THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 8




😱Alex’s POV 😱
I stood there thinking about it but didn’t no what to do.

I heard footsteps approaching the door and quickly left there.

I went back to the class and sat at my formal position – fuming.

“Alex, where did you go to?” I heard Mia’s friend ask but didn’t answer her.

Andrew came in and the teacher came in shortly after.

“I’m so sorry for that class, had business to attend to” she said and smiled.

I looked at her and scoffed.

Business? Meeting Andrew is the business? I thought angrily.

Her face was lit up in happiness all along as she occasionally stare at Andrew at the back sit.

After various teachings from different teachers we finally arrived lunch period.

I of course followed Andrew as he left the class.

Stephen was still in class with Bob and Levi.

I continued following him until we got to an office.

“Wait here for me” he pointed out to a sit by the corner and went into the office.

But I was curious. Who’s office is that? I thought and moved closer to the door.

“Baby?” I heard her voice again and immediately recognized it.

That stupid female teacher. I can’t believe they are meeting up in her office.

What nonsense? Can’t she just look for a grown man to call baby.

Gosh. So irritating and annoying at the same time.

“Hey” I heard Andrew’s voice reply her.

“I’ve really missed you, especially this little man down there, its unfortunate that I can’t do what I wanna do now to him, why don’t we meet up tonight at our usual spot?” I heard her say.

I pressed my ear to the door very well so I could hear them.

“Um..if you want then its cool by me” Andrew replied her.

“Oh I’ve missed you very much” I heard her say again and felt them kiss.

I fisted my hand in anger.

I wish I could just expose her.

“Um..when are you gonna end things with that little brat? I hate that she’s always clinging to you” I heard her say after a while.

“You’re jealous of her?” I heard Andrew ask.

“Of course I am, I am also a human. I don’t want another girl sharing my man with me” she said and I heard her moan a bit.

“Don’t worry, Its just for show” Andrew replied her.

Just for show? I thought.



“Get rid of her fast and don’t forgot the meeting at 8 on the dot” she said again.

She’s so shameless, I thought still leaning on the door.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear foot steps approaching the door.

The door opened and I jerked and moved away from the door.

Andrew appeared and looked at me.

He knows I was listening to their conversation.

I took my gaze to the floor as he closed the door but didn’t utter a word to me and he started leaving.

I got hold of our bags and followed him from behind still thinking about all those shit.

I followed him to the their training as requested and sat down watching them train.

Wow! His such a pro at playing basketball.

That’s what made him really popular. His skills are unmatched.

His just too perfect in it, I thought as I watched them train after school hours.

Stephen was there too training with Andrew.

They are on the same team actually.

I released a smile anytime he scores.

Aw I just like this guy so much.

His cute and perfect in everything.

Even a teacher is seeking for his attention.

They trained for a while before he stopped and came to collect a bottle water from me.

I watched him as he gulped the water down.

So sexy, I thought and chuckled.

He gave me a weird stare and returned back to the training.


Its 7:45pm now.

The teacher told him to meet up with her at exactly 8:00pm on the dot.

I watched as he buttoned his shirt.

Isn’t he gonna ask me if I heard anything they talked about? Why is he keeping quite after knowing I was listening to their conversation.

Or doesn’t he care at all, I thought and decided to ask.

“Um…Andrew?” I called but he didn’t turn to look at me.

“You…you saw me eyes drop on you with the female teacher, why aren’t you saying anything about it?” I questioned.

He didn’t reply immediately but kept doing what he was doing.

When he was done he turned to look at me.

He grabbed his wallet and his phone.

“I know you dare not talk about it so why should I bother?” He replied and left the room almost immediately.

I scoffed in disbelief.

Gosh! Didn’t I notice that his arrogant?

His showing his arrogant self but I still like him anyways, I thought and got down from the bed.

This is the perfect time to take my bath since his out.

I will have a good long bath, I thought and locked the door.

I changed my clothes and went into the bathroom.

I also need to cool off from this disturbing thoughts on my mind.

I stood under the shower and closed my eyes enjoying as the water wet my body.

So sweet!

And before I stood under the shower I already removed the wig.

Need to wash my hair clean now that I have the opportunity.

So I applied soap on my hair and washed it.

I spent a lot of time there and finally turned off the shower.

I wore the singlet I brought with me and a short trouser.

I used a white clean towel and started drying my wet hair while facing the mirror.

Then I heard the door opening – the bathroom door.

My eyes widened as I turned with speed to see Stephen standing there.

The towel fell from my hand in shock.

He also has a shock expression on.

Oh goodness! Did he just find out my gender?

I’m so doomed.


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