(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 22


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️King Nathan’s POV☘️

“Dad, let’s do anything to get her to the hospital” Prince Emeka panicked.

“Look what you’ve done to your mother because of Amanda” i muttered shaking my head in regret.

Blood was fully coming out of her head as she laid unconsious on the ground.

“I’ll only help you because she’s my wife” i snapped my fingers at him as he nodded.

“Gaurds!! Gaurds!!” i called huskily as two gaurds ran into the scene.

“Yes, your higness” they replied bowing.

“Take her to the car, we’re moving towards Oshogo Hospital” i ordered pointing to the Queen on the floor.

“My King, what happened to her??” one of the gaurd asked in shock.

“This is no time for asking questions, just take her to any of the cars available…. We’ll direct you there” Prince Emeka muttered as he ran out of the environment.

The Gaurds lifted her up and took her away.

I Also ran outside and met the Prince entering one of his car.

“Dad, please follow me” i heard the Prince said from the car as i ran and joined him.

I Sat on the front seat as the Prince ignited his engine hastily.

At that time, the gaurds has already taken to Queen to one of the emergency car, front of the car, i and the Prince entered.

Within a twinkle of an eye, he car zoomed off in speed.

I Looked that the back of our car through the back glass as i discovered that the Emergency van was also in speed.

“Young man! Take it easy” i jibed as i looked at his face.

To my suprise, he was in tears.

“Dad, is she going to be fine?” he asked biwidered making me sighed.

“Yes, she’s going to be fine”

“Oshogo Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Nigeria” i assured him.

“I Pray so! gods of our land, please save me” he muttered making me chuckled.

The gate of the Hospital was opened immediately as soon as we got close to it.

I Looked at the back the second time, the Emergency Van was still close to us.

The car screeched to a stop in front of the big hospital as we quickly came out of the car.

Doctors and Nurses started running to us because there must be an emergency that’s why i came.

The Gaurds brought out My Wife from the Van and placed her in the stretcher.

They drove her away as i and my son followed them.

We got to the waiting room as the official doctor of the hospital came to see us.

“Please just seat here, we’ll be with you in a jiffy” Doctor Zack said and ran away while i and the Prince nodded and sat down the chairs avaliable.

Nures and Emergency workers ran past us in hast apperantely looking for something.

“Son, just be patient. Everything will be alright” i kept assuring him.


I looked at the watch in my wrist as i discovered that it was 8:30⏰ already.

I Began to wonder if everything was fine out there.

“Dad, why haven’t they giving us feedback?” Prince Emeka asked dumpfounded.

“I Don’t really know…… But i think they’re attending to her that’s why they haven’t come” i replied looking around.

“I Just pray that she’s fine” Prince chipped as i caught sight of the Doctor coming towards our location.

“Here he comes” i jibed pointing at the Doctor as Prince Emeka stood up in haste.

☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

I Became nervious immediately.

I Needed to know if she’s fine or not…. I’m just scared.

The sight of the Doctor alone gave me enough joy.

I Stood up from the chair and walked up to him.

“Doctor!!!! Doctor!!! How’s is she?” i asked huskily holding him tight.

“Calm down man, calm down” the doctor cooed.

“Okay… Just tell me. How’s she??” i inquired.

“Well, she’s fine but…..” he said making me joyious and nervious at the same time.

“Doctor, but what???” My father – the king asked before i spoke up.

“She’s in Coma” he blasted as i felt my heart leaving my body.

I Felt cold shiver run down my spine at that moment.

“What!!! Coma???” i exclaimed in shock.

“Holly Molly!!!”

☘️Adaeze’s POV☘️

I Wanted to cough but i was scared to do so.

The large room has a little window with a door and the door was closed.

I and King Kelly has been standing for close to two hours in silence as i felt my powers leaving.

I began to wonder if he was going to say anything.

Tears has already soaked my shirt.

The smoke in the room was entering my mouth and my nose and i wondered if he was going to stop.

The cigarette in his hand was the seventh one he has been smoking.

I Looked around him as i discovered that it was the last ciggarette that was in his hand and it’s was almost finished.

I Wanted to speak but i was just too scared to speak up.

I was happy because the fool was backing me. I don’t want him to see me weak.

Few minutes later, he was done with the Ciggarette..

He left his posistion and began to walk to the door.

He opened the door and left the hall making me chuckled.

I Felt relieved that that moment because i thought he was not going to come back again.

I Sat on the floor thinking of what to do when the door opened revealing King Kelly.

My heart began to beat rapidly.

I Became scared and also nervious at the same time.

He brought out a big cloth and spread it on the floor.

He walked up to me and touched my jaws.

“What punishment do you want me to give you?” he asked with a smirk making me shivered.

“He’s he okay?? I’m i the one to give myself a punishment?” i thought in my head.

“I Don’t know sir” i replied furrowing my brows.

His hands went from my jaw to my b00bs as he gave it a slight squeze making me quivered.

Before i knew what was happening, he unbottened my shirt making me frozed.

“M…y K..i..i..n..g” i stammered as i tried to remove his hands from my B00bs when he stopped me.

“oh my Goodness!!! I never wanted this to happen. How can a King be straving to have Sex with a woman like me?” i wondered as he squeezed my B00bs the second time making me let out a slight moan.

I Felt scared and also nervious through out.

It’s been long i had sex and i wasen’t ready for it for”

“How will the Queen react when he founds out that i’m having sex with his husband” i thought in my head.

He sucked my b00bs with his hands as i began to moan out loud.

All of a sudden, he stopped and stood up.

“I’m leaving now and i’ll be back tonight. Make sure you’re ready for S€x tonight” he repriminded and walked away making me chuckled.

“Like seriously??” i beamed in my mind.

“It’s going to be a long night so make sure you’re prepared” he said and pinned the door from outside.

“Geez!! Holly Crap!!”✌

⏰7:00pm [Night]⏰

☘️Princess Ngozi’s POV☘️

I Sighed in tiredness as i dropped Jenny on the floor.

“What’s wrong??” Jenny asked.

“Everything is wrong”

“We’ve been walking for close to 13 hours now……. Yet, we haven’t seen them”

“I’m hungry and also tired” i complained in fustration.

“It’s alright. Just be cool”

“I Understand how you feel but the promblem is that they’ve gone far and close to the river” Jenny explained as a smile crept on my face.

“What!!! Are you sure about what you’re saying?? How possibly could they be close to the river with just 2 days journey??” i inquired dumpfounded.

“I Think the gods are with them!!” Jenny said.

“We need to spend the night here, it’s dark already……. We’ll catch up with them tommorow” i muttered as i layed on the floor.

“Good night Princess” Jenny said as i closed my eyes.

“Good night jenny” i said and drifted to sleep.

☘️Amanda’s POV☘️

“That your dream is very complicated. How can three people survive??” i asked.

“I Think it’s high time you accept this prophesy. The truth can’t be denied” Amanda said while i sighed.

“Then who are the three??” i asked with keen interest.

“I Din’t see it cleary but all i know is that: we’re three that survived” Amanda pointed out.

“But….” the sound of grass moving jotting me off my word.

“What’s that??” Nnenna asked looking around.

The grass continue moving and finally, a big bear appeared in our midst.

“Holly Molly” i exclaimed.

The bear groaned and started chasing us.

“Run!! Run!!”

Wahala be like Prince Emeka…

Adah’s dream is about to come true✔️


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