🤴 The Half-Blood Prince 🤴

(Vampire romance story) by Ayomiposi 📝


🤴🤴🤴 Episode three🤴🤴

Davis was laying on his bed, his breathing sharp and rapid. His hand on his chest where his heart is and his arm on his forehead. He was hungry, no— starving. His father locked him in his room and forbid any type of
food to enter his stomach,

Until he agrees on fully participating in the blood ceremony.

It’s been nine hours since he ate that toast at breakfast with chocolate milk and the ceremony is in only a few hours.

Davis’s Bombay cat, Inky was leaning close to his face, licking his cheeks trying to wipe

Davis’s tears away. Though, just the smell of Inky’s blood made Davis cry harder just at the thought of consuming his own best friend.

”Why are my parents like this…?” He chokes out, his crimson eyes on his feline cat, where he gave him a sad look. Davis reaches out and rubs behind Inky’s ear, making the cat purr in pleasure.

”If there was a smaller, weaker cat than you, would you eat it or drink it’s blood out?

Because I wouldn’t.” Davis felt stupid for talking to a cat that doesn’t understand his language. And the fact the He was comparing himself to a cat made him feel dumber.


The sound of knocking on his door startled Davis before he fell out of his bed, hitting his head harshly against the ground.

“Ow…ow…” he groans, rubbing his head before standing up and sitting on his bed again.
”Come in.” The door unlocked and a human maid came in with a tray of vitamins, a glass of water, a slice of bread, bandages, a syringe with a strange pale liquid, and medicine.

The castle is filled with human slaves that work for the vampires, they are much easier to control than vampires. The maid closes the door behind her and places the tray on Davis’s bed. He looked at her with confused orbs.

”I thought they won’t feed me?”

“No— this is from your mother, she was a bit worried.” The maid picks up the bread knife and slices off smaller pieces for the prince. She takes out three types of vitamin pills from the three jars and pours the medicine into a spoon. She watches as Davis eats all of the bread in speed. Before swallowing each vitamin pill with water. He wipes her lips with his napkin and looks at the maid.

“May I have the medicine spoon, Madilyn?” He asks, outstretching his hand to reach for the spoon. She hesitates before handing it to him and watching him drink it.

Madilyn served Davis for almost six years. Since he was sixteen and she was fourteen. Davis trusts Madilyn as if she was his friend.
He hands her back the spoon, sitting up straight before he backs further on his bed and start to unbutton his white shirt, taking it off then laying down

Madilyn puts her hands on her lips, trying not to cry at the sight of his skeletal body. Because of his training sessions and fencing lessons, he had scars all over his chest. And his body was nothing but flesh and bones.

Madilyn bites her lips trying not to scream or cry and picked up the syringe and a wet cloth.

She walked near his body and dabbed a spot on his upper arm, before piercing his skin using the needle. He turned his head away so he won’t see her saddened face.

Inky stares at both of them, sitting on the dresser facing Davis. Inky meowed and nudged Davis’s hand with his paw, causing Davis to smile at his cat.

“Madilyn takes out the needle and puts the syringe and cloth away, putting a small circular bandage on the spot. She started to help him unwrap the old bandages around his body, before replacing them with new bandages to wrap his body with. Davis uses bandages to decrease pain and hold his body together.

After she was done, Madilyn leaned down and cupped his face, he lets out a sound of surprise at the sudden action. She leaned closer to her forehead touched his. And her light blue eyes were connected with his red ones.

“Davis— I’ve worked for you for six years, I’ve seen you cry I’ve seen you laugh.”
”I’ve been loyal to you and you were loyal to me, We have been friends ever since the first time we met.”

Her eyes started to water and Davis was as confused as a deer in the road. Her hand traced his jawline before pressing her lips against his, causing his eyes to widen as large as balloons. Her lips were awkwardly sandwiched against his, like an unsolved puzzle.

She parted her lips from his cold ones, and his cheeks were a dark rosy color. She looked away and laid her head against his chest. She takes a deep breath and clenched her fists.

”But, I’ve been disloyal to you. Just right now,” she raises her head to meet his eyes again.

”The medicine you drank contains Megestrol acetate. Your parents wanted this, I’m so, so sorry, Davis.” Madylin places her hands on his chest, lifting herself before picking up the tray before leaving the room with a teary face, the door locking behind her.

It took a while for Davis to understood what she just said. Megestrol acetate is a medication that stimulates an appetite a«nd
Davis is a vampire. Vampires have appetites for blood. Davis places his hand over his mouth, hoping he will just vomit it out. But nothing happened, nothing but his body starting to shake.

Tears started to escape his eyes as he felt as if the medicine is stabbing him in the stomach. And suddenly, he felt hunger— for blood. He looks at Inky, saliva escaping through the corners of his lips.


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