(Kingdom In Chaos☠️)

Episode 13


Settings; Nigerian Epic Drama⛪

Written By: Author Kelvin✍️

☘️Prince Emeka’s POV☘️


“Why? How? When? Where?” i asked in a confused look

“I Thought The Queen must have told you everything” the King jibed as i stared at him helplessly.

“What’re you talking about? Mom didn’t told me anything” i said in a confused look.

“Okay, let me explain everything to you” the King mumbled as i sighed in relief.

“Good!” i chipped in.

“Do you know why the recent deaths is happening in our kingdom?” he asked while i arched my brows.

“Yeah, i over – heard one of the Chiefs talking about it…..he said John Obiere insulted the gods, so the gods dicided to punish the Villagers” i said trying to remember vividly.

“Yeah, Priest Marcus said that it was because of the insults that’s why the gods were punishing us” he explained while i nodded my head.

“The Priest told us that the only way for the gods to forgive us is when we send Five Vigirn Maidens to Mazzuna river to bring back the Seven rings” he explained making me flinched.

“Wait….. Hope it’s not what i’m thinking” i thought in my head as tears began to stream from my eyes.

“We agreed to it and send five of our Virgin Maidens in Oshogo Kingdom” he explained as i felt like strangling him to death.

“What?? You did what? How do you expect them to Survive? That’s very baberic” i tried to convince him.

“Whay are you crying?” the King asked.

“Nevermind….you haven’t answered my Question, how does all your explaination got to do with the Missing of Amanda?” i asked furrowing my brows.

“Well, she was among the five Virgin Maidens that Journeyed into Mazzuna Kingdom” he dropped the bombshell as i felt cold shivers run down my spine.

“What!!!! You’re joking, right??” i asked biwidered.

“I’m serious, she has gone already!” he muttered as i felt my heart tearing into pieces.

“What?? Why?” i scrutinized as more tears began to flow from my eyes.

“I’m sorry, i have no other option.

By the way, why are you having interest in her?” the King asked as i tried to hold the pain i was feeling.

“I’ve told before, she’s my Girlfriend. The love of my Life” i stuttered as the King stood up in anger.

“What!! Have you gone insane?” he said in anger.

“Of course not!!!” i replied firmly.

“Then why are you behaving childlishly?” he asked with a scoff.

“Meaning??” i said and chuckled.

“Don’t you know that our Customs and Tradition demands that The Prince must marry from a Royal family not some fucking Village girl?” the King said making me flinched.

“Who cares?? I have my discision to Marry who i want and no one can stop me, not even you” i half yelled at the King.

“Can you listen to the rubbish you’re saying?

Haven’t you heard that any Prince who disobey the Laws of the land won’t be the next King?” he asked while i chuckled.

“Then, who will be the King?? Do you have any other son?

The laws of the Land also states that the Next King must comes from a royal family so it’s Vice Versa” i insisted.

“Are you daring me?” the King asked already boiling in anger.

“With all due respect, Your Highness….. You’re free to tell the Chiefs to give the Crown to anyone when you die.

I Don’t need the Throne, i need Amandaaaaaa” i yelled on top of my voice.

“Well, your Amanda may not survive the Journey because i know for sure that the Journey is gonna be risky” he chipped in as the tears i’ve been holding finnaly fell from my eyes.

“No, No, My Amanda ToT Noooo” i yelled in tears as i ran out of the Chambers in tears.

“Where are you heading to??” i heard the King asked from inside.

“To save Amanda”

☘️Amanda’s POV☘️

“Where’s that Voice coming from?” Adah asked as my body began to shake in fright.

“It’s the roar of a Lion!!” Nnenna said shifting backwards.

“What!!! Lion??” Princess Ngozi said and ran away.

“Come back!! Come back!! You’re gonna lost in the forest” i kept shouting but she payed a deaf ear.

“She ran and ran until she was finally out of my sight.

The Lion roared and came close to us as we began to shift Backwards

“Amanda, please do something” Amanda muttered in fright.

“Yes, please do something” Nnenna added in fright as the Lion roared the third time and started to pursue us.

“Amanda, do something” Nnenna yelled as i stressed the Scaff towards The Lion and to my greatest suprise, the Lion dissapeared immediately.

“Oops…. Thanks Amanda for saying our lives” Adah said and hugged me tightly.

“You’re welcome” i mumbled as we designated from the hug.

“Wow, i never knew that the Scaff was so powerful” Nnenna exclaimed while i smiled.

“Same with mine” Adah said.

“Where’s Princess Ngozi?” Nnenna asked looking around.

“She was afraid of the Lion so she ran away” i muttered narrowing my brows.

“What!!!! How are we going to come across her in this big forest?” Adah asked glared.

“I Don’t know, i’m just confused” i said as i sat down on the ground.

“She’s such a jerk!!!

Anyways, i feel happy, now that she’s gone” Nnenna said making me chuckled.

“Nnenna, how can you say that…..” Chiamobi chipped in.

“They hate me, and i hate them, they never care about me and i never care about her” Nnenna said rolling her eyes.

“Whatever!, let’s get going, we have only seven days to go” i aroused while Chiamobi sighed and sat on the ground with a frown on her face as i ran to her.

“What’s wrong??” i asked with keen interest as i sat close to her.

“It’s nothing” she said trying to hide her anxiety by faking a smile.

“Common, you and i knows perfectly that you’re not fine because your anxiety is showing cleary on your face.

What’s wrong?” i persisted in asking her.

“It’s about the dream i had yesterday in the cell” Chiamobi muttered cleaning the tears on her face.

“What about that?? What happened in the dream?” i asked in a confused look.

“I Had a vision that i fell in a spiritual hole and died” she blasted making me froze.

“What kind of stupid dream is that?” i asked no one in particular.

“That dream isin’t stupid… It’s a prophesy.

My dream always come to pass” she said.

“Are you really sure about what you’re saying?” i asked with a pity look.

“Yeah, i had a dream that i killed my mother in a dream and after two days, i mistakenly killed her” she explained.


☘️Princess Ngozi’s POV☘️

“Nnenna!!! Adah!! Chaimobi!!” i kept shouting on-top of my voice, hoping they could hear me.

“What has come over me, Amanda told me not to run but i was just too ignorant to stop” i rasped in my mind.

“gods of our land, please help me” i said in my mind as i continued to walk.

“Aman….” i said and paused when i saw something like a long, black rope coming down a big tree.

With the familiar movement of the living thing, i need no soothsayer to tell me that it’s a snake.

Not just a snake, a big and black snake.

“Oh my goodness!!!!” i exclaimed as the snake finally spotted me.

At that moment, i felt some liquid substance flowing from my lower abdomen.

“Run!!!” i said to myself as i picked up my shoes and began to run.

As i was running, i looked at my back and to my utmost suprise, the snake was still after me.
Wahala too much oh.

I Know those bad minds are praying for the Snake to bit Princess Nnenna.


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