(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 16


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Princess Ngozi’s POV☘️

“Please can i be your friend??” the snake asked as i itched my nape.

“Are you kidding me?” i said in laughter.

“Of course not, i can never be joking with things like these, i’m serious” the snake muttered making me chuckled.

“This sounds wierd!!! Imangie having a snake as friend…..who does that?” strutinized rolling my eyes.

“I Know but the truth is that, i’m just lonely. Srawling alone.

Fending for myself with no one to talk to, it’s bored!!” the snake jibed while i shrugged.

“What about your family?? Why don’t you play or mingle with them??” i found myself asking the snake.

“It’s a long story and i don’t want to talk about it now” she said making me chuckled.

“Okay, before accepting any offer from you, you’ll have to tell me how you got the powers of behaving like a human being” i jibed facing the snake.

“I Don’t understand” the snake mumbled while i sighed.

“I Mean, talking, thinking, winking, and scence of memory. How did you learn that?” i asked in a confused look.

“Well, the snake was created like that. It’s just that we do hide things about ourselves from humans because humans are dangerous” she explianed.

“So, why did you ask for my friendship?” i asked huskily.

“I Love arrogant people” the snake said in a whisper making me flinched.

“How did you know that?” i asked in utmost displear.

“I Have the gifts of knowing the inner part of someone” the snake said icily.

“Whatever” i said and rolled my eyes.

“I Have to know your family before accepting your friendship”

“What?? No way!!” the snake said sharply.


“They’re gonna kill you before you speak” the snake warned.

“Ok, fine, fine” i jibed and run to the iroko tree close to us.

I Picked the leaf and returned back to the snake.

As soon as i got close to the snake, i stretched fort my hands and gave the snake the leaf.

“Thanks” the snake mumbled and collected the leaf from me.

The snake chew the leaf and within a swift moment, the hole in the snake’s neck came back to normal.

“Wow, that was awesome” i mouthed.

“You haven’t replied my request. Please, can you be my friend?” the snake brought out the conversation.

“Yeah, but on one condition” i said as i furrowed my brows.

“What’s that??” the snake asked.

“If i accept your offer, you’ll tell me why you refused to stay with your family” i pouthed with a smirk.

“Okay, i’ll tell you” she assured.

“If you say so, then, i’ve accepted your request…’re my friend” i muttered as i began to patt the head of the snake.

“Thanks dear, i really appreciate” the snake said and formed a smile in it’s mouth.

[Note: Snake do smile, if you’ve watched any movie that animal talks, then you’ll understand]

“I’m all ears, tell me the long story about your family” i ordered with my ears wide open.

☘️Adah’s POV☘️

I Felt my heart leaving my body at that instant.

“What’s happening here” i rasped in my mind.

“Amanda….we’re trapped. Please do something fast” i said in a pleading tone.

“Yes, please do something” Nnenna added.

“I Can’t do anything, the staff is only meant for wide animals not for obstacles like this” Amanda muttered in a scared tone.

“The dream is about to come to pass, i’m gonna die” Chiamobi cried out.

“Amanda, we’re all gonna die, please just do something. Try the staff, it might work for us” Nnenna said in a panicked tone while i nodded my head in accordance to what Nnenna said.

Amanda brought out the staff and stretched it toward his neck.

Luckily, a bunch of lightening struck and a plain wood was placed in between the big hole giving us a narrow place to pass.

“Thank Goodness” i muttered as i sighed in relief.

“Nnenna, go first” Amanda commanded.

Nnenna stood on the wood and began to walk slowly so as not to fall into hole.

She walked on the wood and sucessfully came on the normal ground.

“Chiamobi, go!!” Amanda commanded.

“Me? No!! Tell Adah to go” Chiamobi disagreed making me chuckled.

“Adah go!!” Amanda commanded as i placed my legs on the wood and began to walk slowly.

As i walked slowly, i looked at the two hole in my left and right and discovered that the hole was very big.

I Retrieved my eyes from there and continue to focus on where to put my legs.

I Don’t want any distration that will make me to slump from this wood into this deep hole” i thought in my head.

After what seems like eternity, i finally came down from the wood and hugged Nnenna.

☘️Amanda’s POV☘️

I Smiled as Adah finally came down from the wood.

“Chiamobi, go!! It’s your turn” i commaned.

“Amanda…please go first, i just want to be the last” she pleaded making me chuckled.

“Like seriously?? Don’t you know that i’m the leader and i’m supposed to undergo any trial last?” i asked biwildered.

“Just go!! I want to be the last” she said as i scoff and turned towards the wood.

I Stepped my foot on the wood and began to walk slowly.

The wood was very slipperery.

I Was almost close to the end when i missed my steps and was about to fall.

Within a swift moment, i jumped from the wood and landed on the floor.

“Oops” i sighed in relief and finally got up the ground.

“Chiamobi, c’mmon. We have no time” i tried to convince her.

“I Can’t. I’m afraid” Chiamobi panicked.

“Please just try it, you’re not gonna die” i said as she stepped her two legs on the wood.

“C’mmon walk, you can do this” i kept on assuring her but she made just two steps and stood on the wood.

“Walk nah, please” i assured her.

“I’m afraid….” she coudn’t complete her statement when something happened.


Oh My God!! What’s that thing that happened??


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