(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 21


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

Note: Adaeze is the real mother of Princess’s Ngozi

☘️Nnenna’s POV☘️

The Chirping of the birds could he heard loudly as i watched the birds flying from one place to another.

Amanda and Adah was still sleeping peacefully but i didn’t bother to wake them.

The thought of what happened yesterday night kept flashing in my head.

“Oh no!!”

It was very painfull and heart broken.

Chiamobi was always a quiet girl.

I Can’t still believe that she has joined the land of the dead.

Tears started streaming from my eyes immediately.

“Is this how the rest of us are going to die??” i thought in my head as tears continue to fall off my eyes.

“Geez!!! If i’ve known, i woudn’t have followed them! This place is damn dangerous” i soliquized looking around the environment.

“What a Wicked word” i jibed as i heard Adah groaned from her sleep.

She Yawned and got off the ground.

“Good Morning sis” she greeted immediately.

“Morning sis, how was your night?” i asked feebly.

“Horrific and Terrible” she muttered rolling her eyes.

“What do you mean?” i found myself asking her.

“I Had a very bad dream” Adah replied as she got close to me and sat down.

“What!!!!! A bad dream???” i inquired with a scoff.

“Yes! And i’m afriad that the dream is going to come to pass” Adah said with tears already planning to fall from my eyes.

“What happened in the dream?” i asked.

“In the dream, i saw a bear chasing the three of us…. The bear ran after us and suddenly caught up with me. Within a twinke of an eye, the bear ate me up” she blasted making me flinched.

“What!!!! May the gods of our land forbid that” i half yelled.

“I’m scared” she said as i patted her back.

“Everything is going to be fine, i assure you of that” i assure while she sighed.

“Good Morning!! And who is shouting at my ear??” Amanda muttered as soon as she got off from the ground.

“Sorry about that, Adah said she had a bad dream” i said while Adah said.

“Please and please, let’s just keep the bad dream stuff for now because i’m in a good mood” Amanda jibed making me chuckled.

“What’s good about the mnd when you slept crying yesterday” i inquired.

“Well, i’m still in pains but i had a sweet and awesome dream, that’s why i’m happy” she pointed out.

“Care to share with us?” Adah asked.


“I Had a dream that we sucessfully went to Mazzuna river and brought back the seven rings back to our Kingdom” she said dancing around in happiness.

“Wow!” Adah mouthed.

“That’s great and wonderfull!!!! I can’t wait to be back in Oshogo Kingdom” i said in happiness.

“But there is still something in the dream that is making me to be emotionally down☹️” Amanda scrutinized.

“What’s that??” Adah stuttered.

“We were only three that came out alive” she muttered making me shrugged.

“Wait… What?? Who are the three??” inquired.

☘️Princess Ngozi’s POV☘️

“Wake up!!! Wake up!!” i heard a voice and was tapping me.

I Woke up from the sleep as i saw Jenny using her tail to tap me.

“Good Morning, Jenny” i greeted the snake rubbing his head but she didn’t reply me.

Instead, she was just starring at me plainly.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you’re a princess??” Jenny asked.

“I’m sorry about! I thought it wasen’t important to you” i replied feebly.

“It’s alright” Jenny replied beaming a smile.

“How was your night?” Jenny asked further.

“Splendid and yours??” i shuttered.

“Mine was cool” Jenny replied.

“You said you’re going to help me get back to my Kingdom” i reminded.

“Yeah, i said so, do you want to go now??” Jenny asked.

“Yeah!!!” i replied.

“Okay, just do as i said” Jenny instructed as she crawled and rest on my neck.

“I’ll instruct you on where to follow and you must obey me so that you can meet your friends back” Jenny instructed.

“They’re not my friends” i half yelled at Jenny.

“If you want to live long in this earth, you’ll have low your proudness and ego” Jenny warned.

“Whatever!” i said and rolled my eyes.

“I’m warning you because a word is enough for the wise” Jenny warned making me chuckled.

“I’ue heard you. Can we??” i jibed with a scoff.

“To the left” Jenny instructed as we began to walk.

