THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 24




😱Alex’s POV😱
He slowly let go of my hand still with that look on his face.

“What were you just trying to do?” He asked coldly.

“” I looked at him and notice Stephen wasn’t far from us. He was just starring at us while that stupid bit*h kept sticking out her tongue to me from behind.

Geez I felt myself boiling, it’ll be good to teach her a good lesson.

“Have you lost your tongue?” He snarled and I flinched.

“I..she attacked me first so I was just..”

“Then you wanted to hit her? Haven’t I told you before? That’s not a way to treat ladies” he snapped and I looked at him directly in his eyes.

Has he perhaps forgotten that I am also a girl? I wondered.

“Don’t you ever try to do this sh*t again, she’s my girlfriend, you have no right to lay your hands on her, this should be the last warning” he added.

Did he just tell me all that? Did he just or I’m I hallucinating? I wondered breaking down gradually.

What he just said hurts like hell. He didn’t even want to know what really happened.

He just went ahead and supported Mia because she is his girlfriend.

I watched feebly as he left with Mia clinging to him and Stephen by his side.

Why? He doesn’t even take me as a girl, he won’t ever do.

I’m so unfortunate.

I squatted down to the floor and wiped off the tears that were already screaming down my eyes.

He shouldn’t have..he shouldn’t have done that.

😁Stephen’s POV 😁
I watched him closely as he drank from a bottle of alcohol.

“Why? Why did you do that?” I questioned as he continued drinking.

“Do what?” He hushed and spared me a glance.

“Alex, why did you do that to her? When you know that you’ll be like this then why did you do it?” I asked.

“I don’t no what you’re talking about Steve” he replied me.

I chuckled.

“You don’t know or you pretend not to know?” I retorted.

I heard him sigh as he gulped down the content of the bottle with him.

He then dropped the bottle and took another one.

“Its 12:43 aren’t you gonna go look for her? I heard snows are falling in this region” I said.

“She’ll be back soon, you don’t have to worry” he answered and continued drinking.

“Hmm but who do you really like among the three?” I asked.

“What three?” He asked back.

“Do I have to mention names?” I inquired.

“Steve you’re complicating things by yourself, I don’t have feelings for Alex” he replied and I chuckled.

“Did I ever mention that part? I didn’t come straight with it, I thought you didn’t know what I was talking about, I’ll advice you go look for her and then apologize, stop drinking yourself to stupor” I advised and got up from where I was sitting then went into the restroom.

😱Alex’s POV 😱
I walked aimlessly shivering from cold.

Why is snow suddenly falling? I wondered hugging myself tightly.

I can’t just go back after what Andrew did.

I’m really annoyed with him, I can’t just go back.

I went to a cover I saw and squatted there but the cold was still there.

I buried my head in my palm wishing everything will just go away, return back to the time Mia was saying annoying things so I’ll just continue ignoring her.

If I had just continued ignoring her all this things couldn’t have happened.

I continued shivering in the cold and suddenly felt a hand touch me.

I slowly brought up my head to see him.

Huh, what’s he doing here? I wondered, surprised.



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