THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 32



(Sad expression)

😍Alex’s POV😍
I helped him to the bed and made him lie down.

“About the surprise..”

“Don’t bother, we can do that later” I cut him off and said.

“Just take a rest okay” I cooed watching him.

“Yea” he mumbled and sighed.

I kept watching him wondering why he doesn’t wanna open up about the strange woman. I wonder why he is also thinking that I’m gonna pity him.

I’m just being concerned about him and that’s all.

I continued watching him as he closed his eyes.

He looks so handsome, so so handsome this way.

This is the first time I’m actually watching him sleep.

I made to stand up when I felt he had gone deep in sleep, but surprisedly he pulled me back and made me lie on the bed beside him.

What? He hasn’t still fallen asleep?


“Just stay right here beside me” he cut me off and wrapped his hand around me.

Then I smiled and adjusted properly laying my head on his broad chest.

You can’t imagine my happiness right now, I never thought that this day could come.

Here I am sleeping next to him with my head on his chest.

Gosh, my heart beat is increasing by each second that passes.

I was unable to stop smiling but everywhere became too quite and I didn’t no when I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed.

Where is Andrew? I thought and looked around the room.

When did he leave the bed? I wondered and got down on my feet.

“Andrew? And…”

My voice trailed off when the door opened revealing Andrew followed by Stephen.

“Hey, you’re up” he cooed and came in.

He was with a pack of pizza.

“Yes” I replied with my eyes running all over him.

“When did you leave? Are you okay now?” I questioned.

“Yes, I’m good, I went to get this for you since I can’t surprise you anymore today, I think that will be tomorrow” he said and took a sit on a couch there.

I looked at Stephen as he sat down beside him then I went to sit on the bed watching what’s gonna happen next.

He opened the pack of pizza and offered it to me but Stephen held his hand back.

“What are you doing? You should have at least offered me a little from there” Stephen groaned.

Andrew removed Stephen’s hold on him and gave the pizza to me.

“Its not meant for you alright” Andrew replied and Stephen scoffed and stood up.

“I shouldn’t be here, I shouldn’t, I’ll just go ahead and leave you two alone” he grumbled and left.

Andrew chuckled as he left.

“He behaves like a s**king kid some times” Andrew said and I smiled and sat down on the floor.

I placed the box of pizza in between my legs and cut out a part from it and offered it to him.

“No, I don’t need it, it’s for you” he rejected.

“No, I want you to also have a bit from it, please” I pleaded.

He hesitated for a while before he sluggishly collected it but just tasted it and returned it.

“I don’t really like pizza, tho I liked it 11 years ago, I no longer like it” he said with a sad expression on.

I didn’t bother asking him again about why he had become a bit sad because I knew he wasn’t gonna easily open up.

“Okay” I mouthed and continued with the pizza.

Gosh, it’s damn awesome.

“Pizzas taste great, but this one is more sweeter. Its the sweetest pizza I’ve tasted” I said out loud.

He chuckled and went to the mini fridge there and brought out a bottle of red wine and two glasses.

He came to me on the floor, like he sat down beside me on the floor.

He has been acting too nice ever since his confession.

Things I didn’t believe he could do but here he was doing it.

He opened the wine and decanted little quantity on both cups then offered one cup to me.

I took the cup from him and sipped a little from the wine.

Aw, the taste is so so good. So refreshing, I thought and licked my lips.

“Does it taste nice?” He inquired.

“Yes, the taste is great, I love it so much” I told him and he smiled.

“I’m glad you like it, I don’t usually drink wine tho but its good I had some here” he cooed as I continued with my pizza.

I took in a large quantity of pizza and a sip from the wine.

Its continued that way for long until I finished the whole pizza.

“Wow, that was great” I exclaimed and rubbed my belly.

“Really?” He asked.

“Yes” I replied and stood up.

“Lemme go freshen up, we are having an early morning class tomorrow and you guys are gonna be having a match against an opposite school so you’ll have to start your football training tomorrow, you will have to also go to bed early” I told him and left for the bathroom.

In two weeks time, our school crystal high will be having a basketball match with green olive high so they’ll have to start training fully tomorrow.

I wonder if he’ll still continue being in class because of the training but let’s watch how its goes.

I got into the shower and did my thing.

I came out to see him already lying down.

“Goodnight” I cooed and started climbing up to my bed but his voice stopped me.

“Alex?” He called and I looked down at him.

“Yes” I replied.

“Come here” he cooed and I climbed down and stood by his side.

“Any problem?” I inquired and he tapped the space beside him on the bed.

“Sleep here tonight, sleep here with me” he replied.

“Really?” I beamed and he replied with a yes.

I then laid down beside him, he Kissed my forehead and wrapped his hands around me, just like he did at noon.

“Goodnight” he cooed his breath fanning my side cheek.



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