THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 26



(Apologize to her)

Next day

😁Alex’s POV 😁
I yearned loudly and sat up on the small bed.

I rubbed my palm on my face and took my eyes to where Frank laid last night but he wasn’t there.

Huh, is he out? What’s the time? I wondered and got down from the bed.

Then was about walking to the door when the door opened revealing him.

He walked in with a cup of hot coffee, I knew it was coffee cause of the smell its produced.

“Hey Frank” I called with my eyes fixed on it.

He took the cup to the brim of his lips and brought it down then offered it to me which I collected without hesitating.

I think he made it.

That means his a pro at making coffee and tea, last night tea was also sweet.

“You’re awake” he said and walked pass me.

“You can go to the place you’re assigned to now” he added and sat down.

“Can’t I stay for a little while with you?” I asked and he took his eyes up to me.

“We are gonna be gathering in the big hall in two hours time, aren’t you gonna shower and get dressed or you wanna go looking like that?” He asked.

“Um..oh…I didn’t recall, I guess I’ll have to leave now since its already bright” I replied.

“Yea go on” I heard him mutter.

I left for the bathroom and picked up last night clothes, then I walked to the door.

“I’ll return your dress later then, thanks for everything” I coed and he only replied with a wave of his hand while his eyes were fixed on a laptop in front of him.

I then opened the door and left.

I exhaled immediately I’d gotten outside.

Now I’m gonna be seeing him again, I’m gonna be seeing Andrew.

I’ll just ignore him, I’ll ignore whatever he says, yes, I can do that since he has forgotten that I’m also a lady and shouldn’t be treated that way.

He shouldn’t have said those words to me, he’ll have to apologize before I speak to him again but seriously, can I do that?

I’m not confident at all but I’ll try blocking my ears to whatever he says, yes, I will, definitely.

I looked up and straightened up my posture then walked normally and finally got to the place.

I stood outside thinking whether I should knock or shouldn’t or should I just get in?

Oh shit!

If I knock I’ll definitely have to talk but if I just enter there is no way I’m talking right?

Hold on, what if the door is locked?

Damn, which should I do? I thought and placed my head on the wall.

I stayed there without making a move until I heard the door cracking open.

I faced the door immediately and relaxed my posture waiting for whoever to come out.

Then she came out, the least person I wanted to see. The bit*h, she eyed me immediately and left without a word thereby making it easier for me, she made it easier since she had unlocked the door for me.

I immediately opened the door but instantly became nervous when I sighted him lying down on the bed while pressing his phone.

Stephen was at the other end dealing with his shoe.

Immediately they both turned to look at me but I sure avoided making eye contact with any of them.

Even Stephen just watched Andrew say all those words to me, he knew that I at least liked Andrew but he still let Andrew speak that way to me without standing up for me.

Who am I kidding? It’ll be really hard since they are best of friends.

They probably think the same way so to him Andrew is doing the right thing.

I managed to ignore both their eyes and went to where my luggage is kept.

I took out the stuff I’ll be needing and immediately left for the bathroom.

I could feel both their eyes on me but why aren’t they saying anything, they both made it too hard by not speaking.

I almost even asked him why he didn’t speak.

I got to the bathroom, brushed, bathed, changed into a different dress and came out feeling refreshed.

Immediately I stepped out from the bathroom I flinched on seeing him there.

As if he was waiting for me to come out but I instantly composed myself.

“Alex?” He called and I took my eyes to his.

“Where did you spend the night and with who last night?” He asked but I starred at him for a long while without saying anything.

“Why are you starring at me? I asked where you spent the night and with who” he added but I simply ignored him and went on with my business which I’m sure shocked them both.

Its even shocked me that I could do that to him so I bet its also shocked them both.

I sat down then applied lotion on my skin without hearing a word from them both but I could still feel their gaze on me.

As soon as I was done, I stood up with Frank cloth.

I have to return them to him, I can’t wash it here so I’ll just have to return it that way.

I made for the door and made to open it before I heard him speak again.

“Are you seriously ignoring me? Like you’re giving me cold attitudes?” He asked with a huff.

I spared him a few glances without talking then processed out of the room.

Immediately I got outside I felt my heart increase and I wiped the sweats that started forming on my forehead then left.

😎Andrew’s POV 😎

I starred in shock as she glared at me without replying to any of my words then she finally left.

Did she really do that or was I hallucinating? I wondered.

“Is that the real Alex or is that Alex an impersonator?” Stephen spoke out immediately but I didn’t reply him.

“Wow, I can’t believe it, well she has a strong personality, guess she is angry at you for what you said to her last night” he said.

“Look at the way she starred without a hint of fear.”

“I think she changed over night, or who is the guy you said she left with?” He asked.

“I don’t no” I replied flatly.

“Well then, you’ll have to apologize to her, that is the only way you’re getting her back.”

“Apologize” he cooed.

Will he apologize?


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