(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 17


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

“Good evening mum” i greeted as soon as i saw her sitting on her throne.

“Evening my son. How’re you doing?” she asked with keen interest.

“Well i’m pretty cool and yours??” i cooed.

“I’m fine” the Queen replied smiling.

“You told me to come to your chambers when i’m through with whatever i was doing” i reminded while she scoff.

“By this time of the day, do you realize that the time is 7pm already?” she half yelled at me.

“But i was busy” i tried to convince her.

“Oh please!! You can’t just be too busy that you can’t even create time to visit your mother when she sent for you…..who does that?” i asked quizzically.


“Just shut the hell off, don’t get me pissed of” she yelled and rolled her eyes.

“Okay, i’m sorry Mum… won’t happen again” i pleaded as i knelt down on the ground.

“You’re sure??” she said as she starred at me coldly.

“Yes Mum” i beamed as a smile crept on her face.

“Get up!!!” she said excitedly as i got off from the ground and hugged her tight.

After what seems like eternity, we finally designated from the hug.

“So, what’s the important discussion that you promised to discuss with me?” i asked after a short silence.

“It’s about your sudden change of character” she strutinized making me more confused.

“Mom, what do you mean??” i asked dumpfounded.

“Yov’ve been behaving strange since two days now, you slapped your father in anger, you insult anyone that mistakenly hurt you” she pointed out making me sighed.

“Mom, it’s not what you think. It’s just that; i hate to see anymone maltreat the love of my life, it’s hurts” i chipped in as my Mother starred at me suspiciously.

“Mom, why are you looking at me like that?” i asked in a confused look.

“You, I and everyone in this castle knows that you’re not interested in girls.

Then, why are you using that word ‘Love of my life’??” the Queen said.

“Well, i’ve found the love of my life and she’s my everything.

“Yes!!!!” she jumped out of her throne in excitment and began to dance the traditional dance.

After what seems like eternity, she finally stopped dancing and turned towards me.

“Who’s the lucky one? Who is she? What family is she from??” she asked with keen interest.

“Her name is Amanda Osinachi, the daughter of Chief Obinna” i pionted out in excitement as sign of shock ran through her face.

“What?? How do you intend to marry someone that is not from a royal family” she yelled ontop of her voice.

☘️Adeaze’s POV☘️

“Please don’t kill her, she’s the only one i have” i pleaded in tears as the mens dragged AMARA, My daughter away.

“It’s the trun for your daughter blood to be sacrificed to the gods of Uchechi Kingdom” the gaurds muttered making me sighed..

“But, can’t you take my life? She’s the only daughter i have. I don’t know her junior sister and her father is nowhere to be found” i narrated as he shook his head in pity.

“I Wish i can help you but i can’t….King Kelly kill surely make sure i die when he founds out that i want to help you” the Gaurds said and took Amara away.

“Nooooo” please don’t kill her” i whimpered in tears as i began to roll my body in tears.

“Please, stop crying, everything will be fine” Mr. Judifor assured.

“How do you expect everything to be fine i have no family.

I told my husband not look after me because this villagers will kill him.

No child, no family..” i said in tears.

“So sorry my dear”

“My greatest enemy now is that useless man that brought me into this stupid kingdom.

If i had known, i wouldn’t have followed that fool” i said while Mr. Judifor laughed.

“It is that same stupid Kingdom that has been feeding you and your daughter for over eleven years now” Mr. Judifor pointed out.

“Who cares??” i said in anger.

“Anyways, what state are you from?? You’ve never told me anything corcerning your origin” he asked.

“Well, i’m from Oshogo Kingdom” i muttered.

“Wait…. Which Oshogo are you talking about?” he asked in a confused look.

“Is it not one Oshogo that we have or are you planning to create another Oshogo” i jibed quizzically.

“You mean, the one that this Kingdom has a boundary with?” he asked with keen interest making me confused.

“Yeah” i replied firmly.

“Oh my goodness!!! You’re doomed!!” he stated making me more confused.

“What do you mean??” i asked in a confused look.

“You better start packing your things and leave right away. Else, King Kelly won’t spell you when he eventually finds out that you’re from Oshogo Kingdom” she said leaving confused.

“Why?? Why??” i asked dumpfounded.

“Uchechi Kingdom and Oshogo Kingdom has been great enemy for over 18 years now.

King Nathan and King Kelly has been great emeny and anytimes the two of them come across eachother, everywhere will be bloody.

So, i advice you to hide and leave tonight for safety” he warned making scoff.

“I Can’t….. That village is full of wonders. They’re gonna laugh me when i come back with no husband or chid” i muttered with a smirk.

“You want to continue leaving here?” Mr. Judifor asked.

“Yeah……… It’s bettter i die here than to go back to Oshogo Kingdom in shame” i stated and started walking into my hut.

“Adeaze!! Adaeze!!” he yelled but i kept on walking.

“A Word is enough for the wise”, Mr. Judifor chipped in as i chucked and entered into the house⛪

☘️Chiamobi’s POV☘️

“C’mmon, you can do this!!” Amanda tried to convince me as i walked slowly on the wood.

I Was already sweating at that moment.

I Felt scared.

My body was shaking in fright.

My heart was beating rapidly.

I Tried to move a step but i was over scared.

I Just wanted to remain there and i just wanted to be with them.

“Chiamobi….. What’re you waiting for?? Please walk nah, you’re making me to be scared” Nnenna said already in tears as i took the courage and took another step.

I Looked at my destination as i discovered that i still have up to twently steps to walk.

“Holly Crap!!!!” i cursed under my breath as i gave up my hope.

“I Can’t anymore…… I can’t do it” i kept panting with tears.

“Please try and walk, i can’t afford to loose you” Adah whimpered in tears.

I Was about moving another steps when the wood sudddnly disappeared into thin air as i found myself falling into the big and deep hole.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” i yelled in shock, pain and powerless.

I Can’t believe that i’m about to die.

“Chiamobi!!!! Noooo!!!!” i heard Amanda yelled from afar.

The hole was extremely deep.

I was still drowning inside the deep hole as i quess that i’m not gonna land.

After what seems like eternity, i finally landed on a floor as i felt a lot of live left me.

I Was going uncunscious, all my body has broken, i can’t even think well.

3 Seconds passed, i discovered that the hole has beggining to close.

“No…. No…” i whimpered in tears as i felt the two fall caressing my back and my front.

I Felt my breath siezing, my body was aching me.

The wall crushed my body sucessfully as i gave up the ghost and died. ToT

If you know you cried while reading this episode, gather at the comment box, let’s cry together.


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