(She hates him)

Episode 5


By: Eunice Nwodu

Rissa’s pov:
I folded my hands and stared as he carried pineapple in his hands. I just couldn’t hide the feeling that I was greatly disappointed.

I think getting rid of this guy would be a tough mission.

He began walking towards me and I noticed his steps was like that of some rich dude. It vaguely reminded me of Lucas, the president’s son.

“I think this is yours” He said calmly and I scoffed. This outrageous!
I looked away and luckily, my personal maid was passing by carrying a basket.

“Vivian!” I yelled irascibly and she raced to us.
“Yes dear” She replied cheerful as always.

“Take pineapple and give her a thorough bath. I want her scrubbed and washed with the best soap you can find! Then, dry her up immediately and give her a second bath! Do you understand?!” I rasped irritated.

Her face dropped.
I’m sure she knows I’m angry and definitely not ready for her ridiculous questions.

“But Rissa, you know pineapple hates being given a bath. She gets really rough and—”

“I don’t care! Now, do what I said” I ordered and she nodded.
“Yes ma’am” she dropped the basket and picked pineapple up.

She put her in the basket and they both left for the stairs.

“What’s your problem?” He asked putting his hands in his pockets.
I rolled my eyes and took few steps away from him.

“You’re an ex convict which means you’re a criminal and I have nothing to do with people like you so I would suggest you stay away from me as far as possible” I replied coldly and a smirk crept on his face.

“I’m just going to be here for a few months and then, I’m gone. And I think you should smile more, you look like an old lady just now” He turned and retreated back to the stairs.

My mouth was left hanging. Did he just call me an old lady?!

I scoffed and did my breathing exercise. I’ve never been so insulted in my life.
How dare he???!
Even Madison have never been this cruel to me.
I’m so going to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.


I didn’t know the kind of hormones that my body secreted the moment I saw mom walk through the door.
It’s time for dinner and I was just about to leave when she arrived.

Could this week get any better?!
I hugged her frivolously that she had to pull away.

“God! Rissa, you just saw me hours ago” She chided.
I smiled giddily ignoring her grouse.

“I was just about to have dinner. Would you join me, mom?” I asked excitedly and she shrugged.

“I’m a bit tired but I can’t say no to our first dinner with Mykel” She replied and I sighed.
Here we go, again!

“I’m sure you both have seen each other” She beamed.

“Yeah, we did” I mumbled and she chuckled.

“Don’t you feel lucky to have him as a brother? I mean, you’ll have to see him as your brother. Trust me, it’ll be fun” She said taking my hand.

I made a grimace. What’s mom getting at? Mykel being cute doesn’t erase the fact that he’s a criminal!

“I’d rather talk about pineapple than discuss that guy with you mom” I jibed with a frown.

“Don’t be ridiculous Rissa!” She said and carried pineapple up from the floor.
“Oh! My goodness. Pineapple is so squishy and clean. How many times did you give her a bath?” She asked hysterically.

I bursted out laughing while she stared cluelessly at me.

“Alright. Go get Mykel so we can all eat together”.
“But mom…!”
“If you don’t get him, I won’t go to the salon with you this weekend and I definitely won’t release your black card for you to go shopping at the mall” She threatened.

My stomach tightened.
What have I done to deserve this?
First, we let someone from prison live with us and now, He’s eating with us.

I gritted my teeth and headed for the stairs. I climbed the long steps until I got to the hallway.

His room was right next to mine and its going to give me more nightmares.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I waited and there was no response.

I kept knocking but still got no response.
This pathetic! I turned around to leave when the door opened and he stepped out.

“What do you want?” He asked mutely.

“Uhm…mom wants you to join us for dinner” I replied.

He shrugged after a brief silence.
We descended from the stairs together and I stayed as far as possible from him.

Mom’s making a big mistake.
What’s gonna happen tomorrow when I go to school with him? What would people think??

That he’s my brother or cousin!
What am I gonna tell them huh…

We got to the dinning table were mom was waiting. There was no sign of pineapple anyway.

“Sit down you two. It seems like you have barely gotten to know each other. I’m going to lead us through a brief introduction section, alright?” She asked and just I was about to object, she dropped a photograph on the table.

I paused and glanced at Mykel who had also looked at me.
Then our eyes went back to the photograph on the table.
You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

Who can guess what’s on the photo?🤔


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