😱The Girl In The Boys
Dorm 👧
😍[Romance filled] 😍
By: Blessing D writes

★Months later ★

👧Alex’s POV👧

I came down from the car and starred around the school.

Gosh, I can’t believe I’m back here again.

I’m back here and as a girl.

I inhaled the fresh air and let out a smile.

“Ray, I’m coming back with someone, just wait for me here alright?” I turned back to the car I came down from and said.

Ray is my elder brother who has been out of the country, but he is finally back. That my big bro who is always protective of me.

“Alright, be fast about it” he replied and I nodded and left headed to Andrew’s dorm.

I wanna give him a big surprise by showing up without informing him.

I walked elegantly and stylishly jogging and jumping happily but stopped when I heard one familiar voice I won’t forget so easily.

I then turned to look at him.

“Frank” I called dilated to see him.

“I see you’re back as a girl now, you look more prettier this way” he said approaching me while I kept smiling.

“Hi frank” I beamed as he stood facing me.

“Hey Alexa, it’s been long I last saw you, I’m happy you’re back and as a girl, but its a pity you’re already taken” he said the last part with a sad face which only made me smile.

“Frank, you’re funny” I forced a laugh.

“It’s all good, as long as you’re happy, I’ll leave you now” he added then took his hand to my hair,vpatted it a bit before leaving.

Hmm he has kind of changed a bit. He is not that grumpy and cold.

Its a good thing he changed, I thought then continued on my way.

I haven’t gone too far when I bombed into another person which made me stop.

Its patty. Yea patty, Mia’s friend.

“Wow” she wowed and came closer to me.

“Why do you look so much like him? Why do you look like Alex?” She came to me and asked.

“Um..well, you see, I’m actually Alex twin sister.”

“Something kind of came up and he travelled out of the country but do you still like him?” I asked her.

“Of course, you guys look alike a lot” she answered.

“Okay, why don’t you follow me go meet up my elder brother, he is one hell of a cute dude, I’m sure you’ll like him” I proposed.

“Really? I’ll like him, hope he is not like Alex?” She asked.

“No, Alex actually looks a lot like him but I’m he is more handsome, I bet he’ll also like you” I replied and she folded her hands and giggled.

“But hold on, how do you no all this since you’re Alex sister and not Alex, how do you no that I like him?” She asked with a suspicious look.

“You see..Alex actually told me about what happened here, so that’s how I knew all about you” I replied hoping she buys it.

“Hmm. Okay sure let’s go see the bigger Alex” she said.

“No, don’t call him Alex, his name is Ray, call him Ray” I corrected her and she nodded.

Then I took her to Ray, he was still inside the car pressing his phone.

He is actually three years older than I am and he has broken up with supposed girlfriend so he is girlfriend less. 😂

“Ray” I called and he raised his head up to look at us both.

“This is the person I want to introduce to you” I lied, I wanted to show Andrew to him and not patty but since it has gotten to this then its fine.

“Really?” He asked, opened the car door and stepped out.

“Wow, he is really handsome and looks more manly” patty breathed out to my hearing with shaky eyes.

I smiled as I looked at them both.

“I’ll get going since my work here is done” I winked at Ray who had a bit confused look on and left.

They should sort out there selves, time to go see my boyfriend, I thought and ran all the way to the boy’s dorm.

Since the school isn’t fully resumed they will let me pass as a girl.

I got passed the security and soon I was knocking on Andrew’s door.

“Come in” I heard him say and my breathing increased.

I opened the door slowly but happiness couldn’t let me go in and I closed back the door and face palmed myself.

I was still there when the door opened and he showed up, I turned and faced him and his face changed to that of the person who is surprise.

“Alex” he mouthed starring at me.

Yes, its been months since we last saw each other.

“Andrew!!” I called and immediately jumped on him.

He held me up to himself and I wrapped my legs around his waist and hugged him tightly.

“Oh my, you’ve grown more bigger.”

“Geez what have you been eating?” He asked mockingly and slowly took me into the room and closed the door.

That was when I saw Stephen there.

“Alex” he called.

“Hey Steve” I called back but didn’t wanna get down from Andrew’s body.

If its possible, I want him to carry me forever.

“Aren’t you getting down?” Stephen was the one that asked.

“Come on,let her be, you don’t no how much I’ve missed this hug” Andrew replied him then slowly laid down on the bed, making me lie on top of him in the process.

Then again, he took my lips on his like he has always done and you all no the rest…


It’s has ended finally finally.

Its a happy ending 😃

Thanks y’all for always being here with me.

Love y’all…


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