(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 20


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️


☘️Queen Alicia’s POV☘️

I Yawned loudly as i woke up from my sleep.

I Know most of you might be wondering why i don’t use an alarm.

Well, the truth is that: i hate it when someone or something disturbs me from my sleep.

All the maid in the palace knows about it so they don’t dare to try it.

Else, i’ll fire them immediately.

I got off from the bed, wore my slippers and went to the window.

I Opened the window as a bright shining atmosphere came flashing around my room.

The chirping of the bird could be heard as fresh air blew around my body.

My room is located at up stares so i could see cleary what was happening at down stairs.

I Looked at the down through the window and saw King Nathan – My husband, going to his chambers.

I Left the windows and went to my bathroom.

I Quickly brought out my brush and began to do justice to my teeth.

Few minutes later, i was done and relocated to the bed.

I Brought out my phone and began to think of a game to pick and play.

“Temple run” was the first game that came on my head so i didn’t hesitate to open the game.

I Was playing the game peacefully with a smile on my face when i suddenly heard a knock on the door..

“Yes??? Who’s that?” i asked and dropped my phone on the bed.

“My Queen, It’s your personal maid – Danica” the voice replied.

“Come in” i ordered furrowing my brows.

The door knob opened revealing Danica making me chuckled.

“How may i help you??” i asked huskily.

“I Came to inform you that your food is ready” he jibed politely.

“Oh, thanks for the information….. You can take your leave” i muttered as she left immediately.

I Checked the time on my phone as i discovered that it was 6:57pm.

Without wasting anymore time, i got off my feet and left the room.

When i got to the dinning, i met only the King sitting on his favourite chair making me nervious.

“Good Morning!! Your highness” i greeted.

“Morning my Queen. How are you?” the King mumbled.

“I’m fine” i replied and sat down on my favourite chair.

The King was about opening his food when i asked a question.

“Where’s Prince Emeka?” i asked huskily.

“I Don’t know and why are you asking?” he said.

“He’s supposed to join us in the dinning and he’s not here” i jibed worriedly.

“Danica!!!” i called but got no reply.

“Danica!!!” i called with authority as she ran into the Dinning.

“My Queen!” she replied bowing her head.

“Go to Prince Emeka’s room and tell him that food is ready and he should come right way” i commanded.

“Yes, my Queen” she replied and left.

⏰3 minutes later⏰

“Your highness, i told him what you told me to tell him but he declined” Danica chipped in making me flinched.

“What!!!!!” i and the King chorused in shock.

“Why?? Why??” i asked biwildered.

“He refused to tell me” Danica replied.

I Stood up from my chair heading to the Prince’s room.

“Open this door!! Open this door now or i send the Gaurds to break it down” i yelled in anger as i kept hitting the door hard.

He opened the door after some minutes as i quickly entered into his room.

“What has come over you recently?? Why are you behaving like a coward” i yelled at him.

“Mom, please don’t insult me” he half yelled at me with his head bowed making me chuckled.

“If that’s the reason you came, kindly use the door” he muttered as i gritted my teeth in anger.

“Emeka, are you ordering me out?” i asked biwidered but he kept mute.

“I’m asking you a question, are you ordering me out of your room?” i asked with a harsh voice.

“No mom” he replied blutantly.

“I Can see that you’ve grown wings but i didn’t came here because of that” i said icily.

“Then why are you here??” the Prince asked with a smirk.

“I Came to ask you a question”

“Go on” he mumbled.

“I Came here to ask you why you don’t want to have breakfast with us” i pointed out.

“Nothing, i’m not hungry” he replied making me scoffed.

“You and i knew that you didn’t have your dinner yesterday and there is no way that you won’t be hungry” i said with a smirk.

“Mom, i don’t just want to eat”

“Why?? Tell me the reason” i inquired.

“You really want to know??” he asked making me chuckled.

“Yes!!!” i replied.

“Well, the reason is because i want Amanda by my side……i’m afraid that she isin’t fine.” he replied as my jaws dropped.

“Holly Crap!!!”

☘️Adaeze’s POV☘️

I Yawned deeply as i got off the bed as i discovered that it was 7:05pm.

“Holly Molly!!” i excliamed as i turned towards the alarm closed to my bed.

The time i set to wake me up was 5:45am. How come is 7:05am now.

Well that was the least of my problem.

I Rushed to bathroom immediately.

I Didn’t bother to take a bath because i don’t want the wrath on the King to pour on me.

I Quickly brushed my teeth, use water to wash my feet and my hand.

Without wasting anymore time, i locked the door and ran to the King’s palace.

I Swear, i got nervious when i got to King Kelly’s Palace.

I Began to wonder what crime i commited.

I Waved off the nerviousness and entered into the palace compound.

I Raised up my head and to my suprise, the King was already sitted in his throne along with his wife – Queen Betty and some other gaurds around the hut.

The King was starring at me as i walked closer to the hut.

My eyes met with his eyes as i quickly rethrew my eyes from him so as to aviod eye contact.

After what seems like eternity, i finally got to the entrance of the hut.

“Good Morning, my King”

“Good Morning my Queen” i greeted bowing my head but none of them replied me.

The Queen hissed making me began to wonder if i’ve done any bad thing my greeting them.

“So, you’re the one!! You’re one the one sent to spy on our Kingdom” Queen Betty rasped leaving me in confusion.

“My Queen, i don’t understand what you are saying. What spy are you talking about?” she asked in utmost displair.

“Stop behaving like you don’t know what i’m talking about.”

“You’re a spy sent from King Nathan” she dropped the bombshell as i felt my heart tearing into two.

“Holly Crap!!” i exclaimed as cold shivers run down my spine.

“How possibe did they know that i came from Oshogo Kingdom??” i thought in my head.

“My Queen, it’s not what you think” i said with tears already pouring from my eyes.

“It’s not what you think” she said in a mocking tone.

“Then, what’s the truth?” the asked as i was about speaking when King Kelly cutted me off.

“Enough!!!” he thundered as Queen Alicia returned to her seat.

“You devil!!!” he rasped making me flinched.

“You have the rights to come into my Kingdom when you know that i and your King are not in good terms.


Trouble everywhere


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