(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 23


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

I Placed To and Fro in the sitting room with my Dad sitting on a plastic chair.

“No! No. This is not happening” i gritted my teeth in anger.

“She can’t be in Coma! It’s a lie” i said in confusion.

“Now i know that you’re very stupid” My dad cursed.

“Instead of you to be thanking the gods of our land that she didn’t’ die but is in coma. You’re here diecieving yourself” My dad said with a chuckled.

“It’s not possible, i didn’t push her. She just lost her balance and hitted her head on the wall” i tried to convince him.


“That was the same thing that Happened to Chiaomibi’s mother

Chiamobi pushed her mother and she hit her head on the hard floor and died.”

“Is that why you locked her in the palace prison two days ago?” i inquired and sat down on one of the sofa’s.

“Yes,” he replied.

“But Dad, there is big different between the two.

Chiamobi pushed her mother…. I didn’t pushed my mother. She was dragging me and suddenly she fell” i defended.

“They’re all the same”

“What if she dies?? Will they punish me??” i found myself asking with keen interest.

“We’ll give you a punishment. But it won’t be serious it wasen’t intentional.

It was a co – incident but you’ll be punished for it” the King stated as i sighed in relief.

“Ahhh” i jibed in excitement.

“It’s dark already….. Won’t you go to sleep?” he said patting my back.

“I Will. But i dicided to ask you for a favour before going to bed” i muttered as i stood up from the chair.

“What favour?” he asked as i knelt down before him.

“Does it require you kneeling down??” he asked as i nodded my head in affirmative.

“Okay. Go on” he said.

“Please father, i know this may sound ridiculous but it’s the truth.

The traidition demands that a prince can’t marry someone that dosen’t come from the royal family but i know you can change it”

“Please father, i love Amanda so much. I love her with the depth of my heart and soul. She loves me too and i want the two of us to spend the rest of our lives together in marraige

“Father, please change the law. Change it so i can marry Amanda. Please father” i pleaded in tears already warming to pour from my eyes.

☘️Adaeze’s POV☘️

I Sat in the room in loneness waiting for the KING to arrive.

It’s already dark and he’ll be arriving here soon.

I Felt anxious and scared at the same time.

The thought of him having s*x with me was something that has never come to my imangination.

“What kind of man is he??”

“Can’t his wife satisfied him??”

“Why can’t he just give me a propal punishment instead of having s*x with me?”

“From all the whole Beautiful ladies in Uchechi Kingdom, he dicides to pick a ugly woman like me!” i thought in my head.

“How i wish i could just strangle him to death”

“How i wish he didn’t exist in this human world, i would have been the joyious human.

“My two daughters and my husband is no where to be found” i muttered as i held the tears that was trying to fall from my eyes.

I Peeped through the door and window but i didn’t see any sign of him coming.

“I Thought he said ‘tonight'”

“Well, i would be extremely happy if he didn’t show up”

“Of course not, he’ll surely come.

No man delays when he’s about to have s*x with a lady” i thought in my head.

I Kept thinking of what to do when an idea finally popped into my head.

I Brought out a needle from my hair and walked towards the door.

I’ve been keeping that needle in my hair when i was a girl for safety measures.

I Placed the needle and key entrance and after many attempts, the door opened.

At that moment, i felt like the happiest woman on earth.

Only the gods knows how joyious i felt at that instant.

I placed the needle back to my hair and walked away.

I met the exit door few seconds later and to my utmost suprise, it was opened.

I Came out of the building and got encountered with a gaurd, gaurding the building.

Within a swift moment, i gave him a hot punch at his nose as he fell on the ground in pain.

I Reached for a long wood and landed it on his head. He choked and died.

I searched the gaurds poket for any valuable thing and luckily, i found a pistol gun.

My eyes dimmed with a smile as i picked the pistol and left that location.

I Walked towards the entrance of the palace compound.

Immediately i sighted some gaurds in the King’s hut, i relocated to a hiding place.

I Looked at the King’s hut from my hiding place and to my utmost displair, the King was not in the throne.

It was only five gaurds surrounding and gaurding the hut.

Without wasting any more time, i pulled the trigger as bullets began to fly to their direction.

I Stopped shooting and looked at the hut.

Luckily, all the gaurds has dropped down dead.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!!!” i sighed in relief as i left my hiding place heading towards the gate.

“Finally!!! I’m free!!” i yelled in happiness.

☘️King Kelly’s POV☘️

I Drove faster as usuall as all the cars gave way for me.

The day has gotten dark….. I promise to see Adaeze and have s*x with her but i haven’t got home.

This was one of the reason why i hated to go for any business trip.

It really draws me down and i coudn’t meet up with my arrangements.

The very reason why i was going to the palace in speed was because of Adaeze.

Her B00bs and A*s was large and i’ve been luring to get her in bed.

Though, she’s a woman, but i still want to have s*x with her.

I Can’t leave the stone unturned.

After what seems like eternity, i finally got close to the Palace.

As soon as i got close to the compound, i started hearing gun shots making me hit the break stap.

I Came down from the car and went close to the gate waiting for the intruder to come outside and face him.

After few minutes of waiting, the gate opened revealing Adaeze with a pistor in her hand.

My eyes dimmed in suprise as i saw her.

How possibly did she released herself.

How she got a pisto” i thought in my head as she pointed the pistol at my forehead.

I Dicided to wave off my suprised face and face her with boldness.

“Get back into the palace before i unleashed my anger on you” i half yelled at him in boldness while she laughed.

“Do you think i will just obey you because you’re powerfull.”

“You’re a fool! Brainless rat!” she cursed me.

“If you make any sentence, i’ll blow off your head” she threatened while i chuckled.

“You can’t do anything!” i said as she pushed the shoot button but nothing came out signifying the bullet has finished.

She tried and tried but nothing came out.

I Walked up to her and collected the gun from her.

Wahala be like Adaeze.

Do you think the king will agree to the prince’s request?

Find out in next episode


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