As Jennifer stared at the seed in her room, so as people were jubilating at the scene where the destruction of the seed took place. The mayor of the city gave a speech saying, “The end of the invincible hunters in the city of Zumga is over..” As he spoke, Jack began to look around whether he would see Jennifer in the mist of the crowd, but he suddenly bumped on uncle Ben.
“Hey, Jackson”
“Uncle, have u seen Jennifer?”
“No, but i guess she’s in the hospital”
“Okay” Jack wanted to move on but uncle Ben called him back saying, “I wonna tell you something, Jack. I’m impress the way you fought the hunters last night. Therefore, i’ve changed my mind about you being a corp. You know, i thought you are too young for it and also because you are the only son of my late brother. But now, i believe you are capable for it. See me in the office
later-on today to process your training form”
“Wow!” Jack exclaimed happily. “I can’t believe this! Thank you uncle” he hugged him.
“You are welcome, Jack”
“Alright, gonna see you later. I won’t miss it!” Jack ran out in search of Jennifer.
However, Randy had gone home to take a long shower. The sound of splashing water from the bathroom circulated the apartment. Suddenly, a knock came from the door-that was karina.
“I’m coming!” Randy shouted from inside coming out of the bathroom wearing a boxers and drying his wet body with a towel. He opened the door.
“Hey, Karina”
“Hey, Randy” Karina looked at him from head to toe. She saw his fresh skin and muscles, even the fairy hair that lined up from his abdomen to his thorax. Of course the shape of his dick could be seen through the tight boxers.
“Come in” Randy said opening the door widely.
“No” Karina objected. “I just came to give you back your gun” she stretched the gun to him.
“C’mon, Karina, come inside” Randy persuaded before she entered looking around the apartment while Randy began to dress up after making her sit down. The room was furnished and sophisticated. A red rug covered the floor giving it a magnificent beauty. A centre table and couches having the same colour could be seen also. Just then, Randy came out with bread and hot tea.
“Have a breakfast”
“Thanks” Karina collected it from him while he sit opposite her.
“I guess it’s all over now” Randy began. “The seed has been destroyed and the people are jubilating”
“Yeah, i guess so” Karina zipped in the hot tea. “You fought bravely”
They smiled looking at each other. Randy was then wearing a short and a shirt which he didn’t button up. He rubbed his hands and said, “I tried to talk to Jack but..”
“Hey” Karina interrupted him. “I don’t want to talk about it”
“Alright” Randy concluded. Just then, they heard a gunshot and ran to the window standing beside each other to see the cause of it, but they suddenly began to smile.
“That was just people celebrating” Randy said.
“Yes, i guess” Karina supported. They stared at each other romantically then Randy gradually brought his mouth closer and started kissing her which she also reciprocated, but she suddenly quit.
“What?” Randy broke the silence.
“I’m sorry, i don’t wonna make the same mistake i made” Karina replied calmly.
“What mistake?”
Karina didn’t reply again rather headed to the door. “Thanks for the breakfast” she said and went out heading to Blessing’s.
Jack went to Jennifer’s house. The door was widely opened so he entered slowly. However, Jennifer had refused to touch the seed again still staring at it in disbelief but when she noticed Jack’s presence, she quickly came out and closed the door for him not to see it.
“Hi, Jack”
“Are you okay?” Jack suspected.
“I’m fine” Jennifer pretended.
“No, you don’t look it”
“I said I’m fine, sit down” Jennifer gave him a seat and sat beside him then both remained quiet.
“I went to the hospital but didn’t see you there” Jack began. “I’m sorry about your Dad. I guess it’s all over now since the seed has been destroyed, and I’m also happy that you’re okay”
“Thanks for your help and efforts. You fought bravely” Jennifer glanced at him. “Hope Karina is okay too” she added.
“Yes, i guess”
“You guess?”
“Yeah, you see, i broke up with her”
Jennifer became surprise, “Why?”
“Coz i couldn’t keep deceiving myself. I didn’t really love her” Jack replied.
“Who then do you love?”
The question made Jack stared at
Jennifer. He knew that wasn’t the right time to programme his love for her, so he said, “I have to take my leave now” he stood up and walked to the door.
“Jack” Jennifer stood up too. “Thanks once again” she said while Jack nodded his head and went out.
Frank brought a seat for Hannah who sat down besides him and watched him took over the keys of the piano then began to play it rhythmically. She couldn’t believe how perfect he was on it. As Frank played, he glanced at her and saw her smiling, then he also returned the smile.


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