained quiet.

“What about you Mykel?”.

He kept mute for a second and before responding.
“I like being alone and my favorite color is white and I don’t have a favorite food”.

He likes being alone.
He likes white.
But doesn’t have a favorite food.
What a liar!

Mom kept going on and on about how she would be extremely busy next week. I was used to hearing her excuses and claims so I just listened quietly.

I can’t wait to get some sleep and I pray i wouldn’t have a nightmare since the criminal would be sleeping right next to my room.

How long is few months? Can it be tomorrow??

Mom said a prayer and we all left for our various rooms. I entered my bedroom and met pineapple on his little bed sleeping.

I had a bath and brushed my teeth before getting on the bed.

I received funny messages from Alex and Zoe. They gave me full details of what happened at school today.

Madison got picked to represent our school in a gymnastic competition with other reputable schools in the states – again. She always gets what she wants.
Maybe I would have been considered if I was in school today.
All thanks to Mykel.

I covered myself up and dozed off.


I opened my eyes after rolling around the bed. The atmosphere was d**n quiet and chilly. It must be pretty late in the night.

I think I need a glass of water.
I climbed down from the bed and passed my legs into the fluffy slippers.

I scuttled to the water dispenser and drank two glasses of water. That’s how thirsty I was.

I scrutinized over the guest in the next room. Could he be asleep by now??

I left the room and tip toed to his door. From the night sound, it was as if there was no living soul around. Apart from me of course.

I proceeded to the other side of the hallway which led to the balcony. It’s the main balcony in the house and the spacious too.

I had barely gotten close when I saw a figure of someone standing there and holding onto the rail.
The moon shone brightly above him so I could see his features. The hair and everything! It’s Mykel.

What’s he doing here so late at night? I stood at the spot and studied his stance.

What could he be thinking about?
He brought down his hands from the rail and made to turn. I quickly hid close to the wall and luckily, he didn’t see me.

He sighed and started approaching to where I was. I wasn’t so sure if he could see me or not.

“Goodnight” He whispered as he walked past me.
I batted my lashes and stared after him.
So, he saw me.
I should have known!

I waited for some seconds before running back to my bedroom.
I have to wake up early for tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Mykel’s first day at the school😍🤗🤗


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