THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 47




😍Alex’s POV 😍
I continued watching them and slowly tears started gathering up my eyes.

Its hurt, why did he lie to me?

Why didn’t he tell me that they have gotten back together? I thought painfully then started leaving the court.

I felt someone hold my arm and turned to see Frank.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“Why are you suddenly leaving like that?”

I released his hold on me and dried my tears.

“I’m okay, I just suddenly recalled something that I’m supposed to do” I replied him and left before he could utter another word.

I ran walked all the way to the dorm and immediately went and laid down.

Then the tears I was holding started pouring out freely from my eyes.

Why Andrew? Why? I thought and continued crying.

After some minutes I stopped crying and climbed up to the upper bed and laid down.

I guess he has his reasons, he might have found out that he still liked her and decided to get back to her without telling me.

Yea, that might be the case, he must really have his reasons for that.

I continued starring up at the ceiling in loneliness and boredom until I slept off.

Next day.

I opened my eyes and felt pains in my head.

Ouch, I winced and turned in the bed.

My head, what’s happening? I thought and slowly sat up.

Then yesterday’s event flowed into my head. I can’t believe Andrew is back with mia.


I slowly came down from the bed but the pains in my head only doubled, my eyes were turning round and round.

Everything in the room doubled.

I managed to get into the bathroom and poured water on my hair, I soaked my hair into cold water.

My body is also very hot.

I slowly walked to the room to think of what next to do. I can’t go to class in this state, I suppose Andrew had already gone for his training.

Its only a few days to the competition.

Tho I didn’t stay up last night for his return, I know he had returned really late and left early.

What should I do?

Those drugs Andrew brought were still remaining right? I guess I’ll just take them, I thought and managed to stand on my feet to get to where the drugs were kept.

I took out some pills and left to get water from the mini fridge there when the door opened and Andrew came in.

I ignored him and gulped in a little quantity of water and was about to take the drugs when he’s voice stopped me.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I heard him ask but ignored him and took the drugs.

“Why are you talking them again? I thought you are already better?” He asked further but I still ignored him.

“Alex” he called and came to hold me but I managed to pull away from him.

“Leave me alone” I mumbled.

“Geez, your body is damn hot. What happened?” He questioned but I ignored him and went to sit.

I buried my head in my palm praying the heaviness I felt in my head reduce.

“Are you angry with me?” He kept asking but I still didn’t reply.

“Now, what did I do wrong?” I heard him ask as he came and sat down beside me but I still didn’t answer.

Firstly I didn’t want to and secondly I had no strength to even reply even if I wanted to say something.

“Hey, come on, lemme take you to the school clinic, I can feel your hotness from here” he said and pulled my head up.

“Andrew,” I said feebly.

“You aren’t well alright, we can talk about the reason why you are angry with me later, but for now you have to get well” he added and made to stand me up but I stopped him.

“Andrew, did you forget I’m currently disguising as a guy, what are you gonna tell them when we get there?” I managed to ask.

“Oops I forget. Let’s go to the hospital then” he replied.

“Why do you even care if I fall sick or not? Just leave me alone, Andrew” I found myself yelling at him.

“Stop this stubbornness Alexa, stop it, you are acting like a kid” he said and I looked at him.

“Seriously? I am the one acting like a kid or you are the one acting like one? How on earth will you keep the fact that you have gotten back with mia from me? What I’m I exactly to you, huh!?” I questioned.

“Oh, I get it now,that’s the reason you’re acting weird, but your health is far more important than that shit alright” he replied.

“Just leave me, leave me alone please” I said getting more weaker.

He is making me stress myself.

He squatted in front of me and held my two hands in his.

“Alex,I’m sorry for keeping it, but you should no by now that you’re the one I’m truly in love with and not her, please I’ll explain things to you later, just agree to go with me to the hospital, I won’t be able to forgive myself if anything happens to you alright” he cooed leaving me speechless.



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