THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 28



(I think I like you)

😱 Alex’s POV 😱
“Alex” he called with his eyes fixed on Frank who was also starring at him.

“Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you” he asked and took his eyes to me.

I took my eyes to the floor wondering if I should reply him this time or not, the look on his face has softened so I don’t no what to do.

“Alex?” I heard a different voice call this time around and I raised my head to see Frank starring down at me.

He was the one that called me.

‘I’ll get going now, its looks like you’re really familiar with them” he said coyly then turned and left.

Stephen took few steps closer to us when Frank left, Andrew was just starring at Frank till he couldn’t.

“Does he know that you’re a girl?” He asked his eyes fixed back on me.

I’ll continue ignoring him.

Goodness please help me ignore him successfully but I don’t no till when.

I took my eyes to the floor and tried walking pass him but I felt his grip on me.

“When are you gonna stop doing this? Do you know how worried I was when you didn’t show up last night? Until when are you gonna keep up ignoring me?” He asked looking really pissed then I decided to reply him.

Its not as if I’ll start talking to him since I replied him.

“Until when you also learn how to respect me” I replied with the coldest voice I could with, then I wriggled free from him and continued on my way.

I was praying not to fall because I could feel both Andrew’s and Stephen’s gaze on me.

Sweats has already formed on my forehead.

Where did I get that nerve from? I thought and continued on my way, but then after some minutes I started hearing foot steps approaching me.

The manner in which its sounded made me edger to know who was approaching but when I made to turn I felt myself spin.

Oh my, the male’s wig fell off Instantly, I don’t just know how but it happened, making all my hair fall on my body.

Part of it covered my face and I looked up to see it was actually Andrew.

“An…” I paused when I wanted to say something because he took his hand to my part of my hair that was covering my face and removed them, he tucked them behind my earlobe and starred at me that way.

I was still in shock as I also starred at him.

I mean what just happened?

“I don’t really understand but I hate it that you’re treating me this way, I don’t want those attitudes from you cause its really pissing me off, so I’ll just take Stephen’s advice, I wanna apologize for what I did last night, I didn’t mean to disrespect or get angry at you, so I’m sorry, can you forgive and stop giving me those cold sides of yours?” He said at once and I found myself smiling at the last part.

The look of desperation on his face was so obvious.

Gosh, my heart beat increased in millions.

“Can you?” He asked again when I didn’t reply him.

I nodded my head and instantly he embraced me giving me another shock of my life.

Oh my! What does this mean?

Perhaps, does he also like me?

What I’m I even thinking?

He is probably doing this because of the silent treatment, he felt bothered and decided to apologize.

Yea, that’s it, don’t expect too much so it won’t bounce back at you Alex, I advised myself still in his embrace.

After a long while he disengaged from the hug and went down to pick my wig from the floor and he wore it on me.

“I guess we’re okay now, now can you tell me who that guy is?” He asked and I laughed.

“Are you jealous? He is just a friend” I replied and he scoffed.

“I’m not jealous, beside you’re disguising as a guy so why will I be jealous even if that was the case, but does he know that you’re a girl?” He asked at once.

“Look, why do you wanna know? I won’t tell you, its remains a secret” I coed and started going.

“Hey, are you seriously gonna keep it? I need to know so I’ll be able to protect you in case he tries to harm you” he groaned and I smiled this time.

Guess I’m just so happy that we are now talking, thank goodness he apologized, I was thinking of the way I’m gonna continue ignoring him.

“He is not gonna harm me, his a really nice person and yes he knows that I’m a girl, he saw me the day his sister Tracy allowed me spend the night with them, mere seeing me that night is enough for him to know when he sees me again in a male’s clothing” I explained to him and he came closer to me.

Stephen was still lingering around but wasn’t too close, perhaps he was giving us time to talk things out and I remember Andrew saying that he is taking Stephen’s advice.

Perhaps Stephen advised him to apologize to me, yea, its only Stephen that is close to him.

“Who is this Tracy and which time did she allow you spend the night with them?” He questioned curiously and I took time in explaining over things to him.

“Okay, but be careful, not all guys that act nice are actually nice” he warned like an elder brother and I grinned.

If there is anyone I should be careful of isn’t he supposed to be the one? His anger and all is not what I wanna experience again.

He walked me to the place assigned to us and we got in.

“Have you eaten?” He asked bringing out packs of sealed meals.

They were mostly grilled meats.

I smiled and swallowed at the sight of meat, I guess I really love meats.

He offered two different packs of meal to me and I hurriedly opened it and started eating.

“Its delicious” I beamed and he continued watching me as I eat.

I’m really hungry right now and this meal is my comforter so I’m gonna devour all the meal and after that know the next thing.

We were facing each other and I know he was watching me but that didn’t bother me and made me think absurd stuffs.

I continued munching and chewing the meats until I felt his hand on my cheek.

I looked up and starred directly at him.

“You look beautiful, why didn’t I notice this until now?” He asked softly making my heart pound.

“I don’t really know but I think I like you” he added and the spoon and knife with me fell off immediately and my eyes widened.

TBC Andrew and Alex.


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