THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 30



(Who is the strange woman)

😱Alex’s POV 😱
I was still standing there starring at the door when Stephen walked passed me and went in.

I also advanced to the door and stood there without getting in.

“Hey, what happened?”

“Why did she leave that way?” I heard Stephen ask.

“I got tired and told her off, I told her that I aren’t in love with her, she got angry as expected” I heard Andrew reply her and my eyes widened.

He what? He told her off???

No wonder she looked really angry.

“Where is Alex?” I heard Andrew ask of me and I gently opened the door and got in.

He fixed his eyes on me as I went and sat down to finish up my meal.

Then I sat and started eating without taking.

Fast forward.

Two days later.

Gosh, we’re back at the school.

A lot of activities took place, activities like sport and I feel so happy that we went for that outing.

I’m even more happy for the fact that Andrew confessed his feelings to me and didn’t slack back.

He proved that he truly liked me by ending things with miss Cassy, he has also promised to end things with mia on his own.

Like, I’m over happy for this outing, if we hadn’t gone for it I’m sure this couldn’t have happened.

I lay down quietly on the bed thinking about everything that had happened, I also made a friend, well yea, I became friends with frank.

He is a very cool guy, over cool.

The door cracked and I looked to see it was Andrew.

“Hey” he cooed.

“Hey” I replied and got down from the bed and sat down in the lower one.

“How’re you doing?” He asked and sat down beside me.

“I’m okay” I replied with my head slightly bent.

I’ll confess that I’ve turned a bit shy.

Its a bit weird. We have become more close.

I noticed he started unbuckling his shirt buttons and my heart skipped.

Hold on, why is he unbuckling his shirt buttons? I wondered but couldn’t ask him.

He finished unbuckling it and stood up.

My heart kept pounding.

Then my eyes went up and landed on his bare body.

Oh my gosh, why did I look?

My eyes widened as I saw his body, his chest looked perfect and very sexy.

My mouth slightly opened as I drooled.

“Hey, you can stop drooling” I heard his voice break into my mind and I gulped and looked away shyly.

Damn, why did he catch me drooling at him?

I heard him chuckle as he changed his top.

My head remained bent until we heard a knock at the door and Andrew who was standing close to the door opened it.

“Yes, any problem?” He hushed and I heard a male’s voice from the outside.

“Yes Andrew, a woman is asking of you, she said she knows you” the voice replied and Andrew huffed.

“A woman? What woman?” He asked the Messanger.

“I really don’t no, but I was asked to call you” the voice answered again.

“Where is the woman right now?” Andrew inquired.

“Right now she is at the garage waiting for you, she is on blue dress” the Messanger replied.

“Okay, copied” Andrew replied and slammed the door shut.

By this time I was already on my feet.

Who is the strange woman?

He turned and looked at me.

“Andrew?” I called immediately.

“Who is she?” I inquired.

“I don’t no” he replied and came really close to me.

“What’s that look for? Are you perhaps worried that a mere woman came to see me?” He cooed.

“No, that not it, I’m only curious” I replied and forced a smile.

“Okay then, when I get back, I have a surprise for you” he cooed and my eyes widened again.


“Don’t ask, I’ll be back in a few minutes” he cut me off.

😎Andrew’s POV 😎
I turned and left the dorm in search of the woman.

Woman? Its really strange.

Who is she?

I don’t no any woman so it’s really strange to me.

If its were to be a lady I’d understand but a woman? I’m even more curious to know who and why she is looking for me.

I passed through a hidden place where I won’t be seen by those female students who always freak out whenever they see me.

It’s kind of a hidden short cut.

I continued walking till I got to the garage.

I turned my head left and right looking for the woman in blue who is searching for me.

Then my eyes caught her and my heart beat slowed down.

She also saw me and I confirmed it.



What the hell is she doing here when she disappeared years ago without a word?



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