(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 15


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️


Everyone was gatthered listening to the instruction that King Feya was giving.

The place was so quiet that even if a pin dropped on the floor, it could be heard clearly.

Normally, The King always always makes an announcement whenever someone is about to join them so there is no cause for alarm.

“Listen and Listen good. I’m not gonna repeat what i’m about saying” the King said and cleared his throat.

“I Heard an information from the gods that an hunter will be arriving here today and we need to treat him with love and care.

This hunter really needs our attention because he has been undergoing many pains and challenges” the King explained while the rest of them nodded.

“What are his challenges??” a Lady asked after a short silence.

“According to the gods, he has been suffering with pains starting from when his wife went to the farm and didn’t return.

It happened twenty years ago, everyone in the land of Oshogo went in search of her but all to no avail.

The man started day dreaming about her wife and some villagers began to think he’s mad.

“The woman left leaving two daughters for the man – a five years old girl and a baby girl.

King Nathan, send some of his gaurd secretly and they stole the man’s baby.

The King threw the Queen’s baby into the sea because the baby was sick and stole the cute baby from the hunter.

An old woman saw the Queen’s baby inside the river and took it immediately.

No one except the King, Queen and the Hunter knew about it.

The Queen’s baby is Nnenna


The Hunter’s baby is Ngozi.

The hunter told everyone about what the King did but no one was ready to believe him.

They all believe that it was very baberic and unthinkable for a Royal Household to commit that kind of crime.

The hunter is still in pain.

The King tried to kill the hunter and his five years old daughter but it didn’t work out.

The hunter and his daughter ran into the forest until one day when the five years old daughter also got lost.

The hunter got crazy and went in search of his daughter and wife.

Unfortunately, he met his wife and his daughter on a very big hill.

He tried all he could to convince his wife to come back but it didn’t work out.

“Forget about us!!” the Wife and his daughter would yell at him.

With fustration, he left the place and went back to the forest.

On getting there, he met Ngozi running from a snake.

As he tried to save her daughter, the snake killed him.

So, he would be arriving here any moment from now” the King narrated as half of everyone of them began to shed tears.

“But i thought Nnenna was my Daughter” one of the Lady said.

“No. You we’re dicieved.” the King replied him.

“Voooommmm” a loud voice thundered as a man appeared in their midst.

Who was the man? – It is the Hunter.


☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️

“I’m going to meet her. I’m not gonna let her die” i whimpered as one of the gaurds held me firmly.

“Let me go!!! Let me go!!” i yelled trying to free myself from his grip.

“Your Highness, should i let him go?” the Gaurd asked starring blankly at the King.

“No….bring him back to me” the King commanded with full authority making me chuckled.

“Father, tell this fool to leave me alone” i stuttered as i gritted my teeth in anger.

The gaurds draggeed me back to the King chambers as i felt like strangling him to death.

“Why do you want to go to her when she has already gone far in the forest?” my Dad asked while i remained mute.

“Do you want to kill yourself all because of a girl??” the King asked while i remained mute.

“What if you die and she returns safely?” he King asked while i sighed.

“He who refused to listen to his father’s advice may end up regretting his actions” he jibed as i began to ponder over what he said.

“Let him go!! A word is enough for the wise” he shrugged while i chuckled.

The gaurds released me and ran away immediately.

I Walked out of his chambers and was heading to the gate when my father’s word began to ring in my head.

“Amanda, where ever you’re, please be safe” i said in my mind and finally turned and walked back to the Queen’s palace, just to hear what she intends to tell me.

☘️Nnenna’s POV☘️

“Chiamobi, nothing is gonna happen to you” Amanda assured her.

“I Pray so, i just don’t want to die” Chiamobi said while i sighed.

“It’s alright, let’s go, we don’t have enough time” Adah said while Chiamobi and Amanda got up.

“What route are we takiing?” i asked furrowing my brows.

“Just give me second” Amanda shuttered and pointed the staff close to her head.

A Slight Lightening struck as Amanda quicky brought the staff down.

“We’re taking the South” Amanda instructed and began walking while we followed her.

“Amanda… you know that a Magician fit you alot?” i mumbled placing my palm on her shouders.

“C’mmon stop that, stop flattering me” he said in laughter and hit me on my stomach playfully.

“Ouch it hurts, what was that for?” i pouted helding my stomach in laughter.

“For discribing me as something that i hate so much” she jibed making me chuckled.

“You hate Magic?” i asked narrowing my brows at her.

“Yeah, i hate it” she muttered while i scoff.

“Why?? There must be a reason for hating something” i scrutinized while she sighed.

“Nothing, just have it at the back of your mind that i hate Magic” she said and rolled my eyes.

“Whatever” i said playfully while she punched me on my belly the second time.

“Ouch, why did you punch me?” i asked holding my belly.

“For rolling your eyes at me” she pouted playfully we started hearing some unpleasant noise.

Within a swift moment, she ground started shaking and also tearing apart at the same time.

“Earthquake!! Earthquake!!” Adah yelled as the ground began to open more.
How many of you cried while reading the life story of that hunter??

Next episode go shock you.


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