(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 26


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Princess Ngozi’s POV☘️

I Yawned from sleep as i heard someone tapping me.

I Need no soothsayer to tell me that it is Jenny.

“Good morning jenny” i greeted rubbing my eyes as soon as i got off the ground.

“Morning Princess, how are you?” Jeeny asked in a cold tone.

“Fine as usual and you?” i inquired.

“I’m cool. How was your night?” Jenny asked further.

“Splendid. Hope we’re going to continue the journey today” i stated.

“I Think we should start now” Jenny said as he crawled and rested on my neck making me chuckled.

“Where to??” i asked further..

“To the right hand side” Jenny instructed as we took off.

The chirping of the bed could be heard that early morning.

Trees was making some funny noise while Birds flew to one place to another.

The only thing that strengthen me to walk a long distance is the cool breeze that is entering my body.

No food, no water. “How are we going to survive this journey?” i thought in my head.

“Left hand side” Jenny instructed as i turned to my left and continue walking.

“Gosh!!! Is the place that far?? We’ve been walking for close to twenty minutes now and we haven’t see or heard any sign of them” i complained with a sigh.

“Just five minutes remaining. We’re close to them and we’re also close to the river” Jenny assured as a smile crept on my face.

“Really??” i inquired still smiling.

“Yeah. We’re close” Jenny assured as i widened my smile.

“I Can’t wait to see the beautifull Mazzuna river” i jibed dreaming of how the river would be.

Blue in colour, not that deep, rotating water, no dangerous animal like crocodile. The river would give way for us immediately we got there” i thought in my head with a smile still walking.

“And here they are” Jenny muttered and came down from my neck.

“Wow. They’re just two. Where are the remaining two?” i asked Jenny.

“They’re dead”

“What!!!!” i screamed in tears as the words sanked into my brain.

“What? Chiamobi? Dead? Adah? Dead?” i rasped in my mind.

☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

“Holly Crap!! Are you sure about that?” my Dad exclaimed on his phone as i starred at him nerviously.

“Okay, i’ll be there in a jiffy” he said from the phone making me more confused.

“What could be the reason for him to be smiling in the phone?

Maybe he got a good news” i thought in my head.

“Good bye” my Dad said and hanged up the call.

“Son, guess what??” he jibed as i starred at him confusely.

“You know i’m not good at guessing” i shrugged.

“Just try”

“Okay. You got the news that the five Virgin Maidens just returned from Mazzuna river” i guessed.

“No!” he replied firmly.

“Your greatest enemy – King Kelly is dead” i guessed the second time.

“No!” he stuttered with a smirk.

“Then tell me” i scrutinized folding my hands akimbo.

“I Just got a news from Doctor Zack from Oshogo Hospital that Your Mum has woken up and that she’s perfectly fine” he dropped the bombshell as my eyes dimmed in shock and suprise.

“Oh my Goodness!!” i exclaimed.

“He said we should come to the hospital immediately” my Dad stated.

“Then what are we waiting for?; let’s go” insisted as i stood up from the chair running to outside with me.

I Entered the car while my Dad followed immediately.

I Ignited the engine and zoomed off.

I Felt so happy at the moment.

“How can someone wakes up from coma in just 7 hours?” i wondered in my head.

“Well, that’s not my business, my main focus in my Mum, i can’t wait to see her.

“Mum, i’ve missed you so much” i said hugging her tight.

“Carefull, you’ve been hugging her since when we entered this car. Do you want to suffocate her?” My Dad said with laughter.

“She’s my mum and i have the right to hug her as many times i like” i said and rolled my eyes.

“How long was i in coma?” my Mum asked.

“The doctor said 7 hours” i muttered as she starred at me in shock.

“Geez!!!!! 7 hours” she exclaimed in shock.

“How possible??” she asked in suprise.

“I Don’t know but all that i know is that you’re awake and perfectly fine” i shrugged.

“Ermmm….. Honey” My Dad called.

“Yes??” my Mum replied.

“Our son asked for a favour, yesterday night and i granted it for him” my Dad chipped in.

“Really?? Then, what’s the favour all about?” she inquired.

“You know it’s a taboo in our customs & triditions for a Prince to marry out sid the royal family” be began.

“Our son here loves Amanda so much that he’s ready to get married to her immediately when she’s back from the journey”

“I’ve dicided to abolish the law that says that a Prince must marry from a royal family.

The prince can now marry any girl of your choice” my Dad explained as a smile crept on my face.

“Wow. I’ve been waiting for you to say this…. It’s a good thing for we to accept anything that our son loves, providing it’s a good thing.” my Mum said with a smile.

“Thank you Mum. Thank you Dad” i said smiling.

☘️Amanda’s POV☘️

“Whaaaaat!!!! I heard someone screamed jotting me off my sleep.

I Got off the ground and started rubbing my eyes.

“Good morning” a voice greeted as i quicky cleared my eyes and to my greatest suprise, it was Princess Ngozi.

“Geez!!! Princess, i thought you were dead. Where have you been?” i found myself asking.

“I Got lost but i’m back” she replied feebly while i smiled.

“That’s good… Why were you shouting earlier??” i asked.

“When i heard the news that Adah and Chiamobi is dead” she replied as i turned to the place where Nnenna passed out and she was still laying unconscious making me began to wonder who told her that Adah and Chiamobi is dead.

“Who told you about that??” i asked huskily.

“Oh. My friend told me” he replied leaving me confused.

“Friend?? Who’s the friend??” i asked further.

“Meet my friend. Her mame is Jenny” she muttered pointing to a direction.

I Looked the direction and to my utmost displair, it was a big black snake.

“Holly Molly!!”

“Ngozi run, it’s a snake” i said hastily.

“Cool down. She won’t harm you” Ngozi cooed.

“What do you mean? Have you seen snake that don’t harm” i jibed.

“Just relax. She’s my friend. Her name is Jenny and she’s also a mind reader.

She was the one that helped me to return to you guys.

She can also help us get back to our Kingdom. Just say “Hi” to her” Princess Ngozi introduced.

“Hmmm. This is really wierd. Imangie making friend with a snake” i thought in my head.

“Hi” the snake said making me flinched.

“What….. Does she talks?” i excliamed starring at Princess Ngozi.

“Yes she does. Feel free to talk to her. She don’t harm” Princess Ngozi instructed as i nodded my head and summoned the courage to talk to the snake.

“Hey, how’re you?” i asked waving my hands at her.

“I’m fine and you?” the snake said.

“I’m cool” i replied.

“Wow, this is cool” i mumbled facing Princess Ngozi as Nnenna made a grunt.

She groaned and got off the ground.

“So, what do we use now that Amanda has lost the staff?” Nnenna asked rubbing Jenny’s head.

“The snake will direct us” Princess Ngozi muttered.

“Then, let’s go” Amanda said.


We haven’t walked long when Nnenna exclaimed:

“Holly Crap!! This is mazzuna river” Nnenna exclaimed pointing to a direction as we turned to the direction.

It was truly Mazzuna river.


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