(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 19


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Amanda’s POV☘️

“Noo!!!!” i yelled in pain as she fell into the deep hole.

“Chiamobi, don’t go, don’t leave us” Adah screamed in tears.

This was hated most; someone dying in front of me.

“What??? This can’t be true!!! This can’t be true!!!, Chiamobi oooooh” Nnenna creamed with her eyes popping out of his socket.

Today was one of my hatest day, i hate to see someone die.

It’s either i save her.

I Rushed with tears close to the hole ready to jump inside when Adah and Nnenna grabbed hold off me.

“Leave me!!! Leave me alone!!!” i yelled trying to free myself from their grip.

“What are you trying to do??” Adah asked cleaning the tears on her cheeks.

“I’ want to save her!!! I can’t let her die” i half yelled at them.

“She’s already dead and going to that hole might also causes your life.


“Chiamobi is not dead!!!” she’s not!!!” i muttered they let go off me.

I Turned to the hole and saw that the hole was beginning to close slowly.


“Stop crying. You’ve been crying for close to thirty minutes now” she consoled as i tried to clean my tears but it won’t stop coming out.

“It’s night already!!! You need to catch up some sleep. Besides, Adah has slept” Nnenna said patting my back.

“How?? How do you expect me to sleep when i’m suffering from an emotional loss??” i whimpered in tears.

“But your tears won’t bring her back!!!”

“Your tears with only makes you to be emotionally down. It will make you sick” Nnenna professed.

“Okay, fine, fine…. I’ll sleep” i said as i cleamed the tears on mx eyes.

“Good girl!!!” she said in hugged me.

I Layed on the ground and closed my eyes trying to catch some sleep but it wasen’t coming.

Few minutes later, i drifted to sleep.

☘️Adeaze’s POV☘️

I Walked to the room reminising on what Mr. Judifor just said.

“Isin’t that foolishness??” i thought in my head.

“How can two great King be having enemity” i rasped in my mind.

“But what if Mr. Judifor was actually telling me lies?”

“What if he was just telling me lies just to scare me away” i thought.

“Of course not…. Someone like Mr. Judifor won’t lie to me” i thought in my head.

As i thought about so many things, i began to fill dizzy.

I Looked at the clock on the wall and discovered it was 10:10pm.

I Rushed to the bed and laid down peacefully.

I Was about closing my eyes to sleep when i suddenly heard a knock on the door.

I Frozed at the moment because it was unusuall for a person to viist me at this time of the night.

I Thought it was my nerviourness that caused me to hear the knock so i kept quiet.

I Was still quiet when the knock came the second time with a voice;

“Hello! Is anyone in?” the male voice muttered as i quickly got off from the bed.

“Who are you?? And why are you visiting me by this time of the day??” i asked icily.

“I’m a gaurd sent from King Kelly to pass you a message” the man muttered as cold shivers run down my spine.

I Walked to the door slowly and opened the door.

A Young relevant man was standing at my front with a smile.

“Good evening sir” i beamed with a smile.

“Evening!! The king told me to pass you a message” he mumbled.

“A Message for me??” i asked feebly.

“Yeah, for you” he replied firmly.

“Are you sure that it’s from the king?” i asked further.

“Yes!!!!” he jibed.

“Okay, go on” i stated narrowing my brows.

“The King told me to tell you that he wants you at his chambers, tommorow. 6am to be precised.” he muttered making me quivered.

“What!!!!! Why??” i asked biwildered.

“I Don’t know!! He also added that failure for you to come may causes your life” He muttered as i felt cold shivers run down my spine.

The gaurd turned and left driving me into serious thought.

What could be making the King to summon me desperately.

Did i do anything wrong?

Or did the King need me for a favour??”

“Of course not!!! They are many people in this Kingdom who can do more things than me. So, there’s no way for the King to summon me for a favour.” i thought in my head.

I Waved off all the thinking and went inside my hut.

“The end shall tell” i scrutinized and laid down on my bed.

I Closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

Are you guys confused about Adaeze??

Or don’t you know who is Adaeze??


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