THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 22



(The kiss)

😱Alex’s POV 😱
My eyes widened the more as I felt him pull me closer to himself.

I couldn’t reciprocate the kiss.

He is drunk, he won’t do this in his right frame of mind, never!

I forcefully pulled out of the kiss and moved backward.

“An..Andrew?” I called, stunned.

He placed a finger on his lips and brushed it, then he smiled weirdly and laid down.

I stood watching him as he dozed off.

Gosh, my heart is beating faster than usual.

What the hell?

I took the male’s wig and put it on then climbed up to the upper bed.

I’m no longer feeling sleepy, I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep today.

No, no, I don’t think so.

I laid down and faced the ceiling as the images of him planting his lips on mine kept replaying in my head.

No, no, you have got to snap out of it Alex, he did it unknowingly, he was drunk, you have gat to stop thinking about it, I told myself and palmed my face.

My heart was still beating faster, its not still going away from my mind.

What to do?

What is Andrew doing to me?

Next day

I lazily forced my eyes open. Today is a new day I guess.

I just fell asleep not too long but I’m waking up again.

“Ouch..I’m so sleepy” I muttered and turned on the small bed.

Then the last night event flashed into my mind again and I sat up and looked down to the lower bed.

Huh, he is still here? Isn’t he supposed to be exercising? I wondered then got down from the bed.

I stood by his side as he still slept like a new born.

I have never woken up before him, should I just wake him up or leave him? I wondered and kept looking at him.

Suddenly I felt his lips move, like he was saying something.

I bent a little bit so I could hear what he was saying.

Tiny sweats were formed on his forehead as his lips moved.

I then listened attentively and heard what he was saying.

“Mom…please…please don’t leave…don’t us” he kept mumbling as he turned restlessly.

Huh, mom?

I continued looking at him as he did that.

What’s happening? Is his mom leaving him?

No one knows anything about his family, maybe his mom left him, I thought and continued waiting for him to at least wake up by himself but he didn’t.


“Andrew??” I called him more loudly.

He flushed his eyes open and looked at me.

The sweats that formed on his forehead were much, they made his front hair wet and glued to his face.

He sat up on his bed and rubbed his eyes.

“What’s the time?” He inquired.

“Its 8:45 Am.”

“You had a nightmare?”I asked but it was more like a statement.

I heard him sigh as he brought his feet down to the floor.

I got up and took two step away from him.

“Why didn’t you wake me up on time?” He asked instead.

“ didn’t wanna disturb you” I answered him.

He got up from the bed and went into the bathroom.

I started hearing sounds of rushing water and his voice also.

Its not like he is talking but he is making a sound.

I went closer to the door and found out that he was actually throwing up.

Why won’t he throw up? He drank a lot last night.

And speaking about last night.

The kiss. I wonder if he remembers it.

Please I don’t want him to recall it, it’ll be really awkward for me if he recalls it.

I stood there until the bathroom door opened and he showed up.

“You should have woken me up” he said and stood facing me.

“I’m sorry, I’ll do that next time, you have a hangover right?” I inquired and he nodded.

“What the hell happened last night? When did I fall asleep? Did I do something wrong?” He asked at once.

“No, no, no” I replied demonstrating with my hands.

“Nothing big happened, you just had a few bottles and fell asleep immediately” I replied and he nodded.

“Take your bath quickly then, we’re running late for class” he said and walked pass me.

I exhaled and turned to look at him.

Thank goodness he didn’t remember, it could have been tough for us both, especially for me.

I went to pick my cloths and then set out to bath.

I came out few minutes later and started dressing up while he used the bathroom.

Before we finished with everything time was already far spent so we decided to head to class straight.

He doesn’t even take anything aside coffee during breakfast so it won’t affect him but what of me that likes eating? I thought as I walked sullenly behind him until we got to class.

I know the teacher for today is in class already.

But hold on, Stephen didn’t show up today.

Andrew who was leading opened the class door and as expected everyone’s attention turned towards us.

But should I say unfortunately or fortunately the teacher there is miss Cassy.

She also stopped teaching and turned to look at us both.

I noticed she gave Andrew an angry look.

“You both should come and explain the reason for your lateness” she hushed and walked outside.

I looked at Andrew as he also followed her without uttering a word.

Then we got outside, she called Andrew privately into an empty classroom, she asked me to wait outside.

She should have just said that she wanted to see Andrew.

Why is she using such lame excuses? I thought angrily as I peeped into the classroom occasionally to see what was going on.

I couldn’t hear a word they were uttering but it seems like they were discussing seriously.

She still had that angry look on with folded arms.

I continued standing outside tapping my left foot on the floor as I was losing my patience.

Gosh, I’m so angry, I’m even angry now that Andrew didn’t recall anything.

I’m happy that he didn’t recall anything before but now I’m no longer happy.

If he had remembered perhaps he’ll be a little more nicer to me.

I continued peeping and then I saw her hug him.

Like she grabbed him and embraced him.

I scoffed irritated at what she just did.

She is hugging her student?

So silly of her.

With her beauty she’s behaving like this?

I heard some sounds from behind and turned to see Mia matching forward to where I was.

Wait, is she coming to look for Andrew?

If that’s the case then she’s gonna catch Miss Cassy hugging Andrew.

I peeped in through the openings and it was still like that.

Should I stop her before she gets to see them or should I leave her to see things for herself?

Damn, I’m so confused.



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