THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 31



(Who is she?)

😎Andrew’s POV 😎
I stood watching her in shock as she processed towards me.

Her eyes were running all over my body.

“An..Andrew?” She called but I couldn’t respond.

“Is this you? You’ve grown so big and handsome” she exclaimed but I just kept on starring at her.

“Andrew? It’s me, your Mom, why aren’t you saying anything?” She inquired when I still kept quite.

“What are you doing here?” I finally spoke out sounding so cold.

Of course she deserved it, she made me grow up without having someone to call mom, and now what??

Why is she back after 11 years?

“Andrew” she called and paused.

“I’m sorry son, but I just miss you so much” she cooed.

“Well, I don’t no you, I think you’re mistaking me for someone else, I don’t have a mother to miss me” I replied coldly.

“Andrew” She cracked.

“I’m really sorry” she apologized and grabbed hold of my hand.

I freed my hand from hers immediately she did that.

“Don’t touch me, I don’t like strangers touching me” I groaned.

“Andrew, I’m still your mom, I’m sorry for what I did” she cried.

“My mother disappeared 11years ago, and since she did, I took it that she died, so to me my mother is died, I’ll encourage you to go look for your real son cause I think you’re hallucinating” I snapped getting angry.

How could she?

“Andrew?” She called and grabbed hold of my hand tightly.

“Please don’t punish me this way, you can do it in another way but please not this way” she pleaded holding my hand tightly.

I was fuming in rage, she is angering me the more.

She’s holding my hand tightly, how I wish I could just push her off but I just can’t.

The way she threw me off 11 years ago, I wanna also do it but it’s seems a bit hard.

She held my hand tightly and started sobbing.

“Andrew, please forgive me” she continued pleading and I started wriggling my hand free.

“Mom!” I heard a tiny voice scream and I saw a small boy running towards us.

He came to us and removed mom’s hand from mine.

“Are you okay mom? Why are you holding onto him tightly?” The boy asked her.

“Go into the car, I’m coming, go wait for me in the car” mom replied him and he spared me a glance before going into the car.

“Who is he?” I asked with my eyes fixed on the car he got into.

I just don’t want to concern her matters with mine but I’m just too curious.

I think he is 11 years old.

Could it be..???

“Just forget about him” she voiced out and wiped her tears off.

“Andrew, I’ll come another day to see you” she said.

“I’ll come back, I promise” she added.

“You don’t need to, like I said before, I don’t no you” I replied flatly, then turned and left her there.

👧Andrew’s mom POV 👧

I sniffed in repeatedly and turned back and went into the car.

I sat down beside my second one and ignited the engine of the car.

“Mom, who is he? He looked so mean, why is he treating you that way?” He asked.

“Hey, don’t say that again, he isn’t mean, I’m the one that was mean to him” I corrected him.

“Huh, but how? I’ve not even seen him before mom, who is he? Why do you keep holding onto him?” He questioned.

“Henry, when its time I’ll tell you all about it alright dear, let’s just go now” I forced a smile at him, turned and left the school premises.

At least I know where he schools.

I can easily come back and look for him.

I can’t believe he has grown that big and tall, he got even more taller than I am.

The last time I saw him he hasn’t even gotten up to Henry’s age.

I know it’ll be really difficult, I know I wronged him too badly but I’m ready to get my son back.

I’m ready to do anything to get him back.

😱Alex’s POV 😱
I paced about the room waiting for Andrew to show up.

Why is he taking so long?

I’ve been waiting for him. What’s happening?? I thought and continued pacing about until the door started cracking open.

Its cracked open and then revealed Andrew, but its wasn’t the Andrew I was expecting.

This Andrew is looking so different.

What could be wrong? Does it have to do with the strange woman? I thought worriedly.

Who could she be??

“Andrew?” I called and moved closer to him as he walked in sullenly.

His eyes were looking red and hot.

“Andrew” I called even more worried.

“What’s wrong? Did something bad happen?” I kept asking him as he stood at the door without moving.

His head was slightly bent.

“Andrew” I called and moved closer to him again.

My heart is melting down in sadness.

I’ve never seen him this way.

“What’s happening?” I inquired and placed my one hand on his left shoulder.

He was still starring down at the floor.

“Andrew, you can talk to me, you know you can” I coed.

“What’s wrong? Those it involve the strange woman?” I kept asking.

“I met her…I met her after all these years” he muttered sounding so sad.

“Who? Who did you meet?” I asked him but instead he embraced me.

“Can you stop asking? I hate people seeing me this way, I hate being pitted” he voiced out.

“Andrew, I’m not pitting you, don’t ever think like that okay?” I cooed and hugged him more tightly.

He also held me more tightly.

I don’t no.

I really don’t understand too, but I think it involves her – the strange woman.

Who is she?

Why did she leave him in this state? I kept thinking.

But no matter what is going on in his mind, I hope he comes over it.



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