(She hates him)

Episode 2

By: Eunice Nwodu (please don’t copy🙏)

The attention I received from the other students was one I couldn’t prevent.

I would have been such a lonely scholar if not for Zoe and Alex. They got closer and met the real me.

The fun and crazy me.
Our friendship became official last year and since then, we’ve become inseparable.

We even celebrated our sweet sixteen party together.

And so, my two besties were hanging around the parking lot right next to where the driver had parked.

I quickly jumped out of the car and we engaged in a tight and cozy hug.

“You smell so good, Rissa!” Zoe beamed as her cheeks grew red hot.

She wore an outrageous makeup on her face and it definitely wasn’t the typical look Zoe used to have.

“Why’s that on your face?” I asked as we skim across the parking lot to the school building.

“My sister’s back from Canada and she’s dying to practice her makeover skills on someone so I volunteered my innocent and pure face” She answered with a shrug.

Alex bursted out laughing.

“I can barely see your dimples”.

Zoe and I shared an amused look.

“So, I heard your parents are back, Rissa” Alex said but it sounded more like a question.

“Yeah…they came back few days ago but we barely got to talk. If only I can order myself a pair of mom and dad that’d spend time with me more often. Its getting quite depressing” I peeved feeling a bit down.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and just as she was about to say something, loud noises of car engines dashing into the compound erupted.

Students clustered and we looked back to watch the upcoming scenario.

It was guards on uniform holding armed weapons. Then three blue Ferrari cars drove smoothly into the premises and parked at the empty spots the same time.

“Is that?—-”

“The president’s children” I completed Zoe’s statement and she gasped.

“Sweet cars. I would do anything to ride one of those!” Alex breaks in excitedly.

“But your dad got you a Lamborghini last month” Zoe pointed out.

“Its outdated!” She rasps and we all giggled.

“And as for you, Rissa. You promised to come to school in your new buggati once school starts” Zoe blurted and I scoffed.

“Everyone’s going to think I’m a show off. Why the heck would I bring It to school??” I groused rubbing my forehead.

We resumed to staring at the president’s kids and realized they had just stepped down from their rides.

They were three kids, Madison, Diana and the first son, Lucas.

Lucas Is the hottest and wealthiest guy In the whole school.

He’s practically every girl’s first dream guy in this part of the world, then the next were celebrities, singers and actors.

I would admit that I would date him if I had the chance but I don’t put much mind to that cause mom won’t let me.

We kept staring at them as they walked gracefully to the school building.
Their entrance never gets boring!
During lunch hours, Alex and I made our way to gym hall where we had gymnastics rehearsals.

We were both into gymnastic while Zoe preferred swimming.

As we approached our corner, we realized we were late already and other gymnasts had arrived.

The girls surrounded someone who was on a mat doing a very difficult pose. Her legs were barely touching the floor!
Gosh!!! This has to be a film trick.

How on earth could she do that?!
I looked closely to see who the girl was and lo and behold – its Diana!

Yeah…the president’s first child.
As in, Lucas’s elder sister.

Our eyes met and she smirked.

She’s my competition. We both despise each other and that’s because she feels like she’s good at everything.

They’re people of high class and everything but I wonder why she’s stooped so low to bully me!

I mean, it could be a really bad thing that she hates me.

I totally forgot about this issue thinking it had ended last semester but here we are again, with the hating…
I got home and headed straight for the house. Pineapple was running around the place the moment she saw me.

She’s so furry and extremely cute. I ambled into the house with it following closely behind me.

The house was dead quiet as it has always been but everywhere was spotless and glittered.

There’s no doubt the maids has tidied up the whole mansion.

I went upstairs clutching onto the light schoolbag. All it contained was a notepad and my cellphones.

I walked past a room next to mine which was surprisingly open. Its been ages since the room was touched.

What’s going on?…

I went into the room and met three maids cleaning it up.

Am I getting a sibling??

I heard footsteps behind me and I quickly turned to take a look.
It was mom speaking to someone on her phone.

I can’t believe she’s at home. I thought she would be busy at the office.

“What’s going on mom? Why are you getting the room cleaned?” I asked obviously aware that she’s the one who asked for the room to be fixed.

She let out a nervous chuckle.

“Please, go to your room and freshen up first. Then you come to your father’s library so we can talk, alright?” She said softly and I nodded.

I started going to the room with pineapple trailing after me.

She’s about to receive a news that’ll change her life forever😋


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