(Short episode : pardon me)

(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 14


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Princess Ngozi’s POV☘️

“gods of our land, please save me” i screamed in fright as i increased my pace of running.

The snake was like a flash, it was running as if they destined the snake to kill me.

I Never knew i could run faster like this.

Anyways, you won’t know that you’re a super heroe until you got pursued by a wild animal.

My breath was begining to sieze because i was running out of strength.

I Began to breath rapidly and my pace began to decrease.

The snake too began to run slowly as i guess the snake was also tired.

“Oops….it is finished” i breathed tiredly as i finally fell on the floor.

I Felt all hope was lost at that moment.

I Felt my life as ended at that moment.

“Oh no….is this how i’m gonna die?” i whimpered in tears as i too began to pondor.

The snake too, inturn stopped running and started crawlling into my direction as i shifted backward in fright.

Suddenly, i heard someone’s voice as i turned swiftly and saw an hunter with an arrow.

I Sighed in relief.

“Please save me!! Save me” i sniffed in tears as i continued to shift backwards.

“I’ll save you, i’ll save my daughter!!!” he assured as he brought out an arrow and pointed to the srawlling snake.

At that moment, i felt like the happiest woman on earth.

No one can express the feelings i felt at this moment.

Within a swift moment, the old hunter let out the arrow immediately as the arrow flew and landed on the neck of the snake.

The snake winced in pain and started rolling as a smile crept on my face.

I Kept smiling and looking at the snake as something suprising happened.

The snake’s eyes turned swiftly into an orange colour as the snake tail turned into a human being hand.

“Oh my goodness!!!” i exclaimed as i continued to watch what happening.

The hand of the snake stretched towards the arrow and quickly drew it out of his neck.

“Holly Molly!!!” i exclaimed with my eyes already popping out of his socket.

The snake’s hand held the arrowing firmly.

With full force, the Snake hand threw the arrow back to the old hunter as the arrow flew and thrusted into the hunter’s belly.

“Oh my Gosh!!!” i screamed out in fright as i continued to watch the scene.

The hunter groaned in pain and fell on the ground in pain while blood began to oozed out of his stomach.

“Argh!!!” he groaned in pain as mumbled some words.

“My daughter, take care of yourself. Find your mother, find your sis……” he groaned before he finally closed his eyes.

“Nooooo!!!!” i yelled in tears as i soon discovered that the smake was still crawlling to my direction.

“Please don’t kill me” i found myself begging a creature that dosen’t talks.

“Relax your mind, i’m no gonna hurt you” the Snake said making me flinched.

“What?? A talking snake??” i thought in my head.

“Y….o….u….. T…..a……l…..k…..s??” i stammered starring at the snake confusely.

“Yeah, i do, i do talks….but when i talks in the prescence of human being, they’ll got frightened and run away” the snake said as feelings of nervious and joy ran through me.

“You really talks? How did you to that?” i asked with a confused look.

“I’ll explain everything to you but first of all, you have to get me a leave falling from an iroko tree” the snake said.

“Why!!” i asked dumpfounded.

“My neck is reall itiching me and that leave is the only leaves that can stop it, please” the snake pleaded as i starred at her confusely.

“Please??” the snake pleaded.

“Okay fine, i’ll get it for you” i chipped in and stood up from the ground.

I Was about taking a move when he called me back.

“Hey” she called while i turned.

“What’s your name?” the snake asked huskily.

“Ngozi” i replied.

“Wow, my name is Jenny, can i be your friend?” the snake asked making me chuckled.

“Like seriously??”

What does that hunter mean when he said “My daughter, find your mother, find your sister”

Find out in next episode..


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