THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 44



(Best couple)

😱 Alex’s POV 😱

I starred back at her speechless and soon she started laughing.

“Oh my gosh, this is so unbelievable” she exclaimed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Andrew turned to her and questioned.

“I formally came to see you, but I’m okay now, I’ll just get going” she answered then left the room.

Andrew followed her immediately she left.

😎Andrew’s POV 😎

“Hey stop” I called and made her stop.

“Why did you come here? Why on earth did you barge in like that?” I asked annoyed at her behaviour.

“What? Because of the little secret you’re keeping, its won’t be a secret anymore from now on, you don’t have to worry” she replied and made to leave but I stopped her again.

“What do you want?” I asked trying to calm myself down.

“I’ll think about your proposal Drew, you’re suddenly acting like a gentleman” she smirked then left.


Why on earth does she have to find out?

I stood for some minutes starring at her fading shadow.

I’ll make sure she doesn’t speak up, I thought then for my room.

I got in to meet Alex pacing about the room.

“She is gonna tell on me, isn’t she?” She questioned hastily.

“Calm down, I’ll handle her” I tried calming her down.

“But I’m not calm, I don’t even think I can go to class anymore, my head is getting so hot, why on earth did she come in like that?” She said at once.

I moved closer to her and embraced her.

“Its okay, don’t worry too much and you can have a rest if you feel sick” I said softly and felt her hugging me back.

“I don’t wanna leave you, I don’t wanna get separated from you Andrew” I heard her say and I disengaged from the hug and starred into her eyes.

“You won’t, we are always gonna be together okay? So stop being too scared” I cooed and she nodded.

I pecked her forehead and a knock came at the door.

“Who is there?” I questioned.

“Andrew, its me moses, the coach sent me to you” a voice replied.

“I’ll be there in minutes” I answered and heard foot steps move away from the door.

“Lemme go take my bath” I told her and left for the bathroom.

😱Alex’s POV 😱
Hours later.

I laid down on the bed thinking. Thinking about mia, she has found out my real identity.

What is gonna happen now? I can’t just stop worrying even tho Andrew told me not to.

I’m afraid I’m gonna become sick from worrying, hope he manages to convince her not to say a word to anyone that’s if she hasn’t told the whole school.

What if the securities are coming to take me right now?

Oh gosh, I don’t wanna think about the consequence.

I can’t handle the shame and I don’t wanna stay away from Andrew.

I wanna stay right beside him.

What will happen now? Now that we are finally getting closer to each other this happens?

Oh sh*t! This is really bad.

😎Andrew’s POV 😎
I couldn’t concentrate on the training as my mind was just divided.

Gosh, I’m feeling awkward about this.

Hope nothing separate Alex and I.

“Andrew!!” I heard the coach call as the whistle went off.

“Andrew do you have a problem? you haven’t score a single goal since we started playing.”

“Its been thirty minutes already, this is seriously unlike you” the coach queried.

“I’m good, I just need to use the restroom” I replied him then left for the restroom.

I got to the restroom and turned on the tap then started washing my face and hand.

“Andrew” I heard a very familiar voice call.

“What’s happening? Is there something I need to know?” Stephen questioned.

He is the one that had called my name.

“No” I replied simply and continued washing my face.

“Is it about Alex? Its about her right? What happened now?” He kept asking.

I might as well tell him.

“Mia found out about her identity” I replied simply.

“Wow” I heard him exclaim.

That’s huge, no wonder you look off, so what’s gonna happen now, especially now that you have already broken up with her?” He questioned.

“That’s the problem, I don’t really no but I think I’ll find a way to persuade her” I replied him.

“But how? Will she even listen?” He asked.

“I’ll find a way, I’ll make sure she doesn’t reveal it Steve” I replied.

“What if she ask you to take her back in order to keep it?” He questioned again.

I turned and starred at him for a while thinking about it.

“I don’t no, I hope she doesn’t” I replied then walked pass him.

😍Alex’s POV😍
I turned restlessly on the bed waiting for Andrew to show up.

Its really late already, its high time he shows up.

My whole body has become so damn hot, I think I’m gonna fall sick at this rate.

I wonder what news Andrew is gonna bring back.

If its turns out that he can’t make her keep shut then I suppose I have to start packing my stuff immediately in order to leave.

I hope that’s not the case tho.

😎Andrew’s POV😎
“What do you want?” I asked with a straight face as I stood in front of her.

She had asked to meet up with me around the girls dorm after practice.

She smiled and came closer to me, she made to kiss me but I stopped her.

“I’m not here for this, tell me what you want” I said coldly but she only smiled more broadly.

“Is she the reason you broke up with me? That pretender? You’re in love with her right?” She asked coyly.

“Straight to the point, tell me what you really want in order to keep shut” I replied flatly.

I heard her chuckle.

“Are you sure about that? Will you do whatever I want?” She asked.

“Just spill it out okay? Say it” I hushed and she cleared her voice.

“I want you back, more than before, and its gonna be like this, I’m allowed to always be with you even if you’re bathing or going anywhere, I’ll be with you and we’ll be the best perfect couple, what do you think about that? Will you agree?” She questioned.


Will he agree? 😢


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