🤴 The Half-Blood Prince 🤴

(Vampire romance story) by Ayomiposi 📝


🤴🤴🤴 Episode four🤴🤴

Davis held his body in his arms, trying not to
lose control and attack Inky, who was staring at his owner with worry.

Davis’s pupils dilated then formed a straight line on his red iris. He was shaking uncontrollably and his veins are turning visible on his arms and neck.

A human won’t shake if he drank that drug, they will just feel hungry. But Davis, a vampire that never drank blood in four years.

In only six minutes and forty-two seconds,
Davis snapped and his eyes fell on the door.

Inky whimpers realizing his owner is now a dangerous vampire that can snap his neck. Inky flattens his ears and climbs to the open window shield, he looks behind him one more
time before he leaps, only to land on a nearby tree branch.

Davis didn’t even notice his cat escaping.

Davis stood up and then walks in front of his locked door, his hand made it’s way to the doorknob, jiggling it, hoping it will open. He growls and picks up his vase in the corner, he raises it higher in the air before bringing it down harshly against the doorknob, breaking it instantly. Allowing the door to swing open at the alarmed guards that were guarding his door.

He twitches and shakes, the guards stood staring at him with large eyes. Davis raises his nose, at the sweet aroma of blood that came from down the halls.

He suddenly runs at the fast speed of a vampire, pushing the guards away, and jumps up to fly through the halls down to the throne room where his parents sat.

He crashes through the throne room door, tumbling against the ground and smashing against the ground. The Queen gasped while the king rose an eyebrow. Davis gasps and holds his stomach, before standing up and glaring at his parents.

The queen’s jaw dropped as soon as she noticed how his pupils were so very small and saliva was escaping his lips, she looks at the king who gave her a look with large wide eyes.
“I’m hungry…” Davis whimpers.

”The kitchen is that way—“

”For blood.”

His parents were even more surprised. His father looked at his wife and whispers; ”We have to give Madilyn a raise.”

And speak of the devil and he shall appear; the door opens to reveal Madilyn with a tray of two large golden cups of fresh blood for the king and queen from their blood servents. She pauses when she spots Davis glaring at her…

“Davis? Are you okay—“ just before she finishes her sentence he cuts in, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes showing fury.

”you,you are dead to me now.” he spat.

”I- it isn’t my fault—“

“You wouldn’t have poisoned me with that drug if you did care!!” He growled and held his head as pain struck his chest, which was only covered by bandages and no shirt.

Davis’s Mother raises her eyebrow, before standing up and walking to Madilyn, taking a cup from the tray and making her way to her son.

She brought the cup closer to his lips with a large smile painting her red lips.

“Drink the red fluid, Davis.” Davis was already going crazy at the smell of the liquid, but he can’t just give up because of a drug…right? He shakes his head, trying to push the hunger away from his mind by thinking of all the horrible things vampire’s did to humans ever since they took over the world.

“You just said you are hungry. You also need to drink blood for your health, drink, Davis.” Davis’s pupils Dilated, thinking of ‘The blood servant’ and how the author still fought for her freedom. ..

He has to fight against his appetite. He shook his head again, whispering ‘Non’ over and over. Now, the queen was very angry.
”Davis Evendor Dracula, I’m ordering you to!” Davis turned his head away. That’s it, the string is cut.

Annebeth grabbed Davis’s jaw harshly, before forcing the drink into his lips. His eyes widen, and just before the taste reaches his taste buds, he spits out the fluid at the ground, before grabbing the cup and smashing it to the ground.


The queen looks in awe at her son, before clenching her fists.

“The Family Doctor— he said that you’ll die in four months if you don’t drink blood!” Tears spill from her eyes as Davis stares at her, while the king had his eyes wide on both of them.

“Is that a trick?” He asks, not trusting them so much as before after they allowed Madilyn to feed him the drug. His mother shakes her head, turning around and running out of the throne room, tears falling from her eyes like waterfalls. While her maids ran after her, to make sure she will be okay.

Davis lowers his head, she was only trying to keep him alive. He didn’t want to see his mother sad, and he knew his death will result in large problems. And he is the heir to the throne…

He looks at his hands, but then at his father with blank eyes.

“I’m participating in the auction tomorrow, father Please inform mother.” His father,

Vincent Dracula nods with a small faint of a smile;

”The first good decision of yours.”

Davis locks eyes with Madilyn, glaring at her before flying his way out of the throne room back to his room to prepare for the ceremony….

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