(She hates him)

Episode 3


By: Eunice Nwodu

Rissa’s p.o.v
I entered the library holding my phone and laptop. I decided to watch some gymnastic videos after having ‘the talk’ with mom.

I’m trying not to get worried about the room being cleaned. Maybe there’s something she wants to store in there.

Anxiety was eating me alive!.
She sat by the other side of the desk where dad normally sits.

She was in the middle of a phone call but quickly concluded with it on spotting me.

I dropped on the leather seat and dropped the things I was holding.

“So, mom….what’s going on?” I asked curiously.
She leaned down and brought out something from the desk before passing It to me across the table.

It’s a photograph.

“Do you remember him?” She asked drumming one hand on the other.

I gazed into the picture. It’s a baby picture of me next to some boy!
His hair is d**n curly and thick black. It even looked better than mine though he is a boy.

We stood really close like we were siblings or something.
Wait a minute! Could It be I have a brother somewhere out there??

I glanced at mom suddenly exuberant.
“Is he my brother?” I asked with my brows raised.

She cracked.
“What on earth! How could you think that?? You are our only child, there’s no one else” She pointed out looking astonished.

I rubbed the back of my head nervously.
“Then, who is he?”.
“He was your childhood friend. Both of you were really close back then. He’s Caleb’s son – a Korean”.

I bit my lower lip. Why can’t I remember him? And why would mom be asking me about him??

“What does he have to do with the room being cleaned upstairs?” I asked plonking on the chair.

She took a deep sigh before starting.
“The boy in the picture is Mykel, Caleb’s son. He has been in a juvenile detention center for three years–”

“He has been in prison?!” I gawped.
She chuckled and nodded.
“Yes, if that’s what you want to call it but he has been released and has nowhere to go since his parents are late and their wealth has been seized by the authorities. He’s going to be living with us for the mean time—”

“What?!!!” I interpolated.
“You want to bring a prisoner to our house?? A criminal?…”

“He’s not a criminal. He’s innocent, I’m sure about that” She chimed wearing a soothing smile.

“Did he tell you that he’s innocent?” I asked with a scoff.

“He didn’t but when I looked into his eyes, I saw a helpless boy who has been tortured for doing nothing wrong” She replied calmly.

Oh butters! Mom must be going nuts!..

“Why can’t you take him to another house where he’d stay for ‘that meantime’?”.

“No, he’s still under eighteen and who knows if those bad guys that killed his father are out there searching for him. We are all that he has” She answered with a hint of agitation.

“I don’t want him here mom…” I muttered irritated.

“And why’s that?”.
“He’s a criminal. He can be capable of killing us all while we sleep. Please reconsider—”

“I have important matters to attend to right now so I don’t have time to argue over this. I watched this boy grow – he won’t harm us. And besides, you always wanted a brother or a sister. God has finally answered your prayers, alright??”.

I remained stiff like a statue staring at her.

“He will arrive tomorrow. please make him feel at home then later, I’ll have him enrolled in your school. He was also taking classes at the juvenile detention center so he would just have to write an exam that’ll promote him to your class” She added wearing a big smile.

The fact that she’s my mother, eluded me from screaming down the walls.
What sort of curse is this?!

How could she let someone from the filthy prison join us in this house? And I can’t believe dad agreed to this.

I’m not going to school tomorrow. I’m going to be here when the criminal comes.

I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything crazy to hurt us. Especially pineapple.
(Next morning)

I struggled to keep my eyes open as the sound of the alarm ringing filled my ears. I can’t believe I spent the whole night watching different dance moves.

I have to perfect my steps and defeat Madison. I have to beat her at free styling.

I succeeded in taking a bath and getting dressed for the day. I had already informed Alex and Zoe that I wouldn’t come to school today.

There was no sign of mom or dad and I settled down for a lonely breakfast with pineapple.

I’m glad I didn’t have a nightmare concerning the ex convict that would be coming to live with us today.

He must be rough and dirty.
God! I just can’t imagine how disgusting he would be.

I’m gonna create boundaries around the house. There’s no way he’s permitted to touch things around here. And I would never let him touch me.

Suddenly, there was sound of cars driving into the compound. I stopped eating and got up from the seat.

I ambled to the window to see who it was. Pineapple kept barking excitedly.

The guest is here! Amber, the maid said running towards the door.

I tightened my fist as I watched the cars park accordingly.
The criminal’s here.


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