THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 39




😍Alex’s POV😍
He continued kissing me for a while and slowly stood up gently and made me lie slowly on the sit we were both sitting on.

At this point I had completely forgotten about the ice cream or maybe it fallen off my hand already.

He then stopped kissing my lips and took his mouth to my neck and started kissing me there.

He slowly pulled down my gown to my shoulder.

I was still trying to remind him that we were in a public place but he wasn’t giving me the chance to talk as he bite my earlobe and sent his hands into my bra and fondled with my bos.

Immediately he did that I gasped and tried pushing him away but of course couldn’t.

He started pulling the gown down from my shoulder to my waist leaving me with only bra.

When he had done that he took his hand to the hook of my bra and made to unhook it and that was when I stopped him.

“We..we..can’t do this here Andrew” I told him.

“There are people here that might be watching us” I continued saying when he just starred at me blankly.

“No one is here, and we aren’t doing something that shouldn’t be done” he replied and before I could say any other thing he unhooked my bra and its fell off from my bre*st.

My eyes widened as I tried covering them back.

I know I don’t have much of bos but lemme protect the small one I have.

I saw him smirk and he held me from doing what I wanted to do.

He bent slowly and the tip of his tongue touched my left bre*st.

I gasped as my body shook.

What the hell did he just do?

He then did that again and I felt his tongue graze my nipple.

And…I gasped out.

What the f**k!?

Then he started with the main thing and used his mouth to s**k my bre*st.

The way his mouth took in most of my bre*st made me wet immediately.

I could feel my nipples becoming hard.

I then wrapped my hands on his shoulder as he continued s**king from bos and after a while he stopped.

“Let’s stop here, don’t wanna go far” he breathed out and I sat up.

He sat down and fixed his fingers into his hair and closed his eyes.

I slowly wore back my bra and dressed my gown properly as I starred at him.

Did he just do that to me minutes ago?

Oh Alex! Why did you let him? I wondered and scolded myself.

“An..Andrew, I think it’s high time we headed back to the school” I remained.

“Oh yea” he mumbled and got up.

“Let’s go” he said and I also got up and we left, headed to the entrance but when we got there the gate there was locked.

No, please tell me I’m not seeing clearly.

“Is it locked?” I questioned wide eyes.

“Yea, I guess” Andrew replied less concerned and turned to look at me.

“I guess we’ll have to sleep here tonight” he said and I think I saw him smile a little.

“Is that why I didn’t see people around? But..oh my Andrew, how are we gonna sleep here now?” I grumbled and ruffed my hair.

“Its not hard, let’s sit back there” he answered and went back to the place we were formally sitting at.

I walked sullenly behind him and also sat down and started fiddling with my gown.

“Here” I heard him say and he slowly pulled my head down and made me rest my head on his shoulder.

I sighed and closed my eyes as I felt his shoulder wrap me.

“Are we really gonna be sleeping here tonight?” I asked him.

“Of course, its just a night, sorry you had to sleep here” I heard him reply and slowly I drifted into deep sleep.

I opened my eyes because of the pains I started feeling in my V area and my tummy.

I slowly removed my head from his shoulder as the pain doubled.

I started rubbing my tummy wondering why am feeling such pains then my mind flashed to my monthly visitors.

Oh no, please don’t tell me its starting today.

I wasn’t even prepared for it, if I had known I shouldn’t have taken that ice cream.

Oh my!

Why now? This place of all places?

No, heavens no,I thought and wanted to start crying.

Luckily for me Andrew didn’t notice my head was off his shoulder.

I stood up gently and went and sat at a distance away from him as I kept rubbing my tummy.

By this time I was already in tears.

I started crying so loudly wishing the pains could just go away.

“Hey, are you that scared of this place?” I suddenly heard Andrew’s voice and saw him approaching me.

Then I increased my tears.

I hate this moment!

Alex in trouble.


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