(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 18


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Princess Ngoyi’s POV☘️

“Now that you’re perfectly fine, you’re free to tell me about your family, i’m all ears” i muttered as i sat down on the ground.

“It all started when a new born snake was born into the earth. Not just a snake but a mind reader and an arrogant snake – i was the one.

Everyone was happy at that time because Sofia my Mother has been barren for nine years.

I was just three years of age when i began to behave like a 10 years old snake.

I Would go into thick bushs fending for food.

The entire household began to panick about me.

They were afraid that i was going to be killed by a human.

One day, i went to the bush with one of my bestfriend named happy.

Everything was going smoothly as he killed 3 rabbit and was taking them to our home.

On our way home, we met two hunters standing on our way.

We tried all we could to run away but it seems the hunters very holding captive of us.

I didn’t wanted to use my powers at the first place for my friend not to know but i couldn’t bear it anymore.

I Killed the two of them with my powers as my best friend began to starred at me suspicously.

“Do you have magical powers?” my friend asked.

“Yeah, i do” i replied.

“Why didn’t you inform me?” my friend asked.

“I’m sorry but i was afraid to tell anyone” i replied.

Two days later, i discovered that she has been behaving wierd to me.

I Tried to confront her but she would say “I’m fine”

A Week later, she started threatening me that she would kill me with any opportunity she had.

At first, i was shocked because of her atttitude.

But When i read her mind, i discovered that she was jealous of my powers.

We started avioding each other until it got to one day when she bit me.

The pain was unwithstanding that i got angry and kill her with my magical powers.

The snakes in that area notices what happened and began to chase me.

I Ran out of that place completely and relocated here” the snake explained making me sighed.

“So sorry about everything….. But why was your bestie jealous of your powers” i found myself asking.

“I Don’t know and i’m going to that place – never” the snake muttered.

“It’s alright.”

“We can’t continue to stay here, we need to find somewhere else to say” i stated.

“I’ve read your mind and i Knew how you got here.

You’re in a mission with four girls to bring the seven rings in Mazzuna river back to Oshogo land” she explained as my face widened in shock.

“Don’t worry about that, i’ll help you tommorow morning but for now, we need to sleep….. It’s dark already” the snake said as i rested my head close to the wood closing my eyes.

“Goodnight” i mumbled and drifted to sleep.

☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

“What!!!!! Don’t you know that Amanda is not from a Royal Family” the Queen exclaimed.

“Who cares Mom?? Who cares about the Royal matters.

As far as i love her, there’s nothing that can change it” i professed.

“You’re just a foolish son, imangie yourself rejecting the throne all because of that fool called Amanda” she jibed as i felt my anger grew.

“The throne does not mattters anything to me. All i want is my Amanda.”

“She might be a fool to you, but she’s a rare gem to me. My lover” i professed while she chuckled.

“I Can see that you’ve gone crazy”

“Mum, if you want me and everyone is this village to be peaceful, you and Dad have to learn how to cherish Amanda – my wife to be” i pointed out.

“No way!!! No way!!! I’ll rather die than to let Amanda marry you” she said.

“Then so be it….. You’re free to die because Immediately Amanda comes back from Mazzuna river, the marraige will begin”

“Wait…. Are you wishing me death all because of Amanda??” the Queen asked as i remained silent.

“Are you daring me??” she asked further.

“I’m not daring you, i’m telling you the truth.” i stated and walked away.

“Then watch and see if she’s going to spend just one day in this life when she comes back” she said icily as the words sanked into my brain making me turned and face her.

“Wait….. You want to commit murder??”

“He that fights and run away leads to fight another day.

A grass hopper that tries to fight a fowl should be ready to meet his ancestors”

“You’ve drawn the battle line by yourself, We’ll meet at the war front” i warned and walked away in anger.

☘️King Kelly’s POV☘️

I Sat on my throne drinking some juice when one of my servant named Brittany ran into my chambers in haste breathing his ass out.

“Brittany, what happened?? Who is after you?” i asked.

“No one!! My king” he replied sharply.

“Then why are you panting heavily??” i asked further.

“Your highness, you won’t believe what i heard today?” he jibed making my more confused.

“What did you heard?” i asked with keen interest.

“Your Highness, i over – heard Mrs. Judifor discussing with Adaeze about something.

“Which Adaeze are you talking about??” i asked.

“The one that her daughter was sacrificed earlier by the gods” he muttered.

“Yeah, i know her…. What were they talking about??” i asked with keen interest.

“Mr. Judifor asked her what village she came for and Adeaze replied…”

“Replied what?? I asked huskily.

“Oshogo Kingdom….. Your greatest enemy that is their king” he dropped the bombshell making me frozed in shock.

“Wait…. You mean King Na – than’s kingdom??” i asked biwildered.

“Yes, Igwe!!!!” Brittany replied firmly as i stood up from my throne in anger.

“So, An Oshogo descendants has been risiding with us for over ten years.”

“Yes, Your higness” he replied with a bow.

“Noooo” i screamed in anger, guilt and regret.

“Gaurds!! Gaurds!!!” i called huskily in anger.

“Yes my King” two gaurds replied with a bow as soon as they rushed into my chambers.

“Go to Mr. Judifor’s househod and get Adaeze for me!!!

Tell her that i need her tommorow morning!!!” i commanded in anger.

Wahala be like bicycle,


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