THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 4



(Who is she?)

😍 Alex’s POV 😍
Stephen took slow steady steps towards me and I shifted back in fear.

“What…what do you want?” I was forced to ask.

He smiled more broadly immediately I asked him that and next he raised his hand as if to slap me but restricted his himself.

“Bob,Levi”‘he called out to the two boys following him and they moved towards me.

I stepped back and continued moving back until we were outside.

Then next they both charged at me.

Are they gonna fight me? Well, it’s no big deal anyways. My dad taught me karate but I wasn’t keen on learning it.

But its not as if I don’t no how to fight.

I stood watching them as they rushed towards me at the same time.

I stood as if they were nothing and once they got closer I blocked them both with my hand and used all my strength to push them back at once.

They staggered back and came at me almost immediately.

One made to punch me but I did a back flit and kick them in the process.

Other male students started gathering at the scene and soon the three of us were all gathered.

Andrew was still inside watching us.

Stephen had that smile but once he saw I was beating them his smiles disappeared.

But seriously, I don’t wanna cause any scene.

When I kicked them they both fell down and remained on the floor for few seconds before they stood back on their feet.

They charged at me again but one was more closer so I turned and gave him a kick on his jaw making him fall down.

The second one got really close and wanted to bounce on me because I was squatting on the floor.

So I simply gave him a head nod and he groaned and held his fore head.

“That’s enough Stephen, that’s enough” I heard Andrew’s voice and I stood up on my feet.

The other boys that gathered started cheering for me immediately and I was forced to smile.

Well, its not easy anyways but I’m happy I at least learned some skills from dad.

Stephen frowned and left with Bob and Levi.

The other boys continued cheering as I went in to the dorm and closed the door behind.

Andrew was just starring at me but I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

I don’t no if his happy or sad because he has a straight face on.

I went into the bathroom and washed sweat off my face.

My stomach made noise and I realized that I haven’t even eaten.

Damn! Lemme go find something to eat.

I left the bathroom and went to where my luggage are. I opened it and brought out a credit card given to me by my dad and made to leave the room but was stopped by Andrew’s voice.

“Where are you going to?” He asked coldly with his eyes focused on his phone.

“I’m…I’m…hungry, I need to eat” I replied him and he raised his eyes and starred at me.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were hungry then?” He questioned.

Wait, I’m I supposed to tell him every single thing?

“Um…Andrew, I don’t wanna disturb you so…so..I’ll just go eat and come back quick” I said nervously.

“Yea, I haven’t eaten anything too, let’s go together” he said and stood up.

He took a leather jacket and wore it on.

“Let’s go” he mumbled and walked pass me.

My mouth has been open since he said we were gonna eat together.

I mean is this for real? Andrew is gonna be eating with me?

Wow! I think my misfortune is already turning into fortune.

He doesn’t even suspect anything.

I smiled at that thought and finally followed him from behind.

We got outside to the school premises and the usual happened again.

I don’t really have to always explain myself but I hope you no it.

After the buzz and everything we got to the school’s restaurant.

So big and classy.

Crystal high is the number school here in America.

Everybody loves and wishes to attend this school.

We sat down at a table and three different waitress ran to our table as if they were being chased.

Well I understand its because he is Andrew. Everyone treats him specially.

I even heard his father is a major share holder of this school but no one really knows his origin.

He became popular when he joined the school basketball team.

“Sirs, what will you like to order?” One of the three attender questioned with smiles.

Andrew looked at me and I shifted on my sit.

Why is he looking at me? I wondered and starred back at him.

“What do you wanna take?” He asked in that usual tone of his.

“Since it’s already getting to noon I’ll love to take fried chicken breast with spaghetti sauce” I told the waitress and one of them wrote it down.

“What do you wanna eat, sir Andrew?” They asked.

“I’m not hungry” he replied them and I looked at him puzzled.

Didn’t he say few minutes ago that he hasn’t eaten?

He didn’t return the gaze but instead brought out his phone and started pressing it.

I looked around and noticed that students there were starring at us and the restaurant has become more crowded then before.

👤Wow, look at Andrew’s new friend, he is very handsome and I heard his a good fighter too, I heard a girl tell her friend.

My eyes went to them and they both winked at me.

Gross. What the f**k? I’m a girl too please don’t like me, I thought.

The attenders brought my meal and I started eating slowly.

The number of eyes starring at us could make me choke but I have to keep my cool.

Andrew just behaved as if he was the only one in the world and kept pressing his phone.

I was still eating before a lady accompanied with her friend rushed to our table and surprisedly sat on Andrew’s laps.

I stopped eating immediately and watched them.

Then next she kissed him and my eyes widened.

Okay…who is she?



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