(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 24


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Note: Unedicted, expect some errors.
☘️Amanda’s POV☘️

“Oh my goodness! A big bear!” Nnenna exclaimed as she ran to the left side while Adah followed.

The bear in turn, started running to my direction as i ran towards where Nnenna and Adah was running to.

“My dream is about to come true” Adah whimpered in tears as we continue running.

“Amanda…. Please help us, do anything. Use the staff” Nnenna half yelled as i quickly checked my pocket but it wasen’t there.

“Sh!t.. The staff is not with me” i cursed under my breath still running.

“Oh!! Not again!! Where’s the staff of a thing??” Adah asked biwildered.

“I Don’t know! I think i left the staff at the place where we spend the kinife yesterday” i scrutinized still running.

“What do we do?” Nnenna asked in tears.

“We should just run” i replied her breathing heavily.

“For how long?”

“How long can we continue to run from this bear?” Adah whimpered breathing heavily.

“How i’m i supposed to know?”

I Increased my pace when i discovered that the bear was close to us.

Luckily, we were running ahead not backwards.

“Increase your pace! The bear is close to us” i commanded breathing heavily.

Nnenna increased her pace but Adah didn’t increase her’s.

“I Can’t!! I’m tired already!!” she sniffed in tears as she decreased her pace making it easy for the bear to catch up with her.

“Adah! Faster! The bear is close to you” i muttered as she hit her leg on a stone and fell on the floor.

“Argh!!!” she shrieked in pain holding her bleeding legs.

“No. No. Adah run” i called as the bear got close to her.

Before she could got up from the ground, the bear opened his mouth a chopped off Adah’s head.

“Eeeeeeeeewww!!!” Nnenna screamed in fright.

I Felt my heart leaving my body at that sight.

Tears began to stream down from my eyes as i fell on the floor in weakness.

The bear ate up her body leaving only her shoes.

“No! No! No!” Nnenna screamed and passed out.

The bear turned towards my direction and started walking to me.

I Wanted to run but i was just too weak and scared to move.

All i could do was go whimper and sniffed in tears.

I Frozed at cold shivers run down my spine.

“Why are we all going to die??”

I Thought the Journey was going to be a little bloody. I never knew it was beyond my imangination.

I Felt my body weak and my eyes began to go dizzy.

The bear walked up to me and……☹️

☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

“Dad. Please just grant my only request” i pleaded sincerely as he sighed.

“What you’re asking for is a littly bit tasky. But i’ll see what i can do” he replied making me chuckled.

“Dad. All i need is a clear answer from you”

“Are you cancelling that law?” inquired narrowing my brows.

“Yes…. I’m gonna cancel the law for my only son!!” my Dad replied cheerfully as a smile crept on my face.

I Stood up from the ground and bowed at him.

“May you live long, My king!! Igwe!!!!” i praised him as he used his calf and patted my back.

“Thank you father!!! I love you so much” i mumbled as i gave him an emotional hug.

“It’s alright my son!!! The only thing that can make you more happy is for you to pray to the gods of our land to keep Amanda safe throughout the journey” instructed as i nodded my head in affirmative.

“I Will do just that, papa” i said.

“Goodnight son” my Dad baded.

“Goodnight father” i baded and left the sitting room in happiness.

No one can express the kind of joy i felt right now.

☘️Doctor Zack’s POV☘️

I Sat on my office arranging the test results to be given tommorow morning as my alarm rang signifying that the time was 8:30pm.

“Sh!t” i cursed under my breath.

I Was supposed to be out of this hospital before this time. But because of my busy schedule, i couldn’t leave.

I finished arranging the tests results orderly as i left the office.

I just finished locking my office door when Doctor Sylvester ran to me panting heavily.

“What’s wrong?? Why are you panting like that??” i asked facing him.

“Man! You won’t believe what i saw earlier” he said as i starred at him in confusion.

“What did you saw?” i asked huskily.

“I Went to Queen Alicia’s ward to pick something before leaving and to my utmost suprise, she was awake” he blasted making me flinched.

“Wait… You’re joking, right??” i jibed furrowing my brows.

“I’m serious. She even asked what she was doing here⛽” he replied sincerely making me frozed.

My eyes dimmed at the moment.

“No. No. This can’t be true. She can be awake. It’s impossible for someone to wake up after 7 hours of coma” i muttered feebly.

“If you’re doubting me, follow me to her ward let’s see the real truth.” he pointed out while i nodded my head in approval.

“Alright, let’s go” i said and walked away while Doctor Sylvester followed suit.

After a long walk, we finally got to the entrance of Queen Alicia’s yard.

Doctor Sylvester opened the door and entered while i followed immediately.

As soon as i entered the room, my eyes went straight to my bed as my eyes widened in shock when i saw her opening her eyes.

“Doctor. Please tell me, ‘How did i get here’??” Queen Alicia asked as my eyes dimmed.

How possible??

“Holly Crap!!!”


☘️Adeaze’s POV☘️

“Holly Molly” i exclaimed in fright as he collected the gun from me.

I Felt scared and felt my heart making a loud thud.

“Why would the bullet has to finish now?” i thought in my head.

“Oh! I’m so stupid! I would have collected a pistol from one the dead gaurd.” i rasped in my mind.

King Kelly was starring at me coldly as i force a sentence out of my mouth.

“I’m sorry” i said starring at me but he remained silent.

That was one of my hatest thing.

Talking to someone and the person is silent.

If not that he is a king, i would have scolded him.

“So, if you were given the opportunity, will you kill me?” he asked after a long silence.

“No, my king” i lied.

If i have the opportunity, i’ll blow off his head.

“Why did you escape??” he inquired as i remained mute.

“Why?” he asked this time with a harsh voice.

“N……o… Nothing, your higness” i replied in fright.

“Your punishment is doubled… I’ll have s*x with you in two night. Let’s go, we’re starting not” he muttered and dragged me away as my eyes dimmed.

“What!!! Two nights!!!!”

“Geez!!! This is not good”


Wahala wear bone straight hair.
What’s gonna happen to our poor Amanda and Nnenna??

Is Adaeze going to survive the sex moments of two night??

Find out in the next episode♻️


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