THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 23



(He is angry)

😱Alex’s POV 😱
I kept watching as she got really close then made to open the door.

I grabbed her arm and held it.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I hushed and she started tryna free away from my grip but I held her tight and started pulling her away.

“Leave me, let me pull that biths hair out” she screamed as I continued dragging her with all my strength.

“Andrew!!! Come out of there right now” she kept screaming and soon the class door opened and Andrew appeared followed by Miss Cassy.

I let go of her and she immediately stormed towards them.

“Andrew, what the hell where you doing with her alone?” She screamed again and tried getting hold of miss Cassy who was behind Andrew but Andrew stopped her.

“Hey, its not what you think, calm down” he said trying to calm her down but she wasn’t listening.

She kept struggling with Andrew so she could get to miss Cassy who was just starring at her as she battled effortlessly.

I went closer to them but didn’t do anything other than starring.

“Why are you stopping me from getting her Andrew?” Mia kept shrieking and struggling.

“Can’t you see it? He doesn’t love you” I heard miss Cassy whisper to mia from behind and that only increased her anger and struggling.

“I’m going to get you, bit*h!! He is mine” Mia yelled and Andrew grabbed her by one arm and pulled her a little bit far from miss Cassy.

“I can’t believe this, you actually are supporting her, you’re really screwing her aren’t you?” Mia’s screams turned to cries.

“Mia, its not that way, its not what you think” Andrew replied her.

“Then what is it? You have disgraced me way too much, you disgraced me in front of her, you choose her over me, over me Andrew!!” She cried the more.

“I’m sorry but..”

“I don’t want to listen to you anymore, just leave me be..just..” she paused and ran away.

Andrew kept starring at her as she vanished.

Miss Cassy was just smiling, I bet she’s over joyed but Andrew said that he liked mia more.

So, why did he act that way?

Because its seems like he was supporting miss Cassy and not mia.

What was the reason behind that?

I know I like Andrew a lot but I’m actually feeling sad for mia.

I wouldn’t want something of such to happen to me, I don’t wanna pass through something like this but its seems like its bond to happen since I’ve liked him very much.

My feelings for him just keeps growing, but I’ll have to look for a way to stop this feelings.

He doesn’t acknowledge me, I don’t think he’ll ever even like with all the ladies around him.

No way. I better start looking for a way to get rid of it, I need to do it for my heart’s sake.

2 Days Later.

I kept arranging the stuff we’ll use.

It was announced yesterday that we will be going on a three days outing and its today.

Gosh, I’m so excited.

“Are you done with it?” I heard the stupid girl ask and I turned and glared at her.

Andrew had apologized to her and promised he’ll not have anything to do with miss Cassy again, since he did that she hasn’t left his side for a second.

I just don’t understand her again, I feel like punching her so much.

Does she take me as a slave or what?

She keeps ordering me up and down and its only because of Andrew that I’m answering her.

I hissed and turned back my attention to my work and zipped up Andrew’s bag.

“Hey, Alex, you’ve gat to reply me whenever I talk, you are Andrew’s assistant remember?” She blinked her eyes like a witch with an evil grin.

“Yes I’m Andrew’s, Andrew’s, not your assistant bit*h” I snapped at her and her eyes widened.

“Who did you just call a bit*h? Is it me?” She pointed at herself and I got up and faced her.

“Yes, you’re a bit*h” I retorted.

She raised her hand up in the air but suspended it immediately the door cracked open revealing Andrew.

I went back to my work and carried mine and Andrew’s bag outside.

“We’re taking the first bus, Alex” I heard Andrew say from inside as I left with the bags.

I soon got to the first bus and kept the bags up at the space provided there.

Different students were already in.

I waited for Andrew and he later showed up with Stephen and mia.

And taking about Stephen, he hasn’t been around since two days, I’m just seeing him now.

I think he went somewhere.

They got into the bus and sat down.

Mia was just clinging to him.

The bus left the school after about twenty minutes and we rode for complete four hours.

I was just sleeping all through.

By the time we arrived and packed our things it was evening already.

I didn’t even see patty, maybe she came with another bus.

She has been avoiding me ever since but its not my fault.

Andrew, Stephen and I were given a room to stay at.

I seriously don’t no how Andrew arranged it but it worked that way.

I got so tired after all the stress but still decided to have a walk around.

I know we aren’t really allowed to go far since its already late.

I came out of the room covered in big cardigan.

I took slow gentle steps looking from right to left but unfortunately boomed into that bit*h again.

She stopped and faced me with one of her hands on her waist.

“Hey, where are you heading to?” She questioned but I ignored her and made to walk pass her but she held me back.

I freed my hand from her immediately.

“Don’t ever touch me, you get it?” I groaned and she scoffed.

“You’re a nobody you no, people got to know you because of my baby so stop putting up that act because you’re what…A Nobody” she retorted and I became really angry.

Is she kidding me or what?

“What did you just say?” I shrieked.

“You’re a nobody, I’m telling you so you could respect yourself and stop acting up so…” she continued but stopped immediately I made an attempt to slap her.

My hand suspended in the air but it wasn’t my doing, I looked to see its Andrew that is holding me.

“Oh baby, look, he wants to beat me up” Mia let out a sheer cry and ran behind him.

Andrew kept starring at me and I knew what that look means.

He is angry.

He is angry at me.



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