THE GIRL IN THE BOYS DORM … (18+) … Part 21




😁Andrew’s POV 😁

I pulled out my trouser completely and also ripped her damn bra off.

Now nothing is preventing me.

I spread her legs apart and positioned myself well ready to penetrate into her V.

Then I leaned closer and took one of her nipples into my mouth.

Tho I don’t want to waste time but I always make sure to make them want me more every time I do this.

She let out sweets moans immediately as I used one of my hands to fix my d**k into her p***y.

I successfully inserted my dk into her p***y with my mouth still doing wonders to her bb.

“Oh……” she moaned out in sheer pleasure as I started drilling her hole at a slow pace.

I stopped s**king her nipple after a while and concentrated more on the drilling as I put in more energy and increased my thrusts.

She gripped onto the edges of the small bed as I increased my pace.

Her b***st kept dancing as I pushed into her her.

Slowly and slowly sweats started gathering on my forehead as I pushed in more faster than ever.

Her moans were no longer moans, she started singing and soon it turned to screams.

As she screamed my name with all her strength.

After about an hour, I stopped in order to change position.

I made her knee while backing me and I started drilling into her from the back.

Then I started increasing my pace slowly and slowly.

After a long while I felt my cum building up.

I released into her ass hole and pulled out of her.

She fell on the small bed and started breathing hard with her mouth opened.

I smirked and took my trouser from the floor where I dumped it and wore it on.

I then went into the bathroom there and washed sweats off my face.

I returned to the room and picked up my phone from the floor and made for the door.

“That was awesome Andrew, gosh you’re very good at this, I never knew you were just pretending when you said you weren’t in the mood” her voice stopped me.

I turned and looked at her face.

“Thanks, get some rest” I said to her and opened the door then left.

😱 Alex’s POV 😱
When Andrew’s left with Mia I left so much anger.

I couldn’t concentrate on the book I was reading anymore and decided to stroll outside.

I got outside and started walking around but not too far from the boys dorm.

I suddenly miss mom, dad and Simeon.

Simeon is my elder brother and his not even around presently.

He has been leaving in another country for long and I’m always missing him.

I love dad and his skills.

Yes, my dad is a karate teacher if I haven’t mentioned it.

He has his own company and he has a lot of students.

He is the reason I know about fighting a little.

I’m not just interested in it else I could have been the best fighter well known.

I always like someone sticking up and fighting for me instead and my elder brother always does that when he was around but when he travelled I had to forcefully learn a little about fighting.

I continued walking lost in deep thoughts with my hands inserted into my trouser pocket when two big looking guys with one small guy approached me.

The area wasn’t that crowded, just few people were around.

“Hey, Alex is it?” The small guy in the middle of the two big guys asked.

I looked at them and made to ignore them but one of the big boys pulled me back with one hand.

“Hey, you don’t walk out on me, nobody does” the small or should I say short looking guy snapped looking so angry.

“Do I know you?” I was forced to ask and immediately received a slap from one of the big guys that left my mouth open.

I took one of my hands to my cheek and touched it.

My cheek is damn hot.

“Hey, who the hell are you?” I yelled getting so angry.

“You are the reason my girlfriend stopped looking at me, I heard she’s in love with you” the short looking guy said.

“And how is that my business?” I snarled and received another hot slap.

Christ! What is this? I took my eyes to the big guy that slapped me back and felt like devouring him.

But looking at his size I’m afraid I don’t think I stand a chance against the three.

Why didn’t I learn how to fight well?


If I ever learn and be good at it and ever cross path with them I’ll make them bleed through their eyes and nose, I thought and fisted my hand.

“I’ll just pretend we never crossed paths” I said through gritted teeth and made to walk away from them and the short guy’s voice stopped me.

“If I were you I won’t do that, aren’t you afraid of the consequences?” he let out and I turned and glared at him.

“Why should he be?” I heard that familiar voice from the back and turned to see Andrew standing few meters away from us.

They also turned and looked at him.

The short guy frowned and walked up to Andrew.

“You..I might not be able to get you now but I promise to be the one to kill you” the short guy growled like a beast to Andrew and left.

Andrew was just starring at him with an expressionless look until he vanished.

I ran to meet him immediately.

“Thanks” I smiled and he returned it.

“You should avoid guys like him, he is likely to get you hurt but I won’t allow that” he mumbled the last part and butterflies filled my stomach.

He processed on his way and I followed him quietly until we got to the dorm and he went straight to the bathroom to have his bath.

I stayed waiting for him and soon he came out.

I quickly left the room for him because I couldn’t bare seeing him half naked again.

I might just go crazy and grab his tiny nipples.

After I noticed he must have gotten dressed I went back inside to see him on shorts sitting down on the lower bed with a drink in his hand.

I tried looking at the name and saw it.

Vodka, yea he bought that drink the last night we went shopping, he also bought it.

I sat on a sit there and faced him as he drank from the drink slowly.

Its seems like his mind isn’t here and I like that fact because he didn’t notice the fact that I was starring at him.

He emptied the drink and took another one .

But wait, why is he drinking? I thought as I watched him.

After watching him drink for long I started feeling sleepy.

Its late already so its nice if I go to bed now.

I stood up and walked to the bed and made to climb on it but his husky voice stopped me.

“Stop” he hushed and stood up.

I watched him as he faced me waiting for what he has to say.

“You…I bet you’ll look more beautiful without this goddamn forsaken wig, pull it off completely” he ordered and I became confused.

Don’t tell me he has become drunk, if not he wouldn’t be speaking like this right?

I took my hand to the wig and loosen it then pulled it off, he sounded so serious.

“Yea…that’s much better” he hushed again and took his hand to my hair.

He removed the hair covering my eyes and I gulped with my heart beat increasing.

Then next, unexpectedly – unannounced I felt his lips playing on mine.

The hell…

Is he…

Is he kissing me?


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