☘️Adaeze’s POV☘️

“My King! I’m innocent. I’m not a spy” i whimpered with tears already falling from my eyes.

“Oh shut the hell off” he rasped.

“I’m just the wife of a hunter.

I Went to the farm and one of your gaurd lured me and brought me here” i said in tears.

“King Nathan don’t even know that i’m here” i tried to convince him.

“Liar!!!” King betty rasped and stood up from his throne.

He walked up to me and pinned my neck with his two index finger as i felt blood began to rush from my neck.

The pain was so unbearable that i quicky pushed his hand away from my neck.

“The fact that you’re a King dosen’t give you the ordercity to maltreat anyone!! I’m not descendant of your stupid Kingdom” i yelled at atmost displair.

The King paused starring at me coldly as i felt cold shivers run down my lower abdomem.

“Are you really talking to me?” he asked plainly.

“Yes. Your and your stupid wife” i muttered with a scoff as Queen betty got up.

She walked to me and was about to slap me when i held hre hand and gave her a hot resounding slap

“Eeeewwwww!!!!” she winced in pain and ran out of the environment.

“And you!!” i pointed to King Kelly.

“I’m leaving this Kingdom and i want to sound a warning to you” i muttered while he chuckled.

“Stay away from me!!!” i half yelled and was about walking away when he held me by my hair and pulled me closer to him.

“Leave me alone” i said as i tried to free myself from his grip.

I Landed a first slap on his face but he didn’t show any sign of pain.

Instead, he tightened his grip around my arm.

I started doubling the slap and also added some punch but he didn’t show any sign of pain.

After few minutes past, he raised up his hand and gave me a punch direct to my nose.

I Swear, the pain was like fire.

I Felt my body stopped moving at that moment.

I Began to wonder if he was the real King Kelly or a gaint.

His hands was like an metal or iron.

I Felt my breath siezed at that moment as blood began to ooze out of my mouth.

“I……a…m……s..o..r..r..y” i found myself talking.

“Sorry for yoursef!! Today, i’m gonna teach you a lesson you will never forget” he gritted his teeth in anger.

“Gaurds!!” he called huskily.

“Yes your highness” two gaurds chorused as soon as they ran into the hut.

“Take this brainless rat to the toture room, i’ll be there in a minute” he commanded pointing at me.

“Holly Crap!! What have i gotten myself into??”


Chiamobi was sitting on a stool with some of friend playing some games when a bell finally rang.

“The King want everyone in the palace now!!!!” the voice echoed as everyone in the land left what they were doing and relocated to the Palace.

“Hello everyone.

It is always our custom and tradition for me to inform everyone when someone is about to join us” he began.

“I’m informing you guys right now that a girl will be joining us tonight” the King said.

“Who’s she?” one of them ask from the crowd.

“Her name is Adah, the daughter of Onowu” the King blasted as Chiamobi eyes dimmed.

“What the heck” Chiamobi exclaimed.


☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

“The reason is because, i’m afraid that Amanda is in trouble. I can’t eat now, all i want is her” i shuttered.

“What???” she exclaimed while i smirked.

“Do you realise what you just said??” she asked biwidered.

“Mom, please just leave, i need a peacefull atmosphere” i jibed.

“You must be joking! You must come with me whether the devil like it or not” she muttered as she walked up to me and held my hands.

“Mom, i don’t want to eat! Is it by force??” i inquired as i tried to free her grip from my hands.

“Yes it is by force! I’m your mother and i know what you want” he said as he used her powers to drag me close to the door.

“No way!!! I have the right to do what i want to do”

“What’s happening here??” the King asked as soon as he entered my room.

“Dad….. It’s mom, she’s trying to drag me to the dinning to have my breakfast” i replied my dad.

“Honey, it’s true. I want him to follow me to the dinning table, he’s been behaving strange this days” my mom muttered as he increased her power in dragging me.

Within a swift moment, i pushed her hands away from my body as she fell on the floor and hit her head on the wall making me shivered.

Blood started coming out of her head.

“Holly Molly!!! Emeka, what have you done?” the King exclaimed.



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