(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 25


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Amanda’s POV☘️

“Oh my Goodness!!!” i exclaimed shifting backwards.

The bear groaned and was about biting me when a light from no where dimmed into the bear’s eyes.

I Was shocked and suprised at the same time for such thing to happen.

The bear groaned as he turned and ran away making me chuckled.

“Oops. gods of our land, i thank you for everything” i praised in a weak tone.

I Got off from the ground and went to where Nnenna was laying.

The memory of what happened earlier came flashing on my head.

How we were running from the bear, how Adah fell on the floor, how The bear ate Adah up” it flashed on my head as i fell on the ground in pain.

“Argh!!!” i muttered holding my head in pain.

I Lay on the ground feeling dizzy and all of a sudden, i slept off.

☘️Adaeze’s POV☘️

“What!!! Two night!!!”

“Geez!! This is not good!!!” i exclaimed in fright as he held my hands and dragged me into the compound.

With a swift moment, i slapped his hands away from me and ran away.

I Continued running as i looked my back and discovered that he was also chasing after me.

I Jumped into a expensive car close to the compound as my eyes dimmed in happiness when i discovered that the key was in starting posistion.

I Turned the car key swiftly to the right as the car maked some noise signifying that the engine was on.

Unfortunately for me, i didn’t know how to drive a car. I only knew some of the tatics of a driver.

I Stepped on the acceleration spot as the car moved with a speed shaking the things inside the car.

The road wasen’t that good but i was still managing it.

I Turned the sterling to the left hitting the clerk point with full force.

The car inturn jerked up with speed as i found myself in the ending of the street.

I Turned the sterling with full force as the care face the next road while i sighed in relief.

Cars were giving space for me to pass because i didn’t know where the brake spot was located.

I Looked the back of the car and saw another car with full speed coming close to my direction.

I Looked that driver with insight and discovered that it was King Kelly.

I Was shocked and quickly turned to look where the car going but it was already too late.

The car hit a very big building as i hit my head on the front of the sterling and my face began to get blury.

Blood began to come out of my head as i qickly got out the already damaged car.

I Stood with my woble legs as i fell and passed out immediately☕.

☘️King Kelly’s POV☘️

I Hit the brake – spot immediately when her car hit the big building and damaged.

I Thought she was wise, i never knew she was foolish as a goat” i rasped in my head as i came out of my car.

I Walked to the damaged car as Adaeze came out of the car with her clothes soaked with blood coming out of her head.

I Smiled with a devilish grin as she fell and passed out.

I Walked up to her and picked her up with strength.

With her body still on my hand, i picked her and walked up to my car.

When all this things was going on, crowd gathered around us and began to captured many pictures while some rocordes videos making me chuckled.

I Love it when they captured things that will make everyone knows that i’m the boss.

I Dropped her at the back seat of the car and locked the door as i went to the driver’s seat.

I Was about igniting the engine of the car when a news reporter came placing a Video coverage close to my face.

“Your highness, what happened to her?? Did she offend you?” the news caster asked pointing a micro phone close to my mouth.

“Adeaze here is trying to show that i’m not the boss so i dicided to teach her a good lesson that will changed her life forever” i replied as i ignited the engine and zoomed off.

As i drove on the high way, i placed a call to one of my international doctor that can Treat Adaeze without any obstacles.

Me➡ Hello Doctor.

Dr. John➡ Good evening your Highness. How may i help you?.

Me➡ I Need you right away in my palace. A lady is having a loss of blood and she’s unconscious.

Dr. John➡ That seems a little tasky. I’ll come now.

Me➡ Alright i’ll be waiting. Payment is not a problem, i’ll double whatever you ask for. Just come.

Dr. John➡ Really??, then just give me ten minutes and you’ll see me at your palace.

“Okay. Bye” i said and hanged up the call as i turned the sterling to my right hand side facing my street.

I Dialed Don Pedro’s number out and give it a call.

“Hey buddy” Don Pedro beamed as he picked the call.

“Long time, how have you been?” i mumbled with a smile.

“Pretty cool and yours?” Don Pedro chipped in.

“I’m fine” i replied.

“What do i owe this call??” he inquired.

“One brainless rat killed all my gaurds in the palace” i said as i gritted my teeth in anger.

“Holly crap!!! That’s terrible, what do you want me to do for you?” he asked willingly.

“I Want you to send some of your boys to take all the dead gaurds in my palace and threw them in the river.

Then, bring new gaurds to my palace” i ordered with a smirk.

“It’s alright. I’ll do just that” he replied politely while i smiled.

“That’s good. See you later” i beamed.

“Yeah bye” he said and hanged up the call.

#Next_Morning (4th day of journey⚡)

☘️King Nathan’s POV☘️

“Grinnnnnnnnn. Wake up. Wake up, it’s morning already” the Alarm kept singing as i groaned and got off the ground.

I Switch off the alarm as i stressed my hands, yawning loudly.

I Looked that the time as i discovered that it was 6:50am already.

I Went to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth and returned back to my room.

I Opened the window as The noises of the bird chirping filled the air.

I Picked the remote on the table and switched on the television.

Luckily, it was one of my best channel that was showing.

It was a news headline of what happened 9pm yesterday.

I Was watching it when something caught my attention. It was Adeaze – Princess Ngozi’s real mother with her clothes soaked with blood.

“What happened to her?” i asked no one in particular as i dicided to read the news headlines.

“A VICTIM FOUND CAPTIVE OF KING KELLY IN UCHECHI KINGDOM” i read the news headlines as i flinched immediately.

“Holly Molly!!! King Kelly – my greatest enemy” i exclaimed in shock.

“How did Adaeze got there?” i found myself asking dumpfounded.

“Well, that’s her cup of tea. My main target is King Kelly but i’m not gonna attack him now because i want my Kingdom to settle down before war”

“I Want the five Virgin Maidens to be back from their journey and i want my Wife to be fine before attacking.”

I Kept watching when the ugly King Kelly showed in the scream as the news caster asked him some questions.

“Adeaze is trying to show that i’m not the boss so i dicided to teach her a good lesson that will change her life forever” he boasted as i got angry and switch of the TV.

“Boss my foot” i muttered gritting my teeth in anger.

“Your highness, may i come in?” i heard a voice asked from out door.

“Who’s that?” i asked.

“It’s Maddison – your personal gaurd” he replied.

“Come in” i replied with a hoarse voice as Maddison walked in.

“How may i help you?” i inquired starring at him coldly.

“The prince said i should call you to come and have your breakfast. And that he’s waiting for you” he stated as i got off from the bed.

“Okay i’ve heard you…. You can leave” i commanded narrowing my brows.

“One more thing” i repriminded.

“Tell all the chiefs and Onowu to be in the Palace at exctly 10pm” i instructed as he nodded his head in affirmative.

“Yes my king” he replied and left.

I and my son was busing eating our meal when my phone started ringing.

I Brought out the phone as i discovered that it was Doctor Zack.

“Good morning your highness”

“Morning, how are you?”

“I’m fine, i got a good news for you” he beamed.

“Goodnews?” i asked as Prince Emeka dropped his spoon trying to eavsdrop on our conversation.

“Yes. Your wife is awake, fine and perfectly well” he blasted as i lost a grip of my phone.

“Holly Molly!!”

“Oh my Goodness!! She’s awake!! She’s awake”


How many of you smiled while reading these episode?

Suprise: Amanda, Nnenna and Ngozi will be experiencing joy in next episode.

Why will they experience joy?

Find out in the next episode.


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