(She hates him)

Episode 4


By: Eunice Nwodu

Rissa’s pov
I kept staring as the car doors opened and some men stepped out. God! They’re so huge. How’s one of them under eighteen???

I was yet to conclude when someone else came out of the car and he seemed to be the last.

I was amazed by his black curly hair. It was really shiny like he shampooed it two four seven!

I folded my arms. So, which of them is the prisoner or should I say, ex convict??

I returned back to the chair when they started proceeding towards the house. I hurried up with the meal and the maid cleared the table.

“Where’s my dad?” I asked her after she was done.

“He left for Massachusetts immediately he arrived this morning” She replied putting the plates on an empty stroller.

My lips curved into a frown as she walked away. Dad traveled again and I didn’t even get to spend time with him like I wanted.
When will he ever be there for me, huh?!

That seems so impossible. I’m sure I’ve lost him to politics.

I heard the front door dangling.
They’re here!
I got up and ran towards the stairs. I hid behind the walls and watched as two of the of the men moved into the house.

It’s the korean guy and another man in a blue suit. One of the maids showed up and took the luggage he was holding.

“Don’t get into trouble, Mykel. Remember that you’re still under probation and one little mistake – you’ll be thrown in jail again so behave yourself” The man in suit whispered before leaving the house.

He glanced around the house and dropped his eyeballs on pineapple who was lying on the floor.

Silly dog! Why didn’t she follow me?

Okay, so the criminal is also good looking. From his hair to his eyes and the lips. Argh! Could he really be from prison??…

He inserted his hands Into his pockets and started coming up the stairs.

I retreated and ran towards another corner hoping he wouldn’t see me.
The maid was waiting for him by his door and when he arrived, they got in together.

I stepped out from my hiding place and gazed at the door.
The man in suit said that he would be taken to jail again if he messes up.

A smirk came upon my face. I’ve known his first weakness ~ jail. He wouldn’t want to go back to that place. Nobody in his right mind would but I won’t think twice about sending him there if he doesn’t comply to my rules.

The fact that he’s a criminal disgusts me and I’m sure there’s a bad boy behind his innocent and calming face.

I tip toed to my bedroom to write somethings down in my diary concerning him. If I’m going to drive him out of this mansion, I need a chronicle where I’d note down my plans and how they went.

Mykel’s pov:
I saw her staring. She hid by the wall gazing at me. Her hair are alot brownish than they were in our childhood pictures.

I didn’t get to see her full body but I’m sure she’s grown a lot. Changed so much from how cheerful she looked in her baby photos.

I wonder what she thinks of me now.
Rich kids always feels like they’re better than anyone else.

Like, poor people were a mistake and shouldn’t ever mingle with them. I’m sure I was once like that. Wealthy and arrogant.

I got to the room and the first thing I did after the maid left was taking a shower. I pulled off my clothes and tied a white towel around my lower waist.

I proceeded into the bathroom and
shut the door.

Rissa’s pov:
“Alright pineapple, you know the plan…immediately you see the korean guy, you attack! Bite him with all your strength. Scratch his face if you have to, okay?” I asked my dog as he waggled his tail.

He’s not human and I’m not sure he understands what I’m saying but I’m sure he gets the fact that the guy that arrived earlier is our enemy and we’ll have to get rid of him at all cost.

I felt someone coming from the stairs and I took a quick glance to see it was him.

He had taken a bath and his hair was f***king wet making It shimmer the more.

“Here’s your chance Pineapple. It’s time to destroy the enemy” I whispered and made her face the jerk.
She barked and ran with great force towards him and a huge grin appeared on my face.

She actually understood what I told her.

I was about to imagine me doing a victory dance when pineapple jumped on him and they both crashed to the floor.

She started licking him and he struggled with him.

Darn it! What’s wrong with pineapple? Why can’t she obey simple instructions??
Sometimes, I wish I had a cat instead.


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