THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 46



(Did he get back with her?)

😍Alex’s POV 😍
Next day.

I flushed my eyes open slowly to realize it was already morning.

I slowly sat up on the bed and touched my head.

Andrew? Where is he? I thought and looked around the room but didn’t see him.

Maybe he has gone for practice or early morning exercise, I thought then slowly got up and dragged my feet to the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and did other morning routines before coming out to dress up for school.

The door opened and he came in with what seems like a lunch box.

“Andrew” I called immediately.

“Hey, you’re up? How’re you doing?” He inquired.

“I’m doing good, aren’t you leaving for the basketball practice?” I asked.

“I will leave now, just wanted to get you this before I leave” he replied and proffered the box to me and I instantly knew he went to get breakfast for me.

I smiled as I collected it.

“Thanks” I mouthed and he nodded.

“Are you feeling better now?” He asked and took his palm to my forehead and touched it.

“Yes, I’m good” I answered.

“Okay, I’ll get going now, take care” he cooed and left.

I sighed as I went to a nearby sit, then sat down and opened the lunch box.

Then I started eating afterwards.

I got to class and sat down, I didn’t attend class yesterday.

In fact I’ve been missing classes for sometime now so I’m gonna really focus from now on and forget about disturbing thoughts.

Few hours later we got to lunch break but I didn’t leave the class, I stayed putted until we were done with classes.

Then I left afterwards, I went to the dorm and kept my bag, took a shower and decided to take a stroll when a knock came at the door.

I opened the door to see a young guy there.

“Yes, what is it?” I questioned.

“There is a woman asking for Andrew, is he in?” The boy asked.

“No, but who is she and where is she?” I asked back.

“She is waiting for him at the garage, she’s putting on a yellow dress” the boy replied.

Huh. Who could she be?

“Okay thanks,I’ll let Andrew know about this” I told him and he nodded and left.

A woman?

Could she be the same strange woman? I thought deeply.

Well, not being too nosey but I think I should check her out.

Who knows she might want to pass an important message to Andrew who is still practicing.

I opened the door and went out a once and headed for the garage.

Yellow dress, she’s on yellow dress, I kept saying in my mind until I got to the garage.

I eye searched for the woman and found her waiting there, then I slowly approached her.

“Good day ma’am, are you waiting for Andrew?” I asked politely and she ran her eyes all over me.

“Yes and who are you?” She answered and asked.

“Well, I’m Andrew’s..Andrew’s roommate and friend” I replied.

“Oh, you’re his friend?” She asked with little smile and I nodded.

“But ma’am who are you to him?” He doesn’t really receive visitors, I questioned.

“Well, I’m his mom” she answered.

“Really?” I asked as my eyes widened a bit.

Wow, Andrew’s mom, for real?

When no one has seen or heard anything about his family, here I’m I speaking with his mom.

“Yes dear, please where is he?” She inquired.

“Well ma’am, he is practicing right now, I could pass your message to him” I told her.

“Oh really? I was hoping on seeing him” she pulled a sad face.

“Oh sorry,I’ll tell him to give you a call or probably visit you tomorrow” I said.

“No need for that, just tell him I came” she cooed then entered into the car parked beside her.

And that was when I noticed a small boy in the car, if I aren’t mistaking the boy has a resemblance to Andrew.

She started the car then drove out of the parking lot.

I sighed then made for the basketball court.

Lemme go pass the message to him now.

Its better that way.

I walked for a long time and finally got to the basketball court.

There weren’t a lot of students there.

“Hey” I heard a familiar voice call as I was about to get in then I turned to see Frank.

“Frank, hey what’s up?” I beamed excited to see him.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m here for someone, I didn’t see you in class today, did you go somewhere?” I inquired.

“Well, yea” he mouthed then shrugged his shoulders.

“Do you play basketball or you came to watch them train?” I questioned.

“I came to watch” he answered.

“Okay than, I also came to watch them, let’s go in” I cooed and he nodded.

We got in and I stood beside him to watch the players.

I started eye searching for Andrew but couldn’t find him.

Why is he not here? I thought then decided to ask someone that was standing beside me.

“Isn’t Andrew playing with them?” I asked him.

“He is, but he just left with his girlfriend” he answered.

“Girlfriend? Left to where?” I continued asking.

“Maybe the restroom, I think that’s the direction they headed to” the guy replied.

My heart beat by now has already increased, just at the mention of girlfriend.

Who could it be now? I thought and headed for the restroom.

I got to the female’s restroom and didn’t even mind if there were girls there and got in.

I searched for him but couldn’t find him.

I then left for the male’s restroom and was about entering when I heard a familiar voice.

I paused when I recognize the voice, it was Mia’s voice of course.

Then I hid for some unknown reasons.

From where I hid I watched as Andrew came out accompanied by mia.

Okay, what’s going on? I thought, surprised.

Mia as always was clinging unto him.

What’s happening? Or did he get back with her? I thought he had already ended things with her.

Why on earth is he with her?

What the hell?



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