THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 40



(With him)

😎Andrew’s POV 😎
I opened my eyes to notice she wasn’t beside me.

Okay, where is she in the middle of the night? I wondered and looked around then I started hearing sniffing.

I took the direction it was coming from and saw her crying.

Is she that scared?

“Hey, are you that scared of this place?” I questioned getting closer to her but her crying only increased.

“Alexa, what’s wrong?” I asked getting really confused.

I went and squatted down in front of her to find her hand on her tummy.

“Alex? Why are you crying? I’m sorry for making you sleep here, I’ll find a way to open the gate then” I told her but she didn’t reply.

“Alex, what’s going on?” I questioned getting more confused and worried at her silence.

I raised my hand and placed it on hers.

“Talk to me” I cooed.

“I’m not scared of this place, its…just..its..just..” she paused and resumed her tears and I could tell she was in pains.

“Where? Where does it hurts? Your tummy?” I asked concerned and she nodded.

“But why? Why is it hurting you by this time of the night?” I asked.

“Its..its my period, its started today” she revealed and my mouth fell open.

“Re..really? Um..I’m sorry about that, I don’t really no how you feel but can I do anything to help relieve the pain?” I questioned.

“Drugs, but I don’t have one and its late, I didn’t even remember it was gonna begin today and..”

“You also caused it, why on earth did you bring me? I really wanna die” she cried and I became more confused and surprised.

“You shouldn’t have brought me here and you also gave me ice creams, I really wanna die” she cried more harder.


“I’m.. I’m really sorry” I apologized not knowing what else to do or say.

It should be around 1am by now.

We arrived here around 11:00. If I had f**k*ng known I really couldn’t have brought her out today.

I tried holding her hand but she pushed me away.

“Leave me alone!” She yelled.

Hold on, does it hurt to that extent? I’ve never seen her this way.

I can’t leave her like this, I’ll have to do something about this, I thought then got up.

“Where are you going to? Are you leaving me alone here? In the dark?” She questioned but I ignored her and left.

😍Alex’s POV😍
I watched him as he left.

What’s wrong? Did I make him angry?

Maybe, I said what I shouldn’t have said.

I am really pains.

I just wanted to make myself feel better but I got him angry.

“Andrew, don’t leave me” I called out to him but didn’t hear from him.

The pains has reduced already.

I took my palm to my face and dried my tears.

Cold wind blew and I hugged myself.

This isn’t good at all?

I’m either gonna freeze to death or die of mensuration pains.

This is really bad.

I so much hate periods, sometimes I wish that i was a guy when this unwanted visitor comes.

I continued staying that way then after some minutes heard foot steps to see Andrew coming back.

“Andrew” I turned and called out but he surprisedly came to me and carried me up.

“Let’s get out of here” he cooed and I wrapped my hand on his shoulder for support and starred at him.

What does he mean get out? I thought he is angry at me.

I continued starring and starring at him as he carried me without much effort.

Tho I couldn’t see his face clearly but I was happy, happy that he carried me.

We approached the gate and I saw it open.

“How..’ I asked and pointed to the gate.

“I brought it down” he cut in and replied.

“But why?” I asked when we had gotten outside to his car and he had unlocked and kept me inside the car.

“I didn’t want you to continue suffering, I’ll send the repairs money to them tomorrow morning” he answered and also got into the car.

He ignited the engine then reversed.

Hope we don’t meet cops on the road tho.

We drove for a short time silently and he stopped.

I looked around the area we stopped and discovered a hospital was around the area.

He came down, then came to me again and carried me up in his arms while I again wrapped my hand around his shoulder.

He walked me to the hospital and we got in.

Two nurse there came to us immediately.

“What’s wrong with her?” They both asked.

Andrew was still carrying me in his arms, by now I’ve totally forgotten about the dangerous pains.

“Can you get her a ward first” Andrew replied them huskily.

“Um..okay” one replied and looked at me.

“This way please” she beckoned and Andrew carried me and followed her.

I am really enjoying the care.

He has been carrying me for long, if I’m not crazy I’ll say I want to be in pains always so he’ll always carry me.

He dropped me on the bed showed to us and I groaned recalling the pains.

“Sir, you need to sigh some papers, we’ll take it from here” they told Andrew and he nodded and left.

“So dear, what is wrong with you?” One nurse asked.

“I’m in pains, I just need drugs to relieve mensuration pains” I replied them and they both starred at each other.

“Is that why your boyfriend has been carrying you?” One asked.

They were obviously surprised.

“Yes” I replied and blushed.

“You have a great guy there, hold on to him tight” one said and I blushed again.

Gosh, I felt really lucky at that point.

And of course I’m gonna hold onto Andrew this time, no letting go.

One of them left and came back with drugs, sanitary pad and water.

“Take this, then go change” they ordered and I took the drug and left for their toilet to change.

There wasn’t much drops, its just even started but the pains are so killing.

I fixed the sanitary pad into my pant and wore it back.

The pains were still coming at me but I held myself back from crying wishing that the drugs takes effect immediately.

I stayed in the toilet for a while before stepping out to see Andrew there.

“Andrew, thank you” I thanked immediately fiddling with my gown.

He came closer to me and stopped.

“Are you okay now?” He asked and I nodded.

He then embraced me immediately.

“I was really worried and scared with the way you reacted”.

“I’ve never seen you cry so much before”.

“I’m sorry you had to pass through such pains” he cooed and I smiled.

True, I won’t loss this guy.

I won’t.

😎Andrew’s POV😎
I disengaged from the hug and cupped her cheeks.

“Can we go now?” I questioned and she smiled.

“Yes” she answered.

“Okay then” I replied and held her hand and we walked out of the hospital.

But come to think of it, if I hadn’t controlled myself in the park and really had my way with her.

Like have s*x with her without knowing she was about seeing her period then the unexpected could have happened.

If I had done it, she could have gotten pregnant.

Geez, I can’t believe it.



